TIDAL: The Hidden Illuminati & Occult Messages

Today we’ll be taking a look at the TIDAL music service that was recently in the headlines. Jay-Z was one of the major figures at the front of this effort, so you know it’s going to have some Illuminati speculation involved…

Tidal Logo

Video now up!

What is TIDAL?

It’s an audio streaming service with lossless audio which is owned by the artists. That’s essentially it.



Illuminati Affiliations

The amount of narcissism around the TIDAL music service is almost laughable if the artists didn’t truly buy into it. TIDAL is owned by many Illuminati affiliated artists that I’ve exposed in the past such as:

Daft Punk:

Daft-Punk-Illuminati-triangle WO

Arcade Fire:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Arcade Fire Kabbalah Reflektor Illuminati





Nicki Minaj:

NIcki Minaj grammys levitation WO



Rihanna GQ Illuminati 2


Kanye West:

Kanye West SNL 40 Inverted Cross Jesus Walks



IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Cosmo All Seeing Eye patch


…and Jay-Z is involved because he owns the company that owns TIDAL, and he has been exposed for his occult agenda in my SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC book about the Illuminati agenda in the music industry:



The other key players are Chris Martin from Coldplay, Jack White from the White Stripes, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Usher, Alicia Keys, Jason Aldean, and J. Cole.


TIDAL Daft Punk White Stripes


During TIDAL’s unveiling press conference, Alicia Keys explained how music is the ‘true universal language‘ and tried to claim that TIDAL is the new era and the music industry’s way forward, including some promotional footage shot before hand as a commercial to sell the service.

Note that the message here strangely echoes Charles Manson’s struggles and message of musical powers. Even more strange is the timing of all of this during the racial issues in a post I wrote called HELTER GAMES:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Charles Manson Quote


The commercial for TIDAL proceeds to make claims that this service puts the power back in the hands of the artists and that they are somehow the ‘Avengers’ of the music industry. Like I said, it’s a bit pretentious but that is not surprising to me because of the history of many of these artists claiming they are actually gods (again- see SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).

TIDAL JayZ Kanye Daft Punk Cheers


“The Beginning of the New World”

I’ve been looking at the logo and trying to determine what exactly the purpose of “TIDAL” could be. It could be one of many things, so I’ll briefly cover the ones that stand out.

First, let’s examine the TIDAL logo:

Tidal Logo


What is it? Is it an inverted pyramid? If it is inverted, then it supports the black magick aspects of inversion that we also see from the Baphomet horned deity (the chin, ears, and horns form an inverted pentagram with the “Luciferian light” of the Illuminati at the top crown):

Baphomet_small WO


On the website’s main page we saw that Willow Smith had this image right above her eye- the All Seeing Eye:

Willow Smith TIDAL All Seeing Eye


In the Bible they reference a king of the Goyim named Tidal. This king was one of the rulers of ancient Mesopotamia- the cradle of civilization (which I explain their role in this whole deal in A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS, AND POP CULTURE).

Are these artists claiming to be kings of the ancient pagan tribes? Are they going to continue pushing occult beliefs, but only through those who are not only willing to be participants, but paying participants?… That takes the magical contract to another level, if you’re willing to believe that theory.

TIDAL Beyonce Jay-Z Kanye Chris Martin


The theory that I subscribe to is that the TIDAL service is another subtle symbol for the Age of Aquarius. The TIDAL wave represents the strongest representations of the form of water, which is precisely what the Age of Aquarius is represented by. Not to mention that this New Age of Aquarius was sparked in the 1960s during which the Manson incident took place which was allegedly a ritualistic sacrifice (see Adam Gorightly’s book THE SHADOW OVER SANTA SUSANA and my HELTER GAMES post).

I’ve been talking about this coming New Age that the Illuminati seek to drive forward, and this appears to be more of the same.

This is the beginning of the new world– Kanye West, from the TIDAL commercial

This concept is one in which the new age of mankind will be dominated by group consciousness and technology- which is precisely what TIDAL claims to represent with its collective approach and use of high fidelity technology.

In fact, you’ll notice the artists involved changed their social media profiles to be the color of blue which coincides with the Zodiac sign of the Age of Aquarius as well:

TIDAL blue Jay-Z

TIDAL Nicki Minaj Twitter blue

This is why these musicians keep pushing the themes of immortality, robotic transhumanism, and water based symbolism, like in this artwork for Madonna’s song Holy Water:

Madonna fan art Holy Water


Madonna released the video for GhostTown on TIDAL, but then released on YouTube as well (proving that you don’t need to really pay them for that monthly service). I mentioned this last time because the teaser to the video showed us the Mark of the Beast:

IlluminatiWatcher Madonna Ghosttown Mark of the Beast


It’s no surprise that Deadmau5 showed up to the TIDAL press conference with his helmet that had the same symbol of the X and O fused together:

TIDAL Kanye Deadmau5 Nicki Minaj Madonna


The People Aren’t Falling For It

That awful idea of the TIDAL music service is failing at an alarming rate, and Kanye felt the need to explain that he and the others involved are not in the Illuminati in an interview with PAPER magazine:

“I heard a comment — a joke — about the Tidal press conference being an Illuminati moment. If there was actually an Illuminati, it would be more like the energy companies. Not celebrities that gave their life to music and who are pinpointed as decoys for people who really run the world. I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That’s ridiculous. We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities. We’re the face of brands. We have to compromise what we say in lyrics so we don’t lose money on a contract.”

Of course, regulars to the IlluminatiWatcher.com website already know the drill. These rappers aren’t allowed in the Illuminati, but rather used by them and given ideas that they can become gods someday.

Madonna talks about how ‘great’ it would be to be in the Illuminati when asked about this new Tidal music service in an interview found on Billboard.com:

If you refer to Tidal as Illuminati, you are paying us the highest of compliments,” the singer wrote on her Instagram. 

“As I’ve stated before it is another name for “The Enlightened Ones” a group of scientists, philosophers and artists that emerged after the dark ages. They changed and shaped the world for the better! Do the research and find out for yourself! #knowledge is power #rebelheart”

So what gives? Are they in the Illuminati? Do they love the Illuminati, or is this an attempt to break free from them?…



In all reality, TIDAL was a great idea. It could’ve gave artists a platform to distribute their own art without the intervention and dictation of the big bad music industry (who is controlled by the “Illuminati”). However, they failed to leverage the fact that there are services like YouTube which already allow people to watch their music videos for free, or the fact that even their own fans often times download the mp3’s illegally for free (or at minimum stream them through Pandora, Spotify, YouTube or something similar for free).

The main claim for why the people “need” TIDAL is that the audio is lossless, which doesn’t matter because of all this means is that the audio file size has now tripled and nobody wants to stream a file that size or store it on their phone or hard drive anyways.

It’s $10 for the 320kbps streaming service, and $20 for the full lossless version (1411kbps). The $10 version is essentially the same thing as Spotify, while the $20 version simply gets you these lossless files which is actually a bit TOO much fidelity. I’m sure it sounds slightly better, but the compression given to most audio at the 320kbps is damn near perfection for the common listener.

You’re essentially subscribing to TIDAL because you want more of your money to go directly into the artists’ pockets, but it begs the question of just how out of touch these artists are with reality because they sing about how much money they have, so what makes them think people are concerned with ensuring they get even more?

In an age where the middle class is rapidly disappearing, it’s appalling that an egotistical collaboration such as this was even considered. It’s too bad they couldn’t throttle the price back because it would be nice to ensure the “Illuminati” execs in the music industry didn’t continue to make money off of the artists, but it goes to show that greed exists on all levels.

This is the same thing I’ve been arguing for years now- why is that we’ve got digital MP3 albums available but they are the same price as the physical CDs? Shouldn’t the price drop dramatically since there are no physical assets to manufacture, ship, and keep in stock? The music industry should just drop the price of albums to an affordable price and consider that perhaps they don’t really deserve to have jets, yachts, mansions, etc. if they want to create art and do something they love for a living. Most of us have to grind out 9 to 5 jobs doing stuff we don’t even like, so it’s a bit disgusting to think they somehow deserve the income they get.


Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my START HERE page if you’re new to the Watcher community so you can catch up with us on social media and find more resources.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Every true artist I’ve known no matter what media they work in creates for the pure joy or child-like curiosity of their work, not money. Their are also craftsmen who also create but do so with the express intention to make something that will sell. These people are primarily musical crafter’s not musical artists so my expections are low. It is a kind of guilty pleasure to listen to these songs on YouTube for free. I still buy the albums of the artists I love. I’ll listen to both Katy Perry and st Vincent but I’ve bought st Vincent and YouTube Perry.

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  2. The video of them all gathering for the press conference looks like a Dr. Evil summit.

    Post a Reply
    • Lol and also they didn’t seem very happy to be there. They know it’s stupid but they obeyed like the good puppets they are

      Post a Reply
    • I wrote it about, too, because it was just TOO pretentious so when it failed I LOL’d, LOL’d, LOL’d and then I LOL’d again.

      Went under with the Tide

      Seriously I was loving it. When I pay that much for music, I really don’t care who gets the money.

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  3. I would actually pay to NOT hear them again! But paying to hear these phonic pollutions… who in there right minds would do that. And why is Katy missing?

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    • I’m sure she was somehow involved but I don’t care. I love how even the Huffpo Beyhive Cultist said he was leaving the Cult because the stans were too scary.

      People are bored with them all now.

      Post a Reply
  4. All I can say is, “Not Jack White!!!!!!!” I love Jack White and I find it hard to believe that he would be into this type of thing. He is a true artist and unbelievable guitarist and he certainly does not need help from Jay-Z. He is better than all these other people put together. I will rationalize by saying he must be doing this under duress!

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  5. Awesome article as usual. I just want to say that in the end all artist start with the believe that they want to bring joy but get corrupted by money i.e capitalism which in the end is ideals created by the illuminati

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  6. I need not say anything after reading this comment: “The video of them all gathering for the press conference looks like a Dr. Evil summit.”

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