Transhumanism Viral Videos by Jason Silva- “Performance Philosopher”

This fella here is making viral videos that couple transhumanism and cutting edge technological ideas in a stunning visual film. He usually narrates the videos with some high level scientific talk that you could find in a Ray Kurzweil book. His topics cover Kurzweil’s Theory of Singularity-that technology will increase at an exponential rate to the point that robots will take over humans (to VERY simply paraphrase it).

One of Silva’s many films:


An article in The Atlantic about Silva with another one of his videos (a good one at that):

Here’s a video remix of his podcast with Joe Rogan:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. These harlem shake vids are insane… A company in our industry just made one and then it’s like everyone in the industry followed. Gotta get on the band wagon 🙂

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