The Predator: Illuminati Symbolism and Luciferian Programming

The Predator is back- and this time the message is clear…

**Plot Spoilers Ahead (barely)**


Evolutionary Process

Much like its predecessor Alien-Predator films; The Predator shows us a plot line about the process of Evolution as it pertains to the human race and alien species.

We know the film is going down this path at the beginning when we see that Olivia Munn’s character is an evolutionary biologist, called in to help assess the predator in the lab. When she arrive you hear that the predator is confirmed to have human DNA; which is part of the big agenda- merging human life with that of the extraterrestrial. Olivia Munn asks if somebody f*cked an alien and she couldn’t have been more astute.

I’ve talked at length about the occult desires to merge man with alien and we’ve seen it so many times it lead me to write an entire book on the subject (THE DARK PATH).

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The list of films and various artwork in which we see this concept is exhaustive:

HR Giger’s “Sil”; the alien from “Species” film


Marjorie Cameron’s art of alien having sex with female (*discussed on my podcast episode about The Predator)


Yes, this is a thing


Of course, the subtle cues in the film revolve around how humans could evolve into something “better” which is what the predators are seeking to do when they travel from planet to planet harvesting the spines of only the most evolved beings…



Luciferian Agenda

We find out that the first predator came to Earth in order to give a “gift to mankind” (which turns out to be a weapon to fight the bigger, more evolved predator).

This is analogous to the Prometheus tale (or fallen angel Lucifer). We know this because historically there seems to be an archetypal spirit or energy that reflects the same attitude. THE DARK PATH goes into further detail on this:

Greek mythology tells us that Prometheus is a deity that created mankind, or at least sought to enlighten it. With multiple versions of the Prometheus tale in existence, we can glean a basic idea from it.

Hesiod’s Theogony tells us that Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to the humans so they could have a better life. This enlightenment is why many occultists actually worship some kind of idea or archetype of Prometheus; much in the way Lucifer is worshipped as a fallen angel, or the serpent in the Garden of Eden who was merely trying to “enlighten” Eve. 

Prometheus’ contribution (as the “bringer of the gift of divine light”) was also believed to be the transformation of mankind when they separated from the realm of the gods. Prometheus was the one who gave mankind the intellect necessary to think on their own and be the creators of their own destiny.

My book goes through examples of this familiar tale such as Rocky Horror Picture ShowWestworld, and of course Alien: Covenant. All of these works come from the same line of thinking I’ve been theorizing- a hidden agenda for Luciferian religions.

I assure the reader it’s no coincidence, especially when we consider the movie poster has the symbol of Lucifer through the lightning bolt:


The Alien Agenda

Occultist and Aleister Crowley acolyte Kenneth Grant started the Typhonian branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis for the purposes of making contact with aliens from another dimension.


Rapper A$AP Rocky was recently interviewed and the topic of aliens came up:

I mean, sometimes I sit back, and maybe you can blame it on the weed and shit, but I think this generation will be the one that could discover extraterrestrial life.” “I would ask so many questions. But if aliens want a definitive statement of human life, I’d just say take a look at me — I’m quite the motherfucker, I must say.”

This season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse just started and the plot revolves around two people who were spared due to their DNA. There are theories on Reddit that these two were the children from season two (American Horror Story: Asylum) where the serial killer impregnates two women who eventually have their fetuses tampered with by aliens.

On that first episode of AHS: Apocalypse we hear a song by the Carpenters called Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft. It appears they also did a TV special using this song and promoting a “World Contact Day” which seeks to have mental focus from the people trying to evoke these entities.

We’ve seen this many times, including SIRIUS where Dr. Greer and his people go meditate in the desert to pursue contact. Fr. Rose talked about this in his book where he warns Orthodox Christians from pursuing this line of thinking:

“…an entrance to the cosmic spiritual realm where the deeper side of the human personality enters into contact with actual spiritual beings. These beings, in man’s fallen state, are first of all the demons or fallen spirits who are closest to man.”

The point is, plot lines in Hollywood show us the occult obsession of alien DNA and The Predator continues this line of thought. Indeed “who fucked an alien” is the question they want to answer in their pursuit of contact with the dark side…


I completed an entire podcast episode on this subject so listen to it for more on these ideas, including the discussion on the alleged sexual offender in the film that was removed after the fact (I would drop an ironic joke about who the real “predator” is here but it’d be in poor taste).


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hi Isaac,

    This is something totally off topic but I would love to get your opinion. Do you believe the Holocaust was a complete hoax? I’m hearing it from other websites, i find that quite hard to believe! So what do youu believe?

    Anyway, you put out the best info, keep it up!

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    • Hi Carly,

      Nah- I don’t believe that one. Too many moving pieces to cover up. Glad you like the work- thank you! -IW

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      • The Holocaust was a…. holohoax. It takes an open mind and intense research to accept weve been lied to. 6 million Jews when in Europe there were barely 3 millions. Im really sorry for u.

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    • I recommend u Mike King’s site, tomatobubble dot com. There u will find the info u need about the so-called Holocaust.

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  2. Hi Isaac,

    Just want to get your further opinion about the Holocaust Hoax. Are you aware that Rosette Delacroix has put out a recent article stating her own beliefs that the whole thing was indeed a hoax AND she now believes Hitler was totally a good guy! She’s now comparing him to Jesus Christ, I’m not kidding! Even saying “she’s sure Hitler is in heaven right now with Jesus!”
    She’s basing her entire premise on the Dennis Wise documentary, The Greatest Story Never Told. I’ve seen it myself and it has so many holes to sustain such so-called truth. But Rosette has gone absolutely hog wild, ranting about those “bad seed” Jews, even calling herself “Goy-sette Delacroix”. And adding her own “Heil Hitler” too! I was a huge fan of her articles, but now I’m left feeling quite sick to my stomach!
    I first found out about her through your podcast that you two did together. So what is your take, and I have to agree, that there are way too many moving parts to cover-up the holocaust. Oh Well!

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