‘Thor: The Dark World’ Illuminati symbolism of the Great Tribulation

Youtuber ‘TheGroxt1’ is back at it with some over analyzing of the world around us and how everything is an Illuminati manipulation. I say all that with tongue-in-cheek since I do the same exact thing, I just feel that sometimes conspiracy theorists (myself included) stretch things beyond reasonability.

Here’s a examination of the upcoming Thor: The Dark World film and how TheGroxt1 thinks it will show us the Rapture and Great Tribulation:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Here is what can be called the dark side of a fundamentalist’s mad delusions. Whether they take a movie like Matrix and find Biblical similarities or Thor, or a guy leaning on a tar brush taking a break on a highway crew, these people are stellar in showing just how thin the line is between lunacy and religion.


    Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.- Bruce Springsteen

    It’s entertainment butthead. No director or producer ever sat down and planned all this delusional crap you find by going out of your way to push your fanatical delusions. Check in for some real psychiatric care buddy because this Thor story is built on a Jewish Stan Lee and Jack Kirby story whose imaginations often based stories on Norse mythology, and even based The Silver Surfer on a Redemptive version of Christ in Scripture to an extent, but to blame a movement for all this is insanity. It’s good vs evil with good triumphant, and is the fodder of legends and myth. The boomer needs to come down on you pal.-Huck

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    • “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.”(B.S.) Huck, for someone who obviously took the time and effort to quote this, I am surprised at your lack of sight.. No offense. But if you take the time (and it takes lots of time and utter patience to wade through it all, and the truth is, you never stop learning about it.) to look at all the research on this stuff-entertainment industry and the Illuminati,etc.- you would see that there is undeniably something going on that is very insidious, and sinister. Once you really look at the research it is quite astounding at all the evidence that points to a definite evil presence(aka: Satan) at work. But when you couple the fact that the Bible has literally thousands of predictions-many which have already been fulfilled-and has many prophetic messages about the “end times” and what to expect, it is really hard to deny that there is in fact an intelligent, yet evil- group of people who do plot things, and have been doing so since Biblical times, and all with the same agenda-WORLD DOMINATION, and to usher in the Anti-Christ in order to achieve this goal. If you match the state of this world and everything that is happening in it with the Bible- you can undoubtedly see that this is nothing new at all. Nothing ever plotted or evil done is anything new-it has all been done before. Satan is really, really good at lying. He is the master of all liars, and is a great believer in recycling! He just keeps turning out the same lies, and same old plots since the beginning of time, over and over again, and just keeps putting “new” names to old tricks and deceptions. He is the best of the best of all the magicians, he is the craftiest, the lowest, the most conniving, the slickest- he is the author of all evil in this world. Let’s face it, he knows what he is doing, and he knows how humans think. He cannot read your mind, but he can suggest things to you in “oh so subtle of form”. He cannot enter your life uninvited, but he can look for an invitation- and he will take any invite we give him, any chance to corrupt. In fact, he lives for these chances. You know why? Because he also knows that his time on earth is short. He knows that in the end, God sends Jesus back for those who love Him and he will be cast down into hell forever. He won’t even get to rule hell- his creation- because God will strip him of all his power, and Satan will become nothing but a cowardly, sniveling, worm of a being and spirits in hell will laugh and taunt him forever. Read Revelation at the very end of the Bible. It says a lot about the end times. I hope God blesses you, and all on this site.

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  2. I totally agree with you. This guy is very smart and very intertaining, but what he is trying to do is scare people into finding Jesus. And when I left him a heart felt comment on how I felt about what he was saying. I couldn’t believe it when my comments were imediately deleted and now I am blocked from commenting. That’s not a very Christian thing to do. Be warned people. Things don’t look great and Jesus was very accurate with how he saw the world in 2000 years. But can you really believe that this whole country was just built to be destroyed?

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  3. Greetings I enjoyed your video. I am a true believer a follower of yeshua you call jesus christ. You need to study hebrew. Ancient hebrew. You actually need to study the history of the roman Catholic church and what they did to I the scrolls in the 15th century. Much of the names let alonea the letter j does not exsist in hebrew for example Moses is Moshe. The secret socities the illuminate bloodlines that bow down to the pope and the house of Windsor have tampered with the word. Now I Am love the name I jesus but you are so so wrong in misleading these people. You need to study the Christian works of Fritz springmier and read all 3 volumes of the scarlet and the beast. Then study ancient alphabet of hebrew. You are holding on to false relgiousity. False traditions stimming from the roman Catholic church. Yeshua jesusI christ is lord no question but you have serious flaws in some of your interpertation. Study the things I have said. The Catholic church changed his name. As well as many other things. Many Christians in this end of age because of not excepting Yeshua as well as turning their back on the tonach as well the new testament. Yeshua taught from the law when he walked the earth in africa. Or what the European rulling class renamed the middle east about 200-300 years

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  4. Years ago. Racism, hubrisness, and not understanding yeshua ways is why we are going to suffer on top of our carnality cuppled with new age demonic properganda. Yeshua celebrated the 7 feast , passover the Sabath not this mockery we call church today.Now you made some good points but you still hold on to the varous false displines and racist perception generated by the Catholic church Leviticus 23 clearly outline the holidays of Adoni God. They are not jewish holidays. Yahwah established the passover, the sabath, the seven feast , the 613 I commandments as well as sending his son to die for our sins. We are out of order sir many of us because of the deception that has been released over the earth. Listen to the tapes of john todd collins. Listen study all the things I have listed. If you choose to ignore well that is your soul not mine. If you do not test things by the word not simply by symbols how do you sir not no if you are being decived. This is not about a opnion or comentary. This is about scholarships. Ask yourself this Jesus /Yeshua is a Hebrew. It. Is called the book of Hebrews. Moses led the Hebrew out of the American land of Pharoahs. The Greeks renamed it Egpyt when they conquered it and STOLE the knowledge. Moses was a nubian Egyptian. So tell me where did the letter J come from let alone Jew. Why are the European jews who profess to be direct lineage of the african hebrew in the bible call the hemselves jews instead of hebrew? Lets see if you realoy a love Jesus or are you like so many others that only like the jesus the Catholic church gave you.

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  5. Please excuse my misspelled words as well as the word america. I am having problems with my phone.

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  6. I typed this respose on a phone and I had great difficulty with it. Once again please excuse the word America as well as the other grammatical errors. I am not use to responding on a phone. But I felt it was important.

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