The Shining- trading cards and original photos

From BloodyDisgusting: is compiling some images from The Shining and creating their very own trading cards (or what the cards would look like, had they actually made these cards).

Also, The Overlook Hotel released the original photo from where Kubrick altered in ‘Jack’ in the final shot of the film. I postulated that Jack was in a Baphomet stance, but now I’m not so sure because it seems this was not the case.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. This is a bit of a stretch, but we only have the word of the hotel, or one of their representatives, to say whether theirs is the original photo or not. For all we know, the “original” was the photo with Jack Nicholson, and their claimed original is actually the “airbrushed” or digitally altered photo. What motive might the hotel have to lie about this? Perhaps nothing sinister except to have an additional marketing experience, the “real photo”, that many hotel guests will stop to see and later discuss with their friends. Another possibility is that the hotel’s version of the photo is indeed real, and the person up front, not Nicholson, is showing a baphomet pose. Okay, one more possibility, neither of the photos are originals, but the original is some form similar to what we are presented with, and no one other than a select few at the hotel would know what it looks like because prior to the movie the picture was stored in archives away from the public.

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