Time Samplers #3 available for pre-order

The comic book series Time Samplers is taking pre-orders for the third issue called “Dignity Colony“:

Dr. Percival Vodnar recounts the early days of Lex, Cal, and Luna–all mind control victims from a facility in Dignity Colony, Chile. The truth is also revealed about an assault on the global population through public education and water fluoridation by “The Council.”


Check the back issues out at timesamplers.com if you haven’t seen any of the previous issues as well.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You need to see this!! Last nite on America’s Got Talent Team Iluminate…….ironically enough…..performed and at the end of their performance their “director” came on stage to speak…while she was talking I noticed that she had the eye of horus tatood on her arm!! This just seemed a little odd to me especially because the name of their group is so close to the word illuminati…idk…check it out here and maybe you’ll find it post worthy!

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