The Walking Dead predictive programming conspiracy theory

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I can’t even help it. What’s more–I ain’t even tryin’ 2 fight it. I am totally addicted 2 The Walking Dead, and while we’re on the subject…

    – It’s RIDICULOUS to assume any dead tissue would’ve lasted that long (they’ve raised pigs & grown crops–that’s 6 mo to a year easily). The zombies would be uber crush-able, with organs like dust. Dead cells perish. More like “The Falling Down Dead”

    – I don’t care. I will still watch the show religiously. It’s a problem I’m willing 2 talk aloud about. I’m a fan. There I said it. 🙂

    In any case, I sure wish they’d show more useful survival skills in that dang show. I’ve never seen them start a fire with rocks & brush–maybe a plastic bottle held up 2 sunlight (my personal fave firestarter). Also, lets get some farmin’ tips since Rick is so hell-bent on saving their lil’ hippie commune by feeding ’em from the garden. Where’s a tough-ass green-thumb-havin’, garden-lovin’ chick when u need her? Not in that prison, that’s 4 sho’!

    Lastly, I hafta say this in front of God & errbody… I am so glad Andrea got the axe. As a female (who is hopelessly addicted 2 this dang show), I really don’t identify with any of the characters except perhaps Mishonne (whom I’d totally wanna b, but in reality I’m not-so-handy w/swords, nor am I a lawyer). So, there. I said it. Sry, Andrea, but I feel better now 🙂

    I fully recommend to addicts like myself – check out the COMIC BOOKS!! Whooole different story. Here r some links:

    ENJOY!! <3 eb (jym)

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    • Comic books? Pssh.

      Did you even read the article??

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  2. shoot im not even worried about zombies its the fact that they have taken a new turn towards cannabalism from humans …i mean i cant help but wonder if this is their plan…later on or whenever …create a massive extermination event via (earthquakes, superstorms, ebola, asteroid, project blue beam) then send us all the surviving all to terminus (then be beheaded)shoot id take a bite from a zombie than an evil human at least you can see the zombie coming how do you hide from people

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    • all this shit hapends, in world war 2 u ve had cannibalism, ppl like zombies just take a look on the photos from aushwitz. but yea they are planing smth this time i think in US bcs u are last country with freedoms and rightous ppl with good will. i mean commiunity is ok but politocs are total puppets. nwo programing in last episode was so obvious …

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