The mystery of Skinwalker Ranch

One of the hot topics in paranormal as of late includes this Skinwalker Ranch out in the Uintah Basin of Utah. The location is somewhat desolate; out near Vernal, UT (home of the Dinosaur National Monument). The topic is lightly covered in a few sources, including famous investigative reporter George Knapp. Here’s some of an article that describes the ranch from what he posted at 8newsnow:

In a basin known for an array of unexplained phenomena, the epicenter of high strangeness seems to be a picturesque spread known to many as Skinwalker Ranch. Native Americans who live near the property advise members to steer clear because, they say, this is the path of the skinwalker, an evil force.

The last family to live on this spread lasted only 20 months. From the first day back in 1994, they were terrorized by an unseen intelligence that played mind games with them, shadowy figures inside their house, objects that moved on their own, disembodied voices and bad things happening to their animals beginning with cattle and bulls that disappeared and others that were carved up with surgical precision in broad daylight. A gigantic wolf that attacked one of their calves was tracked through the mud, but the tracks simply stopped as if the animal had evaporated into thin air. Three dogs were vaporized after while chasing blue orbs of light in a pasture.
In 1995, the ranch came to the attention of NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery Science based in Las Vegas. NIDS bought the property and began an unprecedented scientific study. Observation posts were built. Video cameras were installed and operated. Scientific personnel and former lawmen were on the property 24-7 for 8 straight years. Dr. Colm Kelleher headed up the NIDS study.

The history of the place is intriguing because these Skinwalkers sound like reptilians because they are known to shape shift and use portals to enter and leave our dimension. All of this is covered in David Icke’s theories on the reptilians. The ranch has a history because of the Native Americans that inhabited the region and passed down the tales of what they saw (e.g. UFOs, Bigfoot, etc.). A family owned the ranch at one time and had researchers come in to help them because they were being tormented by poltergeists, shape shifters, and other forms of paranormal harassment. After the family left, Robert Bigelow set up shop there for unknown reasons. Bigelow is a known name because he started the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) which eventually transformed into Bigelow Aerospace (BAASS) which makes low Earth orbiting inflatable structures (so we can all live in space someday??…).


BAASS is the organization that the FAA tells people to call when they report UFOs. The logo also includes an alien head:



There’s a website devoted to Skinwalker, appropriately named, and it features a ton of info including some photos and videos:


Here’s an odd reptilian/alien/bigfoot print taken on site as well:


I’ve read a book called Skinwalker & Beyond by Ryan Burns, and it detailed some of the activity found in that area. Ryan moved to this area, based on an experience he had (well, several experiences if you read through the book). He’s observed several phenomenon, including drones, lights, portals, wolf-like bigfoot creatures, UFOs, unexplained dark forces, and the list goes on. He also provides some images of these bait pens that exist on the Skinwalker Ranch property that could be used for researchers to hide in while they watch creatures devour animals that are chained up to hitch posts outside of them (it sounds crazy but it appears to be possible).


If this ^^ link for the Amazon book is too pricy, check out Lulu for a nicer priced copy. There’s a chance that if you go to that page and ‘Like’ the Facebook you’ll win a free copy of the book as well.

Burns runs a website and group called HEROParanormal that’s worth checking out as well. Of course you can follow HEROParanormal on Facebook for regular status updates too. On you can find a nice overarching description of Skinwalker’s history that starts out with:

Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, has been the sight of many paranormal experiencesthat have been reported by people who have both lived and visited this Utah based property. The name Skinwalker comes from local folklore, which is the tale of a supernatural creature who can take the shape of both a man and an animal. Some of the strange occurrences at this location include crop circles, glowing orbs, bigfoot-type creatures, poltergeist activity, and even UFO’s. This ranch, located on the border of the Ute Indian Reservation in west Uintah County, has been popularly known as “UFO Ranch” due to the odd events that have reportedly taken place here for more than half a century.


It proceeds to go through all kinds of paranormal activity including invisible choppers, plasma balls, bulletproof wolves, etc. This hotspot has it all.

There’s a ton of material on it as well, including some of the stuff previously mentioned (e.g. bait pens, UFOs, etc.):


Skinwalker being

You’ve also got to subscribe to the Skinwalker Ranch youtube channel so you can watch HERO Paranormal’s videos of various investigations of the location.

Here’s a creepy one:


Odd smelly sludge and paper in a plastic bag with the words “cribs and babies” on it… trash, experiment, or something else?
-Anyway this is what the gate to the place looks like after you witness security leave.

A couple of the big shows on TV covered the ranch as well, including Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory:

And Joe Rogan Questions Everything:

And now there is even a film releasing in some theaters and VOD on October 30th, 2013 called Skinwalker Ranch that is based on some of the tales of the ranch:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • “Pmsl!” nicely put BUT personally I actually think it’s all demonic activity myself, I think ALL that kind of stuff is!
      “I mean” why else would you get Aliens, Bigfoot, hellhounds and Poltergeist all in the same place??, hmm does make one wonder?!

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  5. Personally I just think it’s a main hotspot for Demonic activity myself. I think ALL that kind of stuff is, and this hotspot just proves my claim all the more true!. “I mean” why else would you get Aliens, Bigfoot, hellhounds and Poltergeist ALL in the same place if they wasn’t actually ALL related?! “Exactly” because it “IS” all related, just in different shapes and forms but the same old deceit. This hotspot just proves all the more that all that kinda stuff comes from the same source, the same unholy influence and the same supernatural enemy of humanity to mislead and misguide the minds and hearts of men and women. Just a few of the many supernatural, spiritual distractions that the “enemy of mankind” wants to lead away down the garden path of curiously (death)
    If you want to know more then please get in touch with me via my Website.
    Shalom and blessings to all.

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