Time Samplers comic book review

I was fortunate enough to receive an early press copy of the new conspiracy theory comic book, ‘Time Samplers,’ so I thought I’d give my two cents regarding it.

The issue I read was #1, “Escape From Jekyll Island.” It features elements of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (a document featured in the William Cooper classic ‘Behold a Pale Horse’) so immediately I characterized it as a legitimate conspiracy based comic book. One thing that I love about this comic is the subtle embedded features in the drawings that might go past the casual reader (e.g. Masonic checkered floors, billboards with all seeing eyes and pyramids, etc.).


The comic is steeped in conspiracy theory and features some of the more technical aspects of it. This is a double edged sword, because I fear that some of these theories might get dismissed as part of the fiction in the story if it goes over the reader’s head. Personally, I find it refreshing to see a conspiracy theory story with some depth and knowledge behind it. For example, the story talks about the brainwave frequencies and HAARP, but if you’re not familiar with these then it might just jumble together and seem like fiction, but in reality it’s quite slick and requires some researching to substantiate this claim (which is true, read my HAARP post for more). I’ve heard more than one theorist talk about the excitation of brainwave frequencies used to alter the way we think or feel.


One theme behind this first story revolves around Alexander Graham Bell and the tuning fork and some of the alternative thoughts behind it. Ironically enough, I was listening to a recent Coast to Coast AM show where this idea was discussed. Here’s the youtube video with Jim Elvidge on Coast to Coast AM from October 17th, 2012, where he talks about a programmed, virtual reality (go to about 39 minutes in to get to the beginning of the interview with Elvidge). In it, you’ll hear him briefly discuss this theory about the two separate frequencies and how they won’t resonate because they vibrate differently and aren’t coherent. He relates frequencies to a different dimension, it’s some wild stuff. Go to 1:41 to hear that part.

As the title implies, there is some coverage of Jekyll Island (again, a real location with a real history of Illuminati members visiting it), where some action frames take place and the story really picks up. We get to see a nude Alexander Graham Bell fighting the protagonists, which is quite entertaining.

Overall, the comic is awesome! Time Samplers is smart, unique, and a great tool for exploring alternative history theories, I highly recommend it.

As a side note, this comic book is being rolled out in a multimedia format. For example, they’ve got a great website you’ve got to check out with all kinds of images, music, research information on the topics discussed in the comic, a blog, and games (and of course information on the comic book).

Here’s a youtube video preview:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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