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The Walking Dead- good fun or Illuminati influence?

The Walking Dead is a zombie series that pushed the boundaries of horror and gore for television programming, while bringing in a mainstream audience who typically wouldn’t watch such a genre. The show is about a potential existence in which zombies walk among us and society as we know it has crumbled apart.


Surprisingly, it features positive aspects of this issue and the tribal nature of humanity (which is what draws in the ‘normal’ crowd who isn’t into all of the guts and gore). However, it should be noted that most of the times that the main group discovers another group, it turns out badly. This pushes that whole ‘doomsday prepper’ movement which is a byproduct of a fear based culture. I believe the “Illuminati” are showing us how they want us to react in the event of a zombie apocalypse so they can instill fear on other levels (e.g. Big Pharma).

This show is revolutionary in many ways; but one must wonder if it’s not a trick of the Illuminati to push images and symbolism that they find important in their agenda. Is it actual television “programming?”…

Conspiracy theories about The Walking Dead

There are a few theories bubbling underneath the surface, and I’d like to explore some of them here. Be forewarned:


It’s all a dream…

One idea that I’ve read on SheKnows.com is this idea that Rick is just dreaming; or possibly still in a coma. The website posts a couple of interesting ideas that I’m not so sure are totally wrong. The idea of Rick dreaming seems possible, especially given the number of profanities I yell at the screen every time they stick to their strange and unorthodox game plans (but what is ‘unorthodox’ in terms of battling zombies?).

I don’t know why they weren’t ransacking all of the houses and cars for ammunition and supplies in the first season?… And better yet, why on earth aren’t they further away from the original location? I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it was weird they were so close to the original home town at the beginning of the second season.

The most interesting and unanswered questions (in my mind) are: Who was on the other end of the phone when Rick was taking calls in the prison in Season Three (or was was he merely crazy?), and what was the purpose for all of those heads in the governor’s fish tanks?


walking dead rick phone



Predictive Programming

Dr. Manny Alvarez wrote an op-ed on FauxNews.com about how The Walking Dead is hurting our society because of all the violence found on it. He believes that watching the show allows the viewers to mentally subscribe to how they would act in such a post-apocalyptic world and all the relentless gore and violence they can partake of.

Here is an excerpt that talks about the aspect being found in video games, which I kind of agree with:

We also see this zombie obsession in many videogames.  Even more disturbingly, these games create environments for young children, in which they are exposed to an imaginary world where they get to play with firearms and place themselves in dangerous situations that they find exciting.  And studies have shown that these videogames can sometimes condition people, especially young children, to be apathetic towards violence.  That’s why they’re labeled M for Mature.

He then makes another good point (holy crap I found something on FoxNews.com that I agree with):


Give me a break. As a doctor and scientist, I know one thing for sure: When you’re dead, you’re dead.  Our brains should be less focused on imaginary zombie hordes and more focused on harnessing the tools that we need in order to enhance our lives, whether it be music, education, science or the classics. Entertainment should help us soothe our brains so that we can ease our minds of some of the stress from our daily lives.  

I’ve been harping on about how the entire entertainment industry is in on the scheme to hijack our good senses and push an agenda (although I provide no solution to get out besides fully unplugging).

Dr. Manny goes on to tow the Fox News line of fear-based socialism warnings, which is where we get the conspiracy theory that this is all predictive programming to push a government/Illuminati agenda:

With this country heading towards a socialized system of government, in which officials don’t want you to think or focus on what is important for your own personal growth, I’m sure they’re more than happy to let you obsess over something as stupid as zombies.  

And in turn, you ultimately become the zombie.

Wake up and smell the coffee.  Stop obsessing over eating brains, and focus on cultivating your own.

Predictive Programming Part Two: Ebola Virus

Do I need to go into the parallels of zombies spreading viruses and the Ebola virus? The pervasive media coverage of this epidemic shows us the fear based system and its tie-ins with the entertainment industry. Even the New York Times is posting about the conspiracy theories:

“Diseases in particular are suited to conspiracy because they are invisible and invisibly transmitted,” Professor Barkun said. “Our senses can’t tell us exactly how the danger spreads. The theory has an answer for what mystifies and frightens.”

Many conspiracy theorists pride themselves on having inside information, but in the case of Ebola such alleged information, or misinformation — the government is in on it! — can erode the public trust when it’s needed most.

“If these were just opinions that people spouted off on talk radio or at dinner parties, you could argue that there wasn’t much harm,” Professor Broderick said. “But to have the C.D.C. debased in public as a puppet of the New World Order or of major corporations is obviously a dangerous proposition.”

Nonetheless, some scholars find value in conspiracy theories because they allow us to vent and give voice to hidden fears.

“I view these things as a way of framing the world, of offering us narratives,” Professor Fenster said. “And they’re not necessarily a bad thing. Conspiracy theories are something that’s available in American discourse as a way of telling stories, as a way of explaining who we are.”

Saint Ignatius- Founder of the Jesuits

In season 5, episode 4, we witness Beth Greene’s tribulations inside of an Atlanta hospital (Grady Memorial). She apparently was saved from some zombies, and in return she must do chores around the hospital to repay her debt. The staff inside the hospital is a bit… ‘off’ and we learn that the one and only doctor has his own eccentricities.

One of which is hiding the identity of a patient he let die, who turned out to be a doctor he knew before the zombie-apocalypse. Beth learns this by finding the dead doctor’s wallet, who has an ID for Saint Ignatius Hospital inside:



What relevance does this hold? Saint Ignatius was the founder of the Jesuits; a secret’ish society of Catholic priests that many conspiracy theorists believe have an occult agenda and secretly working for the Illuminati. The ‘official’ description for these “soldiers of God” are that they live in extreme conditions, anywhere in the world to help relay the message of Christ. However

In The Magical Revival, a book written by the occultist founder of the Typhonian OTO, he details suggests that the founder of the Illuminati used St. Ignatius as a model for this secret society:

Weishaupt, whose early training was influenced by the Jesuits, found the Illuminati- as Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society; with the main intention of destroying the baleful effects of organized Christianity. Weishaupt claimed to have used “for good ends, the means which the Jesuits had employed for bad.”

Harking back to St. Ignatius Loyola, Weishaupt introduced an obligation of unconditional obedience into the Constitution of his Order. Thus, Illuminism- as conceived by Weishaupt- was modelled on the Society of Jesus, although it proposed a plan of campaign diametrically opposed to it.

Although the Order of the Illuminati was suppressed in 1786, Weishaupt and his inner circle of adepts continued to operate in secret behind the veil of Freemasonry, with which the Order had linked itself in 1778. Weishaupt maintained that the Illuminati were less an Order than a Current, which could operate more effectively under cover of something else: “under other names and other occupations.”

Supposedly there is a rivalry between Freemasons and Jesuits; so perhaps they are fighting on the non-Illuminati side, but I’m not well versed in these things so I’ll leave that up to you to decide. It seems that they’ve woven in enough chaos and confusion to make it difficult to discern who is on what side.

What leads me to believe there is no coincidence here is the actual life of St. Ignatius (and the fact that there doesn’t exist a St. Ignatius Hospital in Atlanta). You’ll see that it follows the plot line to Walking Dead as per Xavier.edu’s website:

The “Pilgrim,” as he referred to himself in his autobiography, asked for lodging at a hospital for the poor located outside the town’s walls. In exchange for his bed, he did chores around the hospital; and he begged for his food in the town. As we see him here, he spent much of his time in a cave, in prayer with God-praying as much as seven hours a day. He was blessed with powerful insights into himself and about who God was for him. Still, for extended periods, he experienced doubts, anxieties, scruples, severe depression; he even contemplated suicide to end his psychic pain.

As a side note; take a look at the painting in the doctor’s office (the doctor that’s alive); he says it’s a Caravaggio, but leaves it at that:


Denial St Peter

It’s actually the painting of the Denial of Saint Peter, meant to convey the story of Peter denying Jesus Christ before His crucifixion. This painting is actually housed in NYC at the Met, so it’ll be interesting to find out how it got to Atlanta, and if the doctor is about to sell Beth out…


Terminus: The Roman God of Sacrifice

In the season finale for season 4 and it appears that the Terminus area isn’t what was advertised. This shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise, considering that a simple Google search turns up the wiki page for the Roman god Terminus, who would be worshiped through sacrifice (a very common thread in Illuminati religions; e.g. Moloch, Bohemian Grove’s Cremation of Care, etc.). From Wiki:

Siculus Flaccus, a writer on land surveying, records the ritual by which the stone was sanctified: the bones, ashes, and blood of a sacrificial victim, along with crops, honeycombs, and wine, were placed into a hole at a point where estates converged, and the stone was driven in on top

The Terminus scene shows that the people are apparently cannibals, yet they sacrifice according to a ritual, meaning that it’s more than just eating to survive:


Walking Dead Terminus Sacrifice


The deity Terminus was worshiped on Capitoline Hill, which I discussed in my D.C. Shooting Predictive Programming post:

Another odd connection (that I’ve seen on David Icke’s videos) is the occult obsession with following ancient practices. The case in point would be the naming of Capitol Hill where the shootings happened. The name of the place is directly named after Capitoline Hill from the Roman empire in which sacrifices were thrown off the hill/cliff for crimes such as treachery. Executions occured here for crimes such as mental disabilities (they believed these people were punished by the gods). There was a skull uncovered while a temple to Jupitor was being excavated and that is why the name is Capitoline because caput means ‘head’ in Latin, potentially symbolic of the Freemasonry skull and bones. The Roman Capitoline Hill was a place of death and sacrifice, so what is the purpose for the same title for our Congressional building? And what’s the point of that original Oct. 3rd post by CNN? Merely a coincidence? Or predictive programming that something bad was going to happen?


Illuminati Symbolism

There’s a Youtube video of an analysis of some of the imagery seen on The Walking Dead, in this episode you’ll see symbolism for an All Seeing Eye:

IlluminatiWatcher Walking Dead X over eye WO


You’ll notice the ‘X’ over the eye is a symbol we’ve seen elsewhere…


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Lily Allen Sheezus Illuminati X Mark of Beast



The symbol of the ‘X’ is the Mark of the Beast, when one considers the Typhonian origins of the symbol, which I point out in the Madonna Secret Project Revolution post:

The first person she shoots and kills in this ‘love’ video is a guy with the mark of the beast on his chest. Michael Staley of the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis (a branch of the OTO magical order that attempts to contact extraterrestrials) described it as such:

We lilace the arrow, symbol of our will (AIWASS) and its ultimate fulfilment, upon the string; and, dissolving ourselves in samadhi upon a sevenfold doubt, we loose the arrow in a moment of pure folly. The feathers of the arrow are plucked from the headdress of MAAT; these feathers form a cross pattern as they resolve themselves in a circle which becomes the Mark of the Beast. One of these feathers of MAAT is used to weigh the heart of the Initiate in the 17th Aethyr TAN, the Aethyr of the Balance.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kenneth Grant Mark of Beast 9 ft 11 ft circles

This symbol of the X fused with the O is the Mark of the Beast.

I go into much greater detail on the Mark of the Beast and why the X inside of the O should be considered as such in my article DECODING ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM: THE MARK OF THE BEAST “X” so check that out for more.

It’s no coincidence we’ve seen this in the fifth season against the trees:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Walking Dead X mark of beast tree Morgan

And here’s an Illuminati triangle on the artwork on the wall (also notice it says “PLAY- to make a big mess with toys” which alludes to man messing with biology and perhaps creating zombies):


We also see Moloch; aka Ba’al, with the owl-god imagery, which shows up a bit later in the series, as you’ll see here shortly (and the radio show host claims the bookcase is a trident symbol, as seen on the MH370 flight):

Here’s an interesting shot of a mirror (with no mirror inside?…) and butterflies of MK ULTRA-Project MONARCH brainwashing. You can see the Iggy Azalea image embedded on the screenshot as well:

Plus, you’ve got the All Seeing Eye symbolism of the Governor and Rick, as seen on this poster (which is also on the video):

Have you ever noticed the Nazi lightning bolts (an occult reference to Lucifer) on Daryl’s bike? I explained this in the Illuminati symbolism of Daniel Radcliffe’s Horns movie:

The origin of the lightning representing Satan comes from the Bible where Satan was described as “lightning fall from heaven“.

The lightning on Harry Potter also represents satanic imagery, given that Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey established an initiate-degree system after 1975 for CoS members (even though he asserts that Satanists don’t do well with conformity). LaVey was given the right to wear the symbol of the highest degree (fifth or ‘V’ as they use the Roman numerals) which is a pentagram with a lightning bolt through it:



And thanks to Watcher B.Q., we also know there was some predictive programming of Daryl’s character in Lady Gaga’s video for Judas, where Daryl plays the biker-betrayer of Christ:

Daryl Judas Lady Gaga 2 WO

Daryl Judas Lady Gaga WO


You’ll notice their production company is ‘Circle of Confusion’ which has an interesting logo:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Circle of Confusion Walking Dead Viseca Pisces

You’ll recognize this as the Vesica Pisces; an ancient symbol used by Kabbalists as I mention in my article on Maroon 5’s Illuminati & vampire symbolism in the Animals music video:

The O’s are a symbol of the Vesica Pisces, or ‘yoni.’ This sacred geometry is used in Kabbalah belief systems to represent the female genitalia. You can see that the interlocking section of the two circles forms a shape similar to the woman’s vagina, and this is repeated by corporate logos including the magical order known as the OTO (tying us back into Crowley and magick systems).

In Season 5 Episode 12 we see Rick running through the community looking for his son and he stumbles into an ‘art project’ that just so happens to be an owl (aka Moloch):

IlluminatiWatcher Moloch owl walking dead statue art project WO

Just before that shot he is getting his haircut by a girl with several tattoos; one of which is an owl (shout-out DJW for finding that one):

llluminatiWatcher Walking Dead Owl Moloch tattoo

In the next episode; we see that the statue of the owl held much more significance than what was implied. During the 14th episode of season 5 we hear about this owl the entire episode as everyone tries to debunk who knocked the statue over. Rick pretends like he doesn’t even know who did it (although we’re not clearly told why he doesn’t confess to this).

Some websites that are ‘recapping’ the episode are saying that the boy, Sam, was the one who broke the statue, but I didn’t see that happen; I only saw when Rick did this (see the photo above).

Either way; the town of Alexandria is obsessed over owls, which leads me to believe they are part of a cult who are taking it back to the days of the Old Testament with the sacrifice of children to the owl deity- Ba’al, aka Moloch (as seen at Bohemian Grove):

Bohemian-Grove-Owl-Cremation-Care WO

In case you thought I was making an unfounded stretch of logic and reasoning (how dare you!), take a look at which pages of the Bible the priest is tearing out:

The Walking Dead Leviticus Moloch IlluminatiWatcher

I know that’s a fuzzy shot (my apologies), but the book of the Bible that Father Gabriel is tearing out at the beginning of the episode is Leviticus; perhaps chapter 18, verse 21:

“Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek, for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord.”

If you’ve read SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC you’d understand how important this concept of Illuminati blood sacrifice is, and was, for these occult practitioners.

We can also make one more owl-legation, and that is the fact that the crew was headed to Washington D.C. before they stumbled upon this uptopia of “Alexandria.” The city of Washington D.C. is widely known by conspiracy theorists as the town with the map layout of an owl:

Washington DC Owl

So what are we to make of this owl fascination? Time will tell, but my prediction is that Sam will be murdered as sacrifice for the owl deity.

On the season finale we saw various symbolic gestures that suggest more people will die. Gabriel seems to want to die and Sasha laid down in a zombie pit with similar feelings. In fact, she was lying in the manner of the Hanged Man of the Tarot cards- implying she might be a traitor who will be murdered for betraying the group someday (or at least that is what the Tarot card means):

Walking Dead Sasha Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man Tarot Thoth Deck

This pose has been seen several times in pop culture- in Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp there was a man hung in a similar manner and allegedly Sharon Tate was found murdered and laid out in this position; supposedly because the Manson Family was doing the work of Satan (which Tex Watson actually told her when they showed up at the house that tragic evening when he said “I’m the Devil and I’m here to do the Devil’s work“).

Stay tuned for future updates to this post…


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  1. there were clear illuminatical signs throughout the entire show, though I myself did not notice a giant one right in my face until the third watch. Last episode of season 3 in the scene where Rick’s group arrives at the Governor’s groups abandoned vehicles after he killed them all. When the one surviving lady makes herself known on the door of the camo painted army truck there is a large

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  2. I just had to stop reading to post this. The reason he has heads in a jar is so he can stare at them and become numb. He fears them and he knows to survive he must have not. It gets explained in the Governor’s issue of the comic. Its his strange therapy i guess. Bowie

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    • Michone taught the governor to use the zombies, that’s why he kept heads, to remind him they are tools. I think Michones boyfriends heads were the first he collected as they are at the bottom

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  3. You realize most of your “comments” are no different from spam, right? Especially multiple ones in the same post. You should email the writer if you want to send him things you see. Either way, he’s not going to address every single link with a new post about it. Makes you come off as desperate for attention. Perhaps you should start your own Illuminati conspiracy theory blog if you find so many things you believe are connected. You know, instead of spamming the comments of one blog

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    • I really enjoy this person’s links. The information is usually new to me and I find it useful. Keep on postin’ dude!

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    • What spam? I can’t see any spam here in the 4 comments. All I see is a cunt complaining. What spam? If he didn’t want people to COMMENT on his post he would not have a COMMENT section. Tell ya what next time stop scrolling before you get to the bottom, then you don’t have to see other peoples opinions. I’m glad your annoyed wish i could take that feeling a little further for you and I hope this helps. You post was the spam as it brought nothing here. Hope you have a crappy day.

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      • I might have deleted a comment on this thread (if it was spammy). So if the previous commenter mentioned spam it might have already been deleted. 🙂

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    • This site is hilarious because it seems to attract all the nut jobs that actually think this shit is real.

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  4. The thing about the lightning bolts on Daryl’s bike being of Illuminati origins is ridiculous. If you actually do some research, they’re a symbol for a modern day group that is similar to the KKK.

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  5. Very obvious illuminati symbol can be seen on Michonne’s katana guard (three pyramid like symbols).

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  6. The markings on Merle Dixon’s bike (the bike being Daryl Dixon’s is a common misperception, you can check this reference if you go back to season 1, after a larger herd had passed by the highway, T-Dog had cut his arm pretty badly and needed medication, so Daryl gets a bag of various medications from the side-bag and uses the words, “Merle’s motorcycle) are NOT symbols of the Illuminati, they are the symbol of a modern day group that is relatively like the KKK. They are also used in a film that Norman Reedus (the actor who plays Daryl Dixon) starred in called Hello Herman. Whether the markings are strictly for the show, or if they are a bit of a cross reference to Reedus’ character in Hello Herman, I’m not sure.

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  7. As far as I remember Daryl Dixon played the role of Judas in the music video of Lady Gaga – “Judas”.

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    • You’re absolutely correct BQ! I’ll have to update with that, I don’t know how I could’ve forgot about that one.

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    • Don’t you mean Norman Reedus?

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  8. Looks like it turns out Sam’s Dad is abusing both Sam and his Mom. He is the town doctor so he could be abusing other kids or women–we all know how these evil ppl get off on abusing those of lesser power…young Sam could very well be sacrificed–I think his Dad’s days are numbered. There are only two episodes left this season and word around the campfire is that Darryl will die in the season finale…kinda foreshadowing with the horse who died last week..u know Darryl is a wild horse kinda thing. Another interesting note is SAMs Mom has a weird circular/triangular tatt on her shoulder…last point lol everyone gets a big letter A stamped on their hands…its above my pay grade to know what that means though

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    • Bye,bye Daryl?!! *tisk* Say it won’t be so…please.
      The Walking Dead is quite a ride. I enjoy the characters they create, tho Beth’s singing bugged me. Andrea was a li’l slutty for me and Shane a perfect depiction of my idea of the average bachelor, policeman. Cop-folk,please don’t be mad that I see this way…consider why I might and check your folk.
      Lizzy was fun…
      The symbols I notice throughout this show, I notice everywhere. Owl handbags are in…I see owls everywhere.
      They stand out to me because in film, nothing is ‘natural’. Every bit of what is pictured is considered with care, so its not hard for me to think some things are as they are for ‘product placement’ and other creepy ad industry sort of tactics.

      I think we could find these symbols on any broadcast, publication or display. Is it artistic or direct manipulation? I understand that some groups are weary of art and music, claiming they hold power we dont fully understand and are sparing of its use or exposure to it… Tho, do have a reality show “Amish mafia” lol. The goofy posers!

      Will Rick ever die?…or is the coma/dream series for real?

      What is the illumi’snotti’s goal in life? Rule everything? Burn everything? What exactly?

      Well, whatever the piss, I ain’t a’skeerd. They are human. They will die the same way we all do, surely.
      Oprah wasn’t until we turned her on…maybe we should ignore them all for a while. What would JayZ do if we all ceased to buy his tripe? We have the power to recognize and ignore. I hate the vermin we feed as pets and then curse when they eventually own us. These all are our faults, y’know…all of them.

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      • illuminati goal…Out of chaos come order.

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  9. Keep up the great work my friend!!

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  10. Baphomet is a hermaphroditic goat headed figure..not an owl

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  11. So i was a really big of the show. not anymore. i was kinda sad when i found out when my favourite show is full of symbolism, but can i still watch it? to look for all the symbols or what? i am t sure what to do.

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    • “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” – Robert Anton Wilson. If you look for “symbols” you will find them everywhere. It becomes confirmation bias. Enjoy your show and don’t worry about it…

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  12. I would suggest a coffee or tic-tac. Better yet, a kit-kat…take a break. Breathe. Simple fact about our marvelous brains, WE SEE PATTERNS where there are non. It’s a simple carry-over from evolution from our early ancestors. I love owls for one. Use them in my writing. And if you suggested any of your theories I’d spend a weekend calling you just to laugh at you. Owls were also considered a harbinger of death. A foreshadowing. Re watch the moments and now your pattern becomes the owl foreshadows death. Any symbology linked to a satan or cult to control you is completely ridiculous. Why? You have to have the damn devil to be real first. He isn’t because his opposite isn’t either. Most artists use illuminati symbology for the sole purpose of getting you guys worked up. Before you jump and yell, consider this, you have zero factual proof about any theory you believe. Only other opinions you say as your own. I believe our government is behind 9/11 but I wouldn’t try to connect stuff. Why? Because whatever I may think is evidence does not make it so. There are facts and opinions. If you think the government is behind this show to convince us to act a certain way then you’re not a creative mind at all. Their show would be we all sit inside and faithfully listen to the radio awaiting their instructions. Because a government idea would suggest we will not survive without them and only them. Being an individual or group that sticks together with a sole purpose to survive; that’s against the narrative. The government is left out of this show for most part. Do your history. The markings on the military truck have an old meaning. Not illuminati. If there is such a group with nefarious intentions I’m sure they’d have pulled up to the front gate like the governor did and fired. The whole point of Rick taking over Alexandria was survival for all. He shut down their attempt to go back to old ways. But to break your hearts I’ll reveal the truth about the show: it’s really an alien getting high and this is what he sees while intoxicated. From the blue meth he bought from a guy who says bitch all the time. Because he caught lung cancer from the fumes while he crashed his ride at Roswell. While on his way to Vegas. He had a line on a horse named Fred. My point. Stop trying to figure out theories. Worry about being alive. You will not change the world. If it didn’t work in the 70’s it won’t now. It’s just a show.

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  13. Geez struck a nerve there Bishop, here some advice for you “tell yourself its Just a show and really should relax” and get you pant out of your butt.

    That “wall o text” you had telling others its just a show makes YOU look like you’re trying to hard.

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  14. No one mentioned that Rick may symbolize Christ leading his people to “promised land” as his beard and hair grew out?? Is the group the disciples/sinners , one of which will later betray him (an actual priest who di not save his own flock).

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  15. I have noticed that almost all seemingly apparent illuminati symbolism is portrayed with symbols or hand gestures over the LEFT eye rather than the RIGHT eye. The painted portrait Mishone is looking at has an x over the RIGHT eye, with blood running down the face. I believe the placement of the x holds significance. For example… I believe the x over the right eye vs. x over the left eye hold different meanings. I am not 100% sure of the exact meaning. However, my intuition tells me the painted portrait with an x over the right eye covered with blood that Mishone sees is a symbol of lost(stolen) wisdom and innocence. Whereas an x over the left eye portrays wisdom (unrightfully) gained and used with ill intent and at the expense of lost innocence. I believe everything we see individually holds meaning within our lives. What we put our focus on holds us in that “power* or ” force” Reality is literally created upon belief. If knowlegde is power…then I am left wondering what is true? Is something only true if you make it your reality?

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    • very good questions and answers illusion 999 (gematry based 9) . egregore are created by opposition between to opposite sides. and good cant exist without knowing what bad is. but consciousness is above and if you understand those simple rules, egregores are over. dont choose good or bad but listen to your consciouness and do the best you can if it is possible. not thinking all black or all white but in color…

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  16. The Manson murders were faked.

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  17. the only web page about this! I noticed all the 666 in the comments around this serie. GOT too…(game of thrones) and now damien…

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  18. your all so fucking ignorant ! gay is the biggest subliminal in this series ! its the biggest subliminal in every movie/tv show for the past 50 years! your best off not listening to music and avoiding all tv shows / movies period. the entire show is a subliminal there isnt 3-4 messages every episode theres 3-4 every scene, not just same sex relations but as far as im aware that seems to be the biggest one , in order to fully see the messages you must study body language and in which direction they look (also with the way they look you must also acknowledge the angle of the camera ) its all to complicated for me to explain via message as i would need to be able to point out certain actions during the show. one way ive found that helps is to close you eyes and imagine that all voices are either 1 or 2 people instead of an entire cast and that they are speaking directly to you. try listening to the noises the zombies make literally whenever the zombies moan. also the word sex is written countless times in the clouds and before/after somebody gets killed. its all too fucked up , whoever is behind this be it illuminati or someone else i personally believe there is nothing at all we can do to stop it and the best thing for any of you is to stop watching tv and listening to music.

    you look but you dont see and you hear but you dont listen

    ‘its easy to do the devils deeds when you arnt the one paying the price’
    i cant remember the exact words or which episode its from but i believe this is referring to the actors and how they can so easily do this to us due to the fact that they arnt the ones being harmed. sorry about how jumbled my entire comment is but i hope that it has opened your eye a little and shows you how messed up the media actually is so always remember its not just a story they are speaking directly to you also

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    • Irrelevant, I completely agree with you, it is no wonder that the government is trying to push gay marriage so much, making people gay through mainstream media is their way of controlling the population, it is impossible for two men or two women to conceive children. the only way we can keep our children untainted from Hollywood’s brainwashing is to limit the movies and music and only allow select things like National Geographic , True story movies, music such as Casting Crowns And Endless Praise(not Planet shakers Endless Praise) and Good books and appropriate friends.
      I wish everyone best of luck,

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      • karate princess! i do believe that these messages are also in educational programmes like nation geographic. for instance instead of saying gaze they say gays < its almost impossible to hear the difference when said in a sentence .very tired today so wont be writing anything else. i am unclear on whoever is doing this's motives but i do believe your theory is plausible enough to pass and also i dont think there is a way of avoiding it due to the fact that they control pretty much all of the media not only that but accents play a big part in getting the message across and we are all walking subliminals for instance the way we walk (due to tv influence and mimicking the way characters walk ) and the way we talk .. words like despite are being pronounced des'bi'te.

        anxiety plays a big role in both noticing the messages and becoming brainwashed

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        • karate princess please watch this video which i will link at the end of this message , i cant see my previous comments due to there being videos covering them :s but im sure i said for the past 50 years they have been doing this and just like that in the video he mentions it started in the 60s which was 50 years ago. its all to complicated but all to real .


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          • Wow! what a video! My brother has seen that before and we both totally agree, although I don’t think robots will replace humans (in every movie they have to put some form of a lie mixed with truth to confuse people) but almost everything he was saying was spot on and is reality. Big cities being a new form of concentration camps, of course, why are there always only a few main exit routes to get out of the cities. Everyone living in the city is in debt and therefore is essentially a slave to the system. And all the food they are producing is genetically modified so it messes us up and lowers our frontal lobe so we can’t decide properly and the media is 100% sure of brainwashing.

        • Irrelevant, I put the way to avoid brainwashing in the end of my comment, they can only demoralise us if we let them into our homes.

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          • when i said let them into our house i meant through the tv and stuff, not literally into our house.lol

        • these motives are done by the illuminate they serve satan and his goal is to kill us all before Jesus Christ returns.
          Mark my word if your not in the country (as Ellen.G.White said “Move to the most desolate places” then your fuc…

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          • once they block off all the main roads in the cities then your trapped and they can do whatever they want to you. I am talking to everyone here not just you irrelevant.

  19. really happy that you’ve been coming back and replying to my previous comments!
    im in a very dark place at the moment with everything going on in my head, noticing these messages is not only what started it but is whaats making it worse. there isnt an escape unless i live without music or television i cant socialize with others face to face due to anxiety I mean i know im not gay but i believe the more i fixate on these messages the more it leads me to question myself and my sexuality. I’d like you to take a look at this video on a game i play , i you would could you skip to 5:50 minutes and then listen for the whisper at exactly 6:02 or 6:03 and tell me what you hear ..or am i just going crazy ? i really need assurance at this point in time as i seem to be getting worse as i have nobody to speak to about this matter also sorry for not replying to your previous comments im a little preoccupied at the moment.
    final thing , would you like to make a throw away email so we could stay in touch so we may speak further on the matter in almost total privacy? its fine if not

    here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoA0sdCO3tU&nohtml5=False

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    • irrelevant- I’m happy to hear from you. Please don’t let any of “their” messaging break you down. Sometimes you have to unplug from entertainment for a couple of weeks to refocus on what is important in life (*trust me- I’ve been down this road as well!). -Isaac

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    • I watched the video and I did hear something but I couldn’t make out what it was, it sounded like maybe “sexy” or something like that. Listen don’t worry to much about it, worrying is not good for your health. Yes, there is a lot to learn but once we know about it we can be careful with what we do so we can stay safe from the corruption, its OK with me if you wanna stay in touch by email, mine is ————@gmail.com

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      • Sorry to delete the email address; I can’t post the emails on here for your protection (to keep others from harassing you).

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        • Come on!
          No ones here, just irrelevant, he needs help!
          Put it back on!

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    • I agree. Just plug out for a while.

      It started happening to me too. The more you learn, the more you want to know, the more you are allowing you mind to actual be exposed. You can overload yourself.

      Sometimes when i feel like I’m overloading my mind I plug out and stay away for a while.

      Hope you are doing better now.

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  20. Its not up to you whether i post my email or not!

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  21. thats why i said a throwaway email and not your personal email! been feeling good the past couple days i seem to have highs and lows very often but fine at the moment 🙂

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    • that IS a throw away email!
      my name isn’t even talia jones!

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  22. There’s a scene early on (maybe S2, S3, or S4) where Daryl and a few of the group are in the forest. Daryl is leading and as he is getting up and moving forward he raises his hand and is signaling for everyone to halt/slow up (like police or military do) but instead of making a fist he makes the devil horns sign. Also S6 E11, the group enters the old house of that group that jesus is with. Daryl is walking by a painting of some guy who looks like he’s from 1776. The painting is making that “okay” illuminati symbo, but upside down. The finger is pointing at Daryl.

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  23. Mkultra in season 7 walking dead. Daryl Dixon un a cell in the dark, listening ” in an easy street”.

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  24. Okay… so what if you’re gay. You’re not gonna turn gay. You’re either gay or you’re not. These mad ramblings… please, please go to a science class or at least think about things in a rational manner. Cannot wait until Jesus comes out in this season now.

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