The story behind Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Broken’ film

Interesting read about Trent Reznor’s angry rock album he released between Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward  Spiral.

There is a lesser-known story concerning Broken, a story that survived the ’90s and early ’00s as hearsay on messages boards and 8th-generation VHS dubs found at record conventions. It was the story of a movie, also titled Broken, that was so vile it would never see the light of day.

And then in 2006, everything changed. The movie that was supposed to be the stuff of nightmares suddenly appeared  online.

Sharing its name with the EP, Broken can be viewed as an anthology film. It features music videos for five of the EP’s six songs surrounded by a narrative concerning a man being tortured to death and the execution of his tormentor. We’re not talking about your average Hollywood horror show either: With its low-budget look the video it could easily be mistaken for a snuff film.

Once completed, Trent Reznor made the decision not to release it. The feeling was that the visual content would be so  controversial it would overshadow the music.

And here’s the video. It’s totally not safe for work and most likely not safe for your mind. It’s probably worse than Hostel or Saw.




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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