The Shining Screensaver Kickstarter Project

Check this out (also check out the website for cool ’80s horror and retro stuff):

One year ago, I completed a Kickstarter project called THE SHINING THE, which was a screensaver based on The Shining. My idea was to create a replica of the film where all of the footage was replaced with black leader (a blank screen) – except for its 10 title cards. To implement this, each card was built in Photoshop and modeled after corresponding screenshots from the film, then fed into screensaver-building software (which I used the Kickstarter funding to buy).

The screensaver is 142 minutes long (the same length as the film). I also created a time-compressed version where 1 minute of film time equals 1 second of screensaver time (resulting in a total screensaver that’s a little over three minutes in length). You can download both versions of the screensavers (for Mac or PC) here:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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