The Real Message Behind HBO’s Game of Thrones

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Today she’ll be sharing an exclusive article about the popular show on HBO; Game of Thrones. I watch this show with much fascination, but I’ll admit that I don’t truly know what’s going on with the story. Here you’ll learn about the big picture and the “Illuminati” agenda behind the story, so strap in as Dovakhiim drops knowledge…



A new season of Game of Thrones has started and with it comes changes to the book and subliminal messages courtesy of our friends the elites. I am a reader of the novels, as well as, a watcher of the show. In the beginning I thought many of the changes that were made were done to accommodate the limited amount of hours that HBO could put into the show, but now I don’t think that’s the case.

The books are a set of fantasy novels called the Song of Ice and Fire that revolve around who will sit on the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The two main story lines are that of Jon Snow and Daenarys Targaryen, but the author throws in a lot of other interesting characters along the way to obscure his intentions with these two. Honestly, I am a huge hypocrite yet again because I love the books and I love the show. It doesn’t prevent me from seeing, however, the way in which HBO handles certain aspects of the novel and what agenda they are promoting.


Part One: Jon Snow, Ygritte, White Walkers and Mance Rayder

Jon Snow, played by the luscious Kit Harrington in the show (Forgive me Kit, I still love you even if you promote the Illuminati Agenda…call me), is our long-suffering noble hero whom we are led to believe is the bastard son of Eddard “Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell, line of the First Men and some camp follower. Of course the savvy reader/watcher knows this isn’t true. If you want spoilers on who he is, ask IW to show me how to tag this bitch so I don’t ruin it.

Game of Thrones Picture One Jon Snow WO

Jesus Christ this guy is hot. Ahem. Where was I? Oh, right First Men.

This theme of the First Men is vitally important to the story arc. The First Men were fearless warriors from the icy and dangerous North and long ago defeated these evil zombie-like White Walkers, also known as the Others. They built a giant wall in the far north at the border of the Lands of Always Winter to protect the rest of the kingdoms from these powerful creatures that can see in the dark (this is important because like our far, far north there is a long winter where darkness overtakes the lands) and have regenerative powers. This wall is now guarded by priest-like warriors called the Night’s Watch. The men take vows of celibacy and don black garb. They are dead to their families thereafter and become guardians of Westeros. Criminals have a choice between death or the Night’s Watch, even if they have committed treason, because the threat of the White Walkers is so great that it prevails above all other fears. Sidebar—The Night’s Watch are called “Crows”. Hold onto this thought, I’ll get to it later.

Keep following me, this back story is important.

The land beyond the wall is not unpopulated. Wildlings, or as I like to call them “libertarians”, exist in tribes disavowing the laws of the Westeros kings. They weren’t too happy to be shut off behind the wall and when they are able to sneak past the Night’s Watch do somewhat unpleasant things to the inhabitants of the North, particularly those of Winterfell.

Game of Thrones WO Picture Two The Wall


Okay, you’re bored with the Game of Thrones back story, I know. Sorry but this is important. In the books, the Wildlings are painted somewhat sympathetic and charismatic. Their decentralized structure of living has created very independent, self-sufficient groups of people. This is the exact opposite of what the elites want.

They don’t want us living our lives outside their control. They don’t want us to exist in decentralized states or to think freely. They don’t want us to live outside the consumer-based system. They want us to think how and what they tell us to think, eat, drink, and buy what they want us to buy, and to live in non-agrarian urban, aka “dependent” systems because this is how they control us and use us so that they can live as they choose off our sweat and labor.

Therefore, whenever we see people who live in this manner or advocate things like “…my kingdom is not of this world” and “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but render unto God that which is God’s” we have to torture and kill them. The system must always prevail.


WO Picture Three Crucifixion


For safety’s sake, of course.

The books begin in the North and with the Starks. We see from the beginning that Jon is unhappy and awkward in his home. His so-called father’s wife hated him and treated him with extreme cruelty because he was not only a symbol of her husband’s infidelity, but everything that was strong and good in the northern men. Every attempt to fit in was robbed from him by this woman and the great Ned Stark barely did anything to prevent it. The only love from a female he remembers is that from his sister Arya. She also felt like a misfit, a girl who wished to live as a boy. The two of them bonded despite all attempts by the mother to prevent it. Jon’s siblings care for him, clearly. They see him for the “man” he is inside, and his “father” Ned also sees Jon for the man he will become. It is too bad that Ned’s ability to see Jon’s potential never translated into telling his bitch wife to shut up, but whatever. The man was a serial (yes, serial) wuss when it came to his wife. The tension and yearning inside of Jon grows and grows until finally he can no longer stay in Winterfell as the bastard son of a great man. At the age of 14 Jon leaves home to become a man of the Night’s Watch.

Jon quickly excels in his training and is made a ranger after only a few years. He is strong, intelligent, and thoughtful. This earns him the respect of his fellow Crows. It also puts him into the rangers (men who go beyond the Wall to watch for signs of the White Walkers and clear out Wildling raiders).

We learn in Season Two of the show that there is now a King Behind the Wall, called Mance Rayder. He is painted by the leaders of the Night’s Watch as a villain. They believe he has somehow pulled together the vast wildling tribes under his own banner and they send out a group of rangers on reconnaissance.

Game of Thrones WO Picture Four Mance

This is where everything becomes interesting and “predictable” if you understand how the elites work.

You’ll remember from my Satanic Chic rant on how the elites love to depict Satan as a free-thinker anti-establishment type and then ignore what “free thinking” and “establishment” mean? They don’t actually want anyone to be a free-thinker, they just want them to question Christianity. If they wanted you to think for yourself they would accept the ambiguity that comes with true free-thinking. There is a reason why we have over 150,000 federal laws on the books and it’s not because they trust our free-thinking minds.

Anyway, Jon Snow and company must now depart from Castle Black to seek out these crazy anarchists who don’t want to live in the Land of Always Winter now that they know the White Walkers are preparing an army to advance south when a true Winter comes. I’m pretty sympathetic to the Wildlings considering that they kept to themselves until a giant supernatural zombie army rolled up on them.

On one of their ranging expeditions, they come across a party of Wildling scouts and the story becomes interesting again and tragic because Jon Snow in Latin obviously means “Man Who Can Never Be Happy”.

Enter Ygritte the Wildling, one of the scouts Jon was meant to kill.

Game of Thrones WO Picture Five Ygritte


Obviously he can’t kill her. I mean, look at her. This is a man who has never had sex, never been loved, and he’s asked to behead a hot chick that never harmed him personally in cold blood. I’ll cut to the chase, Jon’s mission changes based on this chemistry thing he has with the wildling and he’s told to infiltrate their camp. Get the scoop on them and report back to the Crows.

Again, we’re going deep on this one so bear with me…Jon the moral innocent, the do gooder, a man whose blood runs thick with that of the First Men is now asked to compromise his morals “for the greater good”. This is another tool of the elite. The “greater good” must always prevail. So it’s okay to be a CIA agent who lies to everyone about who you are as long as the greater good prevails. The ends always justify the means, do they not?

Jon is a “crow” and crows are very important throughout these books. They are the creatures which take messages from one spot to the next, ie “knowledge bringers”. The crow is also the symbol of Odin All Father, Odin One Eye, Odin father of the gods in Viking lore. Vikings are what?

Men of the North.

Here is HBO’s poster for Season Four:

Game of Thrones WO Picture Six All Men Must Die


All Men Must Die. There’s the Crow with his wings spread and swords falling behind him to make a cross figure.

So Jon infiltrates the camp by using the hot chick to gain passage. There he meets Mance and his first in command, Tormund Giantsbane. The wildlings are uncivilized by Westeros standards. Everyone wears furs, lives in tents, and are …well…wild. They are also very communitarian and honest. The Wildlings play no games. They do not lie. They are exactly how and what they present themselves to be. Mance explains to Jon that under normal circumstances they would not ever come together, that they’re all too different, but the threat of the White Walkers is just too great and now they are forced to unite.

The more time Jon spends with the Wildlings the more he questions the world that he came from. He also falls in love with Ygritte and finds the only real happiness he’s ever known in his life.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Ingrid WO Picture 7
Again, we’re looking for subtle messages here.

Jon is in love. He didn’t want to fall in love with Ygritte because he knows he is lying to her, so his conscience battles him constantly. He is now living with people who are just trying to survive. Are they hard people? Yes. But look also to what’s going on in King’s Landing and even the White Walkers seem humane comparatively.

Ygritte is a symbol of freedom. Everything she does is done with passion. She questions everything, even Mance and the others. She lives every moment of her life by her own compass, something Jon envies about her, and possibly why he loves her.

When they finally broke apart, Ygritte was flushed. “You’re mine,” she whispered. “Mine, as I’m yours. And if we die, we die. All men must die, Jon Snow. But first we’ll live.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

So you can see where this has to go. Death of course. You cannot be allowed to live your life outside the system or you will be punished. People like Ygritte must be punished.

In spite of the fact that we are led to believe that Jon loves her desperately, despite the many times he makes love to her or saves her life…he still betrays the Wildlings and Ygritte. Why? Because the system must prevail. Oaths made to the system are more important than doing what your heart tells you; doing what is right.

Time to cut to the chase and drag out the symbolism…

After Jon betrays them he goes back to the Crows and tells them everything. His heart and soul are not the same. He is conflicted because he sees them as people who want to survive. He understands the threat of the White Walkers. He misses Ygritte. He thinks about her over and over again, thinking of her face as he left her behind. Naturally when the battle between the Crows and Wildlings begin who dies? Ygritte. Why? Because you can question the existence of God. You can question religion—in fact all through Game of Thrones the Old Gods, the Old Religion is questioned and eschewed as worthless. Ygritte dies because she is a threat to Jon’s systemic thinking. Question everything but the existence of the System.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Ingrid WO Picture 8


The Death of Mance Raider

As the Crows begin to fight the Wildlings in earnest, reinforcements come from the south led by Stannis Baratheon (possibly the true heir to the Westeros Kingdom) with his bitch, Melisandre the Red Priestess.

Game of Thrones Lady Red Whore Babylon Picture 9


Once more we’re diving deep on this one so hold your breath. The Rest Priestess is one of the main prophets of the Lord of Light. Lucifer, as you know, is also called the Lord of Light. This is not the only parallel between the two. The Red Harlot, The Whore of Babylon—she is the consort of Lucifer, full of sexuality and dark magic. So is the Red Priestess.

Melisandre has taken up the cause of Stannis Baratheon under the guidance of the Lord of Light. In the books and shows you will see that the power of the Old Gods has diminished and the only real magic in Westeros (I said “Westeros” so don’t snap me) happens when the Lord of Light is called upon. By praying to the Lord of Light it is even possible to resurrect the dead.

Sidenote: the dead in GOT never remember a “heaven” type place. They remember nothing. This goes with the satanic concept of this world being your only kingdom and life so “do as thou wilt”.

In the HBO series Stannis is sort of a grim anti-hero. He is painted as being the lesser of two evils in the fight for the Iron Throne. The Lannisters who now control it are pieces of absolute shit so you do start to root for Stannis and the Lord of Light (although you wish you had another option).

When they show up to turn the tide in the battle against the Wildlings, Jon Snow does his best to make peace because he knows that the White Walkers are the bigger threat. So does Melisandre. Under her guidance Stannis and his armies relent. But…someone has to die, right?

Game of Thrones Picture 10 WO


And so the charismatic leader who pulled the decentralized tribes together under a cause, the one who would allow them to disperse when the battle was done, must die. He must die because he is a challenge to the power structure.

And he has to die by fire because the Lord of Light requires that things burn.

Now, here is where the show and the books depart and I cannot think it is just a way of speeding up the plot…in the books as Mance is extremely fun and charismatic. Joyful and happy to sing songs that rouse the men. And even when burning to death he shouts out that he is no king!

Who does that sound like…? Hmmmm.

In the show he is dour, less likeable, and at his death he gives a very impassioned speech before they set fire to him. Also, in the show, it is Jon Snow who ultimately kills him.

We are to believe it is to prevent his suffering. Greater good and all.

Now, I realize that this is a long, highly political, and less fun that you probably wanted in a Game of Thrones post, but it is supposed to make you think about what you are being sold.

If you question the system you will die.

God as you know it (Old Gods) doesn’t answer you or do anything to benefit you. It requires faith to believe He (they) even exists.

The Lord of Light, however, rewards his followers and can still work magic in this world.

The greater good is more important than individual loyalty, friends, family, and the people you love.

True individualism is bad.

We must protect the power structure because it is the only thing that will protect us from the External Threat.

Game of Thrones is HBO’s most popular series and has become a global phenomenon. The messages being sent in this are directing you to conform for the greater good.

My next long post will be on Daenarys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, and the Lannisters and I will leave Jon Snow behind for a bit, but I want you to think about something important.

Evil is not the only force at work in this world. You have the power to read past what they are trying to tell you and find your own answers.

You are Jon Snow. I am Jon Snow. Jon Snow is everyman.

You are a good person trapped in the system. You have been told that your loyalties must lie with the System, but your heart is conflicted. You know that the truth can be found in more than one place. You are the heir to the First Men. You are the last hope of the Old Gods and the Old Ways which kept you free and at one with Nature. You have a wild spirit boiling inside you that they want to trap and tame.

Find your “Ygritte”, whoever or whatever “she” is and this time believe in her. Your own heart will be what saves you in the days ahead.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Ingrid WO Picture 11



So what do you think about Dovakhiim’s analysis on Game of Thrones? Is she correct? Is this show just another one of the many tales in entertainment that seek to embed a secret message of support for Satanists and the “Illuminati” power structure? Stay tuned because Dovakhiim will be providing more parts of this ongoing series of Game of Thrones analysis…

We’re also going to do a special podcast where we’ll talk about the show and go a bit deeper on the analysis, so be sure to look out for that in my IW Podcast tab.

Be sure to join the Watcher community and keep up with the latest developments in this ever-growing conspiracy theory of Illuminati and occult symbolism as it attempts to ensnare us in its web. You can get a good starting point on resources of knowledge on the IlluminatiWatcher START HERE page.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave comments for Dovakhiim at the bottom of this post.

-Isaac W.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Wow, you went in!

    HBO sliced those novels and you’re right they took out everything that was traditional or positive about tradition and tribalism in favor of pedophilia, rape, incest, and alternative sexuality. Jon and Ygritte were always having sex in the book. Jon even says they had sex hundreds of times but we only see it once and they almost make it seem like it was a mercy f..k at the time. You only find out when he saves her life at the wall that maybe he loves her and in the book he’s totally in love. That would go with the idea that they want to downgrade people like Ygritte and the Wildlings because they are free people.

    You forgot the symbolism of the white wolf of Jon’s and his allegiance to the Old Gods and Jon finding out the Crows looked the other way to the baby sacrifice.

    Just sayin.

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    • Yes, I forgot the wolf. 🙁 Well, it was a long post.

      I was going to touch on the baby sacrifice in the next one but maybe it should have gone here. Thanks!

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      • You also forgot the three eyed crow, with the all seeing eye in the middle and how the wargs can see through them. And you also forgot how the crows are symbols of knowledge (they carry info, they are used by wargs, they talk to Bran) and death. Jon is symbolic of truth.

        You’re welcome.

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        • Did you see how long the post was even without those things?

          The books are like a million pages. I can’t cover everything.

          Post a Reply
          • I agree with Skyrim- that’s about all you reasonably get in one post. Plus she’ll have more in the series. You gotta keep it digestable or you’ll lose everyone!

      • I can’t wait to hear about that sacrifice. You know how much I find that connects with that stuff…

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        • One of Jon’s big turnoffs about the Crows is that he finds out they have actually known about the return of the White Walkers and the child sacrifice which kept them satisfied. Jon’s this moral dude with lots of empathy so its doesn’t really work with his code. The Wildlings know about this and its another reason why they are anti-Crow.

          Dova missed out telling everyone Mance Rayder was once a Crow and knows their dirty secrets, so even if it all flushes like its honorable they’re really just as dirty as what’s going on in King’s Landing.

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    • Interesting- so in the books they have a lot of sex with each other? Cuz yea, on the show it appears like they barely like each other or it’s some kind of internal struggle not to pounce each other.

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      • They’re smashing every day in the books. That scene on the show where we find out the one thing Jon Snow really knows comes after the books say they’ve had sex 100 times already under blankets. It was just the first time he actually got to see her naked. He’s really in love with her in the books which goes with the theory that Dova is exploring that they want us to believe that duty needs to outweigh love. I’m still thinking if that’s what they meant to do or if they are just trying to downgrade straight breeder sex. Def the alternative sexuality is shown on the show where the books just hint at it.

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        • Gamergal you wrote “Dova is exploring that they want us to believe that duty needs to outweigh love” in 2015, they literally put a line in the finale of the show word for word about that, then “sometimes duty is the death of love” or something like that back. What do you make of it all?

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    • Before ANYONE takes anything this site says seriously I would strongly suggest you look at the name of mr illuminati watcher because Adam Weishaupt was the name of the man that very first started the illuminati back in I think 1756. Also, this Skyrim fiend says she would sell her souls for a sinful sexual encounter with someone she knows is with those that plot the destruction of her and everyone she holds dear!! While there is no doubt a lot of truths being shown here, but nothing that’s not already out there in abundance, and this is another tactic used by the illuminati! They use what are called Shills to push disinformation! Seek the truth friends, by all means! But also be sure to check on the people putting the information forward as well as their sources! May the Great Lord of Spirits bless you all and fill you with the desire to seek the truth and to know it when you see it! And remember, Yehoshua Christ is your Salvation!!

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  2. And yeh Jon Snow is hot. Dirty Jaime Lannister is hotter, tho.

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      • Hihi being loyal to Jon 🙂

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        • I love me some Jon Snow. Jaime was hot dirty and with the beard, but he’s no Jon Snow in the cave. 😉

          Post a Reply
          • The Cave. I take it back. Jon Snow is hotter.

  3. I don’t know if I’m qualified to address the core thrust of the Game of Thrones article, since I’m not an Illuminati scholar FNORD but I enjoyed the detailed breakdown of Jon Snow’s storyline.

    I was thinking about her assertion that Catelyn was threatened by Jon’s symbolism as a good northern man (as opposed to merely a reminder of Ned Stark’s infidelity) but I think it’s more likely that Catelyn feared bastards in general, being from the contentious and fractious Riverlands where there were bastards a-plenty but only so much land to invest them.

    I don’t know if that works into her overall argument or not, but again, the article was an intriguing read.

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    • Yo! 🙂

      My argument is based off of Catelyn’s love of Ned, her inability to be a Northern woman even though she’d given birth to Northern Children, and that Jon represented everything alien to her. Catelyn saw that her own children (ignoring Arya) seemed to lack that fierceness of the First Men that is within Jon and her daughter.

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  4. Hi, IW! Great job, I’ve been following you for a few months now, sorry if I make mistakes, English is not my first language. I thing you are absolutely right about the series, although I am a fan. You are right about Jon Snow, after reading this now, I see a lot of the elite agenda. I never suspected anything until Theon’s story, when after being psychological and physical tortured he becomes another person just like a MK Ultra slave. After this I started to be suspicious and realized there were so much more , the Crow with 3 eyes, the Lord of Light, the way all good people were killed Ned, Rob etc and the depraved ones were fine and alive… Anyway can’t wait for the other articles and I will read the books also. Btw I don’t know what to think about Kit Harington, he is the descendent of an old English family, his father or grandfather is a barron, maybe absurd, but for conspiracy lovers, these coincidences are… Congrats for your work and good luck!

    Post a Reply
    • Hell yes! Theon DOES become a trauma-based mind control slave! I was going to get to that in the next one, promise! I am so glad you noticed, however. People are seeing through the garbage.

      And, yes, Kit is probably royalty (Rose Leslie was, too) and he may in fact be Illuminati, but…Dear Lord he is FINE. Supafine. I feel like Sir Galahad in MPHG…Can’t I have a little bit of peril?

      Or…or…maybe we can rescue him???


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      • Not just Theon. Jon and Arya are both traumatized by violence. Watching the show traumatizes you. All that storyline with Theon was traumatic and Jaime and the Spider and then Gray Worm? Everyone is having their privates chopped off or they die in horrific ways. If you think about what we’re watching versus what is in the books then it makes sense. Everything beautiful in the book is absent but all the violence remains. We are watching some really sick stuff. You even know this and still stan for Jon Snow so there’s pretty much no hope at this point. We’re all controlled.

        Post a Reply
        • There is a lot to this one. Louisa brought up Theon’s castration, you bring up the Spider’s and Gray Worm’s…Jaime has his sword hand removed which for him (a chevalier) is a castration and we watch it, can’t wait to see more…this is really causing me to trip right now.

          Why do I watch the show? The books I can see because there is a lot more to them, but the show? All gore.

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          • I have never watched the show, so this summary helps me understand a little bit.

            Thank you for the warning about all the gore, horror and violence. I can’t stand that stuff (being a Highly Sensitive Empath), it traumatises me and makes me sick. As a child, even the (highly violent) cartoons used to haunt me and make me ill.

            So by this, I think I will stay well clear of the show. I don’t need horrible images in my mind, and it sounds like this show is full of them.

            Thank you.

        • Not really, if we are able to realize and distinguish the sick stuff… The control is with those that have no idea what’s going on and not the subliminal stuff, but the storyline itself, they have no idea what the series is about, they watch it because they find cool all that violence and porn. And it didn’t affect me at all btw, and only Theon is being programmed, only he goes to Monarch

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          • We are all a bit under the effects of trauma based mind control and shows like Game of Thrones do make us accepting of images that we would ordinarily be taken aback by.

            I started thinking about the sexual relationships in the series. Other than Jon and Ygritte and Rob and his wife, who has a healthy one?

    • Hi Louisa, glad you liked it! This was actually a guest post by Skyrim Fiend, aka Dovakhiim. She reads the comments too though- so I’m sure she appreciates it.

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      • Hey, IW! Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂 yeah, I figured that wasn’t yours, but you still have your tone of awesome articles 😉

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  5. Yeah, poor Kit, he doesn’t seem very happy or enjoying the stardom, I don’t know, he’s the main character in a global success series, he should be more excited! Every interview I saw he is, not miserable, but also not happy, or maybe just my impression… He definitely needs a rescuer from that dark world :))))) I’m already married, I’ll let you have him 😉

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you gurl! I accept the charge. I will rescue Kit from the Illuminati, some way, some how.

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  6. Sorry, I posted without finishing, I was saying only Theon goes through the real monarch reprogramming, we can see it in all its splendor. I didn’t read the books so I’m watching the show to see what’s next, and it’s interesting. You have all the human race types and personalities and most disgusting traits that you can find in any human, it’s research material. I think what happened to Jamie was kind of good, he got down from those clouds of arrogance and pride and discovered he has a heart, will see how long will last . Now I’m curious about Theon, if he is a real slave or he will break down

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    • Well, but there the book and show departs. Jaime does break free and he is the one that leaves Cersei in the book but the show has her cast him aside just as he’s becoming a person with a heart and conscience.

      Theon changes in the books but his castration made him “Reek” and he’s forever touched by it. I never liked Theon but those scenes were just too much for me and I have never disliked anyone, not even Geoffrey as much as Ramsay.

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  7. Sorry it should have been a reply to the earlier post, something went wrong 😀

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    • Sansa, I just remembered…she’s also “controlled”.

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  8. Great Revelation!!I love your stories within the stories that tell the true story.I think Dovakhiim’s analysis on Game of Thrones Is spot on,but in the end the ways of the peaceful warrior will prevail

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    • You know, I don’t think there is a peaceful warrior in Game of Thrones that doesn’t use manipulation. Maybe Bran?

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      • I can’t believe you said that! Really? Bran? The one that gets in people’s mind and does his job with them.. yeah, 0% of manipulation 😉

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        • Well, he’s a “warrior” without a sword.

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          • Yeah, I meant that he does manipulate people, I think even more so bc he has a handicap and can’t be a warrior he’s more focused on the mind

  9. Hi Miss Skyrim.
    Thanks for writing this article and also other beautiful articles you wrote here (especially that table of ‘chaotic good’ of GoT characters which was the best review of G.R.R.M’s mindset of his book I had seen so far).

    However I must say I don’t agree with the objective here. There is no evidence to suggest GoT is Illuminati agenda except for one which you mentioned as well: Melisandra for being ‘red’ priestess and her religion bashing. But then again if we pay attention to what writer of the book is saying about the Lord of Light (DON’T READ SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: that he’s fake and does not exist in Westeros. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER END OF SPOILER ) we can conclude that there is no ‘secret agenda’ here.

    If there is no god in a world, it will become the world of ‘chaos’. That is precisely what GoT is picturing (to me anyway). A world without god -> no reason for madness to end. No reason for justice to triumph. No reason for Ned Stark not to be beheaded!

    About Jon Snow, I have a different view here as well.
    You said Jon Snow couldn’t kill Yigritte because he was a virgin and was attracted to her. I disagree. For the first time in his life he was faced with an immoral task (to kill a woman) and didn’t know what to do. No one kills women and children (and even prisoners) in a war. A shred of morality is enough to prevent a man from killing a captive woman. Yet Jon Snow was tasked to do so. This has this message for the viewers that they shouldn’t do as they are told without question. They shouldn’t follow inhuman orders. Like Jon Snow (symbol of a righteous person). If Jon Snow didn’t want to kill Yigritte because she was a ‘hot chick’, this would completely ruin moral aspect of Jon Snow.

    But the most important thing in Jon Snow’s storyline in entire seasons is that he is stuck between ‘duty’ and ’emotion’. Which one should he choose?

    “You cannot be allowed to live your life outside the system or you will be punished. People like Yigritte must be punished.”

    Miss Skyrim here you said emotion was the right choice and Jon Snow paid for his wrong choice (duty) and the price he paid was Yigritte’s life. I can’t agree here because duty is the right choice as GoT is telling the viewer and it is right. Truth is always more important than emotion as Jon Snow repeatedly shows us (first he wants to go to Robb, then Maester Aemon -if this was his name- has this dialogue about the choice between ‘the love of a woman’ and ‘duty’. Rightfully placed in the show). Yigritte dies because it is GRRM’s way of expressing the ‘consequence’ of ‘hard’ but right choice. Jon Snow is telling the viewer that between selfish desires and the right choice, you must choose the latter, no matter the consequences (Yigritte’s death) and I agree.

    “he still betrays the Wildlings and Ygritte. Why? Because the system must prevail.”
    Here I have to say Jon Snow never betrayed Wildlings as he was never loyal to them in the first place as show tells us too. And the reason and message of the show was the importance of ‘loyalty’. One must remain loyal to his own people and it is a good message IMO.

    “Because you can question the existence of God. You can question religion—in fact all through Game of Thrones the Old Gods, the Old Religion is questioned and eschewed as worthless.”

    IMO death of Ned Stark was more provoking in this matter that Yigritte’s! Ned was righteous to the end. Loyal to his beliefs to the end. Ned was symbol of justice yet he dies. That’s the perfect moment to question religion which tells you to stay in moral grounds even with your enemies even though they won’t.
    And that’s why I say it is not necessarily a Satanic agenda because writer is telling you there is no god in GoT! If you are not on God’s side, then getting beheaded or mass murdered in a wedding is what you get for remaining on moral grounds! It is telling you that honorable people like Ned and Robb Stark lose miserably in a ‘chaotic’ world with no god because they don’t want to get their hands dirty for no reason. Is this an Illuminati hidden message here? I doubt it.

    I would’ve liked to see some note about the extreme violence and unethical sexual behaviors in GoT. Because IMO these can be the real Illuminati hidden agenda here we’re searching for. Because ‘violence’ is strongly despised and strongly forbidden even to your enemies in divine religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) But we’re seeing the complete opposite in GoT with no apparent reason (HBO keeps justifying it’s gross violence by saying it is meant to be ‘shocking’! Well this is no art. There is no need for ‘art’ if you want to achieve ‘shockingness’ by childish use of violence that any illiterate can do in his movie and GoT is truly full of sickening new level violence) but since the book is violent too and as unethical, I can’t be sure here either that it is Illuminati agenda unless it is proven to me that G.R.R.M is Illuminati puppet (like writer of Fifty Shades of Grey) who has dedicated the most important books of his life (GoT) to Illuminati agenda which I very much doubt that.

    Sorry if I wrote too long and thank you again for your article. These were just my opinions and not necessarily true. And I honestly don’t think GoT has hidden Satanic messages. In fact, Satanic messages of GoT are not hidden at all: Unethical sexual behavior, new level unnecessary ‘sickening’ violence and nihilism. But since they are 99% like the books, I can’t accept that there is Illuminati filth here ‘on purpose’.

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    • Dude. the writer made the Lord of Light capable of resurrecting the dead and creating spawn ghost demon babies. He definitely exists. He’s also very much like Lucifer in the Bible with a bit of a Jesus twist. The Brotherhood without Banners and Lady Stoneheart? How did that happen without magic?

      Martin’s comment on “God” is that there is no ONE GOD like the Christian one not that there are no Gods. In fact, he says the Old Gods are on Jon Snow’s side and that’s why he doesn’t take Stannis’ deal because it would be a betrayal of them.

      As for Jon and Ygritte/Wildings I’m pretty sure she was kidding on the hot chick thing being the reason for him not to kill her, but the rest she was not wrong about. All through the novels Jon absolutely questions his oaths especially when he realizes that the people he made them to are out there doing things that are shady-shady. He likes spending time with most of the Wildlings and acknowledges they are brutal but honest. The author also allows you to see that they are in survival mode. Mos def Jon was torn. Like all that stuff where he would tell himself he had no right to love Ygritte because of his duty and then his heart would tell him he had no right not to.

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      • Hi Gamergal

        Lucifer in Bible ressurrects the dead??! Never knew this.

        I’ve read an interview in which GRRM says every god in the books is fake and no one’s real. I read this a year ago. We haven’t seen the end yet, have we?

        I haven’t read the books but I doubt that Lady Stoneheart would be much more than a vengeful zombie lol … then again I’ve heard she can’t be ressurrected without someone else’s life. This sounds more like magic to me than divine power. Also this ressurrection happens very few in the book too.

        About Jon Snow I don’t know how he is in the books. In the show all his relations with Yigritte were for fooling the wildlings into believing his loyalty even though he fell in love with her but clearly he chose ‘duty’ over ’emotion’. It is a religious view not Satanic.

        My point is that I can’t take these as ‘Illuminati evidence’ in GoT.
        (BTW let’s not make here IMDB boards lol)

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        • The Lord of Light is the anti-Jesus and Jesus raised the dead.

          Books, movies, and song all have a subconscious effect on us. It is fine to explicate novels and shows–especially if those shows are tacitly leading us in a particular direction.

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        • You didn’t read the books? Ten times better than the show and less graphic when it comes to sex except with Jon and Ygritte. Ser Loras and Renley are implied instead of shown. The sex scenes with Jaime and Cersei are also not graphic but implied. That scene with Bran in the show is something he heard, but didn’t actually see in the book. Jon and Ygritte have a lot of sex and love in the books so this duty versus love thing does end up looking like a craplousey choice. He slept with her every single night for close to a year. In the show it makes it seem like he was only with them for a few weeks and she manipulated him.

          His duty made him lie to her and all the wildlings and that’s what Dhov is dropping. We need to question duty and authority. There is a moral law that is higher than man’s law and that should be not betraying your loved one for a duty to people who are morally in the john themselves.

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    • I’m really going to have to disagree on this one. I have read the books countless times to the point where they are soft from use.

      There is man’s law and man’s rules and then there is moral law and “Gods” law. Jon is an innocent who has been trapped in the system just like we are. His father was trapped in the system and (until his death) benefited from it. He was the Lord of Winterfell and defactor “laird” of the northlands. His proper born children received the benefits, as well. Not the pages in the books regarding the feasts, whereas Jon was a “Snow” and invisible even with the same blood running through his veins. Ned would do nothing more to help Jon than give him pep talks when even the evil characters elevated their bastards (Ramsay). Why? Ned was trapped by what he believed was an honor system that he did not create.

      Ned goes to his death because he challenged the game and the rules of the system to do what was right (not legal).

      Rob follows his heart and is killed.

      Sansa plays by the rules, biding time and lives.

      The Spider and Little Finger know the game and play it to their own advantage.

      Margary and her brother play the game and get the keys to the kingdom.

      The show and system rewards those characters who play the game which is definitely an evil one. They gain power and hold it. Those characters are also given more screen time and portrayed with a great deal of glee.

      As for the comment on GM about “God” he doesn’t believe the Lord of Light is G-D. He is setting up the Lord of Light as a Dark God/Demon, but if you notice the Lord of Light, like Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost takes care of his own.

      Melisandre is rewarded for her unquestioning faith in what is pretty much a demon. She is able to resurrect the dead with his power, create demon spawns, and raise Stannis up.

      Back to Jon…I was kidding about why he didn’t kill Ygritte. Jon has a moral heart. He tries to do what is right and wrestles between traditions he knows are corrupt and wrong like all of us, but his heart has empathy and sympathy for those outside of it.

      He genuinely falls in love with Ygritte, makes friends with Tormund and respects Mance.

      We see him struggle constantly in the books with this tradition he finds sick (including the Night’s Watch knowingly letting that man commit infanticide, and the men breaking their vows) and his heart. He does not betray Ygritte in his heart.

      If you recall that scene in the book where he is talking to himself, his “Crow” side tells him he shouldn’t have loved her, but his true self says that he should never NOT have loved her.

      Jon Snow is us. This system and theirs is filled with power hungry, evil people and we are trapped in it and our complicity tarnishes who we are and forces us to lie, bend rules, and do things that on a higher level are wrong and that we know are wrong.

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      • And that dude is also buying into the system of “duty” and “honor”. All that crap exists to keep poor young men signing up for the military. What is really more honorable? Leaving your family at home to fight wars over politics or staying home and defending your family from invaders? Who are you bonded with? You mate and children or your country? Most people would accept that its your country but why? If you want to rap the Bible, God made Adam and Eve to be together. That’s the unit God created. Any time there was a choice about Kings in the OT, God would say “Dudes, you do NOT want a King”. The system is a trap.

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      • “Jon Snow is us. This system and theirs is filled with power hungry, evil people and we are trapped in it and our complicity tarnishes who we are and forces us to lie, bend rules, and do things that on a higher level are wrong and that we know are wrong.” so deep and true 🙂

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        • Louisa we have to save Kit!

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          • Count me in! 🙂 What’s the plan? 😀 Really these evil people in the industry, they have enough material, why they are doing this to Kit? We should start a campaign “Illuminati stay away from Kit Harington or else…” what actually scare these people? The only option you have is to kidnap him and take him into some amazon jungle or those woods in Siberia, unknown and unexplored by humans :)))))

          • Louisa, I like your plan. First we need a twitter campaign #freekitharringtonfromtheilluminati

            Then we (me) lure him to my abode using my Bard powers where I then give him a magic potion that puts him to sleep, then we use our flying reindeer to carry him off to some remote locale where I will watch over him day…and night. 😉

          • :)))) you really felt hard girl, I haven’t had such a crush since DiCaprio, don’t worry I feel you 😉 the plan might have worked… if it was only the magic potion or just the superpowers or only the psychic powers, but when it involves ALL of them I don’t know what to say 🙂

          • Haha! Leo! You should see my blog. It’s half about writing and the other half is my KH obsession. No one understands me…no one. 🙂

          • Yeah, Leo in Titanic era, been there, done that I feel you girl 😉 could you give me the link of your blog, thanx

  10. Wow I watched the first season of this and it was boring as hell. But your description makes me wanna check it out again! I’m nowhere near qualified to have a debate with you about this. But I’m gonna hurry up and watch all the episodes so I’ll be ready for the next post!!

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    • Heehee. Come at me, bro! I’m ready for a GOT debate. 🙂

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        • Take several seats… 🙂

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  11. Another thing I just remembered is the Iron Bank of Bravoos,the most powerful financial institution in the Known World, situated in the Free City of Bravoos.A hand of very rich people that decide the rules of the game and the players on the political scene of Westeros. A powerful banking system, in a neutral territory that decides the destiny of the entire world following only their own personal interests… if it’s not the perfect description of Illuminati, I don’t know what else can be 😀

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    • Gurrl, me and you–on the same plane. I was going to talk about that next!!!


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      • Awww, yeah gurl! Can’t wait for the next articles!! 🙂 and also I’ve noticed that the sets are pretty creepy, dark and grey all, except for King’s Landing, full of luxury, jewels, expensive gowns etc, while the rest of the people are struggling to survive in poor villages, full of mud, with no knowledge, plus the constant fear of wars, political conflicts,no protection only abuse from those who rule. I don’t know but they should have made the villages like the ones of hobbsits, a piece of heaven with lot of green and nice people 😀 just kidding, but really unless you live in the palace, the rest of that world is really dark and dangerous for the normal people

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        • Well, jumping ahead we have (in the series) the Tyrells (symbolized by flowers) selling their children into unnatural and unhappy existences. It’s all about power. The throne is supposed to be so important that you forsake everything that creates real happiness. Loras is gay and will be married to a woman, his adult sister is married to a boy–they have wealth and flowers and beauty but its masking evil dark hearts. Meanwhile Jon dons the black, lives in a land of winter, but has a good heart.

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  12. The other thing I wanted to mention is that I believe in “Muses”. I think that writers and creative people tap into them and sometimes messages come through that even they didn’t intend.

    I don’t think people sit around at tables (except maybe the “top” table) planning on how to move people to the occult agenda. I think that happens outside of this plane but that people who are open find that these entities speak through them.

    “Sasha Fierce”
    “Damita Jo”

    Do I think George Martin is in the Illuminati? No. Do I think that HBO is? I think if someone is it is at the way, way top of that tree but most of the creative people have their own “Sasha Fierce” helping.

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  13. This article REALLY puts things into perspective. I never tried to explore the symbolism of Game of Thrones in that way, but this completely turned things upside down for me. Although I must say that I was always rooting for Mance and his merry lot.

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    • It’s the free spirit in you! 🙂

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  14. Wow! What an article that.
    You killed it, a wickedly thorough article that you gave in your all.

    Won’t Comment on the post cos’ i don’t watch GOT. Peace

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  15. Great post, I’ve never seen nor read GOT but of course thanks to social media I sort of understand the hypw encircling the whole thing.

    Most of the stuff you’ve mentioned is very convincing and highly suggestive of the system we are living in, or the “matrix”.

    So once again, nice job and I’d like to point out:

    In the Crow poster you attached, there is some subtle satanic symbolism like the Baphomet head formed with the Crow’s beak.

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    • Wow, I just noticed that. That’s interesting how it draws two iconic images. Thanks.

      It’s coming off the wall now.

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  16. I was also noticing how everyone is playing the Game of Thrones but the Wildlings. They are playing for survival. It really is like modern America. You have the Dems and the Pubs playing for power while everyone else is playing to live.


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    • Yes, the system exists, but it has an illusory front and many layers. These people hide their deeds behind front men, no different than the mafia.

      First, the financed the church but when that become inconvenient, they financed kings and wars, they played with fractional banking to become wealthy beyond imagination, and once they had whole kingdoms in their pockets they were able to monopolize industry until they could trap everyone within the web.

      Just like Beyonce channeled Sasha Fierce and Yonce, these spirits are eternal and work through each generation the same way.

      We are living in a slave system.

      If you try to be free you will be punished for it. In fact, freedom is always portrayed as barbaric and selfish. It is as if no free man or woman has the heart to share. This is a lie perpetrated over and over until the masses believe it not only of others but themselves.

      We have to break free.

      I am a Wildling, are you?

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  17. Anybody know the name of that Crucifixion painting or the author who painted it?

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  18. u made some good comparisons but why are going after game of thrones or hbo bcz we do know that these are just shows and a channel owned by the persons who run the System u mentioned.

    why dont u go deeper into questioning that whether or not the person who wrote this rubbish is promoting the illuminati agenda or not bcz G.r.r martin is the most disgusting author i have read and ur comparison of the old way and old gods vs the the lord of light, lucifer red priestess is accurate but u should question that whether martin is hell bent on writing more of this or is someone forcing him bcz the story is the story.

    we can make our guesses what kind of mind martin has but that discussion is worthless unless we find out that martin is promoting this or just only writing his story?

    there are so many things in this story that u can and probably will relate- and some of the above readers have also pointed in the above comments- to with the satanic roots and background but that doesnt mean that u come here and start blasting the show and the channel which produces it, we all know that will continue to happen even after this show with a new bigger show than this, point is u should question the true source of it all and that is martin himself and that is the real research if u can put anything on that matter i would love to read

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    • I am not excluding George Martin from criticism. The books are very grim and filled with tragedy. They can be a traumatic experience to read, actually. As a fiction writer myself I’m beginning to see influence of “outside” sources. Creativity is magic. You are leaving your body and when that happens, whenever that happens you can be influenced by the beyond.

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    Post a Reply
    • Because Satanists aren’t hypocrites? Protip: the second you joined an organized religion that is registered as a legal nonprofit with religious exemption status you became a hypocrite.

      Sorry bout it.

      Post a Reply
    • Actually “Illuminati” means those who are illuminated. E Pluribus Unum is the “out of many, one” that you’re talking about.

      Isn’t Satan supposed to teach you stuff? I thought it was about knowledge and shit?

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  20. This is an excellent post.

    I would like Moar articles about GoT.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  21. Thanks for all your hard work you put into all your efforts.

    I just wanted to tell you that I have health issues and it’s not always easy for me to read your posts so I just love all your podcasts/videos. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

    I’m always interested in what you have in my email.

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  22. One fundamental flaw in the story as well as the assessment. Lucifer is actually Lucy, Female…

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  23. One problem with the show and assessment…Lucifer is Lucy, a female, not male…JC

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    • Remember bro that Satan aka Lucifer is also Baphomet, a half male and half female false god. He is androgynous as Baphomet, being neither male nor female, so both of you are correct. He is both female and male, which is why the sinister agenda of the Roman Catholic Church involves pressing a system into children’s minds (in places like Norway especially, and also here) which teach them that males and females have no real difference. This goes even deeper into transhumanism and transhumanist robots, but it is all from the same place: Lucyfer

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  24. Very nice post! I also noted myself that Ygritte = Eagrette or female Eagle, so she is definitely a symbol of freedom. The Eagle is also usurper for the snake or Serpent, and it preys upon the snake. This is why Eagle and Serpent symbolism is found all over Babylon’s (America’s) flags, currencies, and seals.

    As for Jon Snow…I have rarely encountered a more handsome and strikingly beautiful man. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading the books yet, so I can’t comment on who his parents might be…but I do agree he is of old, royal blood (due to his shocking defeat of a White Walker Knight King–the leader even looked surprised after Jon swung on his partner, like WHO is this mofo?!) not Ned Stark’s bastard.

    I will say that the white walkers represent the demonically possessed and oppressed sheeple and the White Walker Kings are rhe fallen angels, annunaki, or Elohim who lead them. If one looks to the old texts, rhe Apocrypha, and even the Sumerian Epics, one will find similarities between how the White Walker Kings operate and how the “sky gods” like Anu and Enki ruled. Satan is just another name for Lucifer, the Lord of Light…he has thousands of names and disguises. Notice also that the “Archons” aka Elohim aka fallen angels also supposedly have white or blonde, flaxen hair and pale skin, just like White Walkers.

    I find GoT extraordinarily fascinating and entertaining and I often go back and watch old episodes to further dissect and evaluate what is in the story. However, from the very first episode I noted an Illuminati/Masonic agenda…down to the Hexagram or 7-pointed star on the cathedral floor in King’s Landing and of course, the “Crows” which are a symbol for death and darkness…crows or ravens also eat dead flesh. Symbolically, the Night’s Watch or “Crows” consume the dead or castaways of society, and that is where they remain to be regurgitated into the spiritual by the white walkers.

    The symbolism and hidden meanings I have found in this show some people are still very aloof to. I look forward to more posts about it!

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  25. I would also like to add that all the sigils of the respective houses and kings/queens are peculiar:

    *The buck or stag: a symbol related to Baphomet and representative of cross-dimensional journeying (into the spirit realm)
    *The octopus I relate to Leviathan
    *The dragon is obvious (that great dragon, the devil which is the serpent)
    *The crow or raven…eater of dead flesh and seer (notice in the HBO poster above with the crow that it forms a cross, a Baphomet as others noticed, and also note that there are long nails like those used in crucifixion falling from below it)
    *The flayed man on a cross is obviously an allusion to crucifixion
    *The wolf (the wolf in sheep’s clothing)

    And so on…

    Post a Reply
    • The illuminati invented all the Orthodox religions in order to enslave and divide the masses. By believing this nonsense and allowing it to control you turns you into prisoners. Pagans and atheists are far freer than you. game of thrones is the most amazing añd addictive show and I love it so much. I only went on this site to see what the dreary pleasure hating Christians are saying about it. Saturnia.g

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  26. Many “awake” folks that have read the novels or seen the show can see just how obviously it is following the “globalist’s” agenda. I think you are right on track and look forward to future posts. Do you have your own blog/you tube channel? I’d like to follow, if so.

    BTW Have you noticed the sinister meaning behind the saying “all men must die” and the response “all men must serve”? At first I thought it was just a greeting or speaking of the inevitability of being a mortal. But I’m thinking that less and less now.

    BTW part 2: I’ve found if you say “Illuminati / conspiracy theorist/ satanist/ occultists” and similar words, people will break out the aluminum foil to make a hat, but if you say “globalist” people will listen longer.. Globalistwatcher doesn’t have the same ring though. 🙂

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  27. Can you do a utube on this so I can hear rather than read? I like listening to your voice while I work. 😉

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  28. Isaac, I’ve severely lambasted some of your previous writeups – but with this piece, you’ve outdone yourself. Simply a fantastic article.

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  29. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with this movie…using His Name in vain is something He doesn’t take lightly and
    has consequences that are not good…No one fears that till bad things happen and it might be brought to mind.
    As for this movie, it got very old, all the snow scenes that went on and on and on! it took up a fourth of the show.
    And the useless sex scenes that required fast forward was rediculous! That seems to be the theme in this type of
    show! nothing is new under the sun unfortunately! This show left a lot to be desired, what i watched of it….I
    do not see all the hype that there was over this show…

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  30. Anyone notice how in season 1 episode 4, the patsy was killed by the hound’s brother after assassinating the hand of the king. JFK/bobby, oswald, ruby. Bobby was the real king and good, so it makes sense.

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  31. But if Game of Thrones has an “illuminati agenda” to serve the elite, why the show reminds us at every occasion that the elites are corrupted and every action they do is to serve their best interest and increase their power on others ?

    Every one of them is, with maybe the exception of Ned Stark but we learn that even him, the most honorable member of the elite in the show was a liar. He claimed to have killed Ser Arthur Dayne, the legendary Sword of the Morning in a fair combat but it is in fact Howland Reed who stabbed him in the back as dishonorably as it can be. This lie is not even for a good cause like the lie about Jon Snow true identity, this lie serve only the interest of Ned Stark.

    So sure we can find example who serve the theory of an illumaniti agenda but we can also find counter exemple. A good one is that after Jon Snow and the brothers of the night watch free’s Craster’s wife, Jon want to take them to Castle Black to protect them, their response is that mens have always oppressed them and forced them to live under their rules so they don’t want to follow him and instead they will follow their own path. This is a strong message, it says that you’d better find your own way than accept the protection but also the rules and the dominance of others cause if you follow them you will always be oppressed by them, even when they seems nice and have good intentions.

    Excuse my English, i try to write it right but it is not my mother tongue and i’m still learning.

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  32. God

    Sorry to say but I am disappointed.

    all religious people twist things to make them appear as illuminait agenda… By the way no deny in the existence of illuminati….and the fact that most of them are J..E…W…S..

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