The Occult Roots of the Postgender Movement

Hello everyone! This is Isaac Weishaupt from Today we’ll be taking a look at a guest post by Ken Ammi- an independent research who has been around for years on other websites. Ken reached out to me and I was flattered to oblige and provide a location for this series of posts about quite a taboo subject: the post gender movement.

Ken Ammi will be breaking down the occult roots of this controversial agenda through a five-part series, with the following being part one.





The Occult Roots of the Postgender Movement

Bruce Jenner’s recent sex change operation, the Ethan Hawke movie Predestination based on Robert A. Heinlein story …All You Zombies… (1959 AD; see my review here), Ray Kurzweil virtual reality alter ego Ramona (see video here), celebrities popularizing androgynous fashion, new bathroom facilities having to be built or redesigned because some people cannot or do not want to decide whether to enter through the female or male door, etc., etc., etc.

It is of the upmost importance to distinguish between individuals, on the one hand, and movements, on the other. We must be sympathetic to the individual who is genuinely gender confused and is thus, frustrated, confused, bullied and finds it difficult to find their place in the world. However, within this series is another consideration altogether which is the postgender movement. The movement consists of individuals working though channels of influence within culture, politics, technology, etc. in order to not only make a place for the aforementioned individual but who seek to radically change culture for various reasons; a culture made (or rather, remade) in their postgender image.

These and many more likewise examples denote a drastic change within the USA’s culture and the world’s at large. Virtually any magick occult secret society mystery religion maintains that god and/or the perfect human is androgynous or hermaphroditic. Such ancient hidden knowledge is literally becoming mainstream with, as recent news as an example, a mere eight year old deciding to pick their very own gender expression and the parents going right along with it (actually, the more likely case is that the parents manipulated the child as normal eight year old come to no such conclusions if they could even be imagined to ponder such issues).

Magick occult secret society mystery religions also generally maintain that the creator God, YHVH the God of the Bible, is an oppressive God who wanted to keep humanity nice and ignorant-like. Conversely, they claim that Satan (the serpent) is humanity’s savior who brought us enlightenment by encouraging Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge (see video just below for how the Ancient Aliens series made this exact point). Of course, the Tree is that of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Now, since good is referenced numerous times within Genesis prior to the eating of the forbidden fruit what, pray tell, could have been accomplished by eating therefrom but the gaining of evil?

Under consideration is the paper Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary by George Dvorsky and James Hughes, PhD (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies – IEET Monograph Series, March 3, 2008 AD). The mere title ought to speak volumes within the context of the facts elucidated above. “Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary” implies, as the paper makes very clear, that the male female Gender Binary is something we are going Beyond and this is known as Postgenderism. As the paper puts it: we are on a “cultural trajectory toward a postgender future.”

Genesis 1:27 states, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” With humankind in general as “man” (as in human) we are told that God created the two genders. Well, everything that Satan does is copying that which God does but turning it inside out, upside down and backwards.

In toto, the series will consist of the following sections:
Part 1: The occult roots of the postgender movement
Part 2: Postgenderism as transhumanist technology
Part 3: The “feminist revolution” and postgenderism
Part 4: The postgenderism re-education of culture
Part 5: The postgenderism worldview and literature

Postgender - androgyny and hermaphroditism - 10

As George Dvorsky and James Hughes note:

Androgyny was also then adopted by the New Age and transpersonal psychology movements, and melded with the pre-existing cultural and religious ideas about spiritual transcendence of gender (Singer, 1977). The inner spiritual being had both male and female attributes, or was androgynous, and becoming androgynous was spiritually superior to ordinary gendered life.[1]


Beyond naturally occurring eunuchs, androgynous, hermaphrodites and those who chose cross-dressing, the modern, technologically, history of postgendersism is explained as such:


The first male-to-female and female-to-male surgical and hormonal experiments had begun after World War Two, and emerged into the public consciousness when the former US solider Christine Jorgensen made headline news in the West in 1952 after receiving a sex-change operation and breast implants in Denmark…


It is not surprising that Denmark marks the spot as per, for example, that which I elucidated in the article: Why do Atheist countries lead the production of child pornography.

Consider George Dvorsky and James Hughes’s abstract from Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary and you will readily discern that there are a lot of things going on behind the socio-political scenes:

Postgenderism is an extrapolation of ways that technology is eroding the biological, psychological and social role of gender, and an argument for why the erosion of binary gender will be liberatory. Postgenderists argue that gender is an arbitrary and unnecessary limitation on human potential, and foresee the elimination of involuntary biological and psychological gendering in the human species through the application of neurotechnology, biotechnology and reproductive technologies.

Postgenderists contend that dyadic [two individual units, things, or people linked as a pair] gender roles and sexual dimorphisms are generally to the detriment of individuals and society. Assisted reproduction will make it possible for individuals of any sex to reproduce in any combinations they choose, with or without “mothers” and “fathers,” and artificial wombs will make biological wombs unnecessary for reproduction.

Greater biological fluidity and psychological androgyny will allow future persons to explore both masculine and feminine aspects of personality. Postgenderists do not call for the end of all gender traits, or universal androgyny, but rather that those traits become a matter of choice. Bodies and personalities in our postgender future will no longer be constrained and circumscribed by gendered traits, but enriched by their use in the palette of diverse self-expression.


Postgender - androgyny and hermaphroditism - 9


These various concepts will set the stage for this series of articles on postgendersism: technology such as artificial wombs will be employed towards the erosion, elimination of constraint such as to overcome arbitrary limitations from which we must be liberated so as to achieve biological fluidity and psychological androgyny as a matter of choice.

We will consider the evolutionary worldview behind the postgender movement which sees our bio-chemistry, and thus our gender, as being arbitrary. How radical feminism plays into it. That which I will term re-education with regards to gender issues. The ultimate goal(s) of the movement. And transhumanism.



Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Part 2 of Ken Ammi’s ongoing analysis: Postgenderism as Transhumanist Technology.

What do you think so far? Do you agree or disagree that there is a transhuman movement being orchestrated under the guise of the androgynous-postgenderism liberation?… Comment below and let us know what YOU think.


[1] June Singer, Androgyny: Toward a New Theory of Sexuality (Anchor Books, 1977 AD)


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Cool post. I was wondering, how do I submit photos to you? thanks

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    • Even tho this came out in 2015, I found it very knowledgeable! I agree 💯

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  2. Yep, the whole tranny/homosexual agenda is a libtard marxist product and we all know or at least should know who is behind them. Hint: those guys with big black hats and side curls. Otherwise homosexual and tranny people have always been around, since the dawn of the history, but whats happening now is a total mess and, I repeat, it was planned, like many other things. This whole agenda is in fact harming them these categories of ppl, not doing them any favour, behind the big hoopla about it, but they are so blind/stupid that they cant see that or/and dont want to.

    Back to Jenner, it could be the other way: he just pretended to be a tranny, but given the fact that he’s mind controlled, he agreed to act the opposite way in order to fulfill the agenda. Im sorry for him, much like for any other person in such situation….

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  3. I definitely feel something ominous on the horizon that I never felt from the GLBT movement before, as if there is a spell being cast. We are also loosing independence and moving towards a collective mindset with this ideology that rather than own our emotions and work on our own ability to cast off aspersions that should use force to stop people from having unpopular opinions.

    While I have great sympathy for gays and transsexuals my sympathy is transfiguring into an actual fear of the progressive agenda which has adopted this movement and turned it into one of collective social justice where you cannot have an alternative view and not be labeled (ironically) a hater and/or bad.

    The loss of speech, either by law or force of some kind, is far more dangerous than the speech itself.

    It’s the problem>reaction>solution method all over again. You take a minority issue, conflate it, create a false enemy, fight and destroy the enemy. I think most liberal Christians were sleepwalking through the beginning and middle because to us kindness counts. But now we’re on the verge of having our actual safely lost as occult practice and ideology shapes the day.

    It’s why I actually pump a fist for Muslims because they, too, fight this and are doing it with a lot of zeal.

    I would like everyone to live and let live, but that’s stopped being possible it seems.

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  4. And I’m done. I just read where vaginas is too privileged a term and we should call it a “front hole” and I realized that I’m just done with this shit.

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    • You have articulated how I feel about this issue remarkably well! Except for the Muslim issue; I feel Islam is so fundamentally misogynist and aggressive, I could never align with Muslims, regardless of the issue. Apart from that, I absolutely concur with you.As for the bit about “front holes”, God give me strength! THEY ARE GETTING SO EXTREME NOW THEY ARE SOUNDING SILLY! It exasperates me but that is a bit funny as well- it reminds me of old ladies referring to their bits as ” front bottoms”,lol! Sometimes you have to laugh or you’d bleedin’ cry!!

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  5. June Singer, the author of “Androgyny”, is Jewish. Enuff said?

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    • No, not “nough said.” That is patently ridiculous.

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  6. Hey have you ever noticed how Angelina and brad are raising one of there children as a boy I mean u would actually think she was a lil boy sorry I don’t kno the kid Name

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    • Pick urself up, mate, its about their daughter Shiloh who was brainwashed into transgenderism by fake scummy bitch FANGelina. According to her, the little girl woke up overnight saying she wants to be a boy and be called “John”. Its already an old story, u can find info about it anywhere on the net. Another famous case of transgenderism is Warren Beatty and Annette Benning’s daughter, Stephanie (now Stephen) Ira….

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      • I don’t know if all of these celebrities are totally aware or if they are being used to push an agenda. It is all part of the predictive programming in the news and media. The public is being groomed to accept this behavior so that when it really takes over, we will go willingly and do what we are told. And it will seem so “normal”. Stop watching the news and the crap on TV. Put your money in precious metals, stock up on non-perishables and if you have a firearm don’t give it up! Take care of yourself and family and don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain! Also, you might want to start praying. 🙂

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        • So true, turn off the TV! Who knows what is going on there? Sometimes I think that Angelina is attempting to break free of her programming? But regarding the kids, I don’t trust any of that. As far as Shiloh goes, I will say, I was a bit tomboy when I grew up, I loved playing with cars, and trucks, getting dirty, etc and yes, often even over doll playing. But now did I tell my mom that I was really a little boy and name out a boy’s name for me? No way! It sounds like that little Shiloh may now being programmed 🙁 Probably with a male alter, just like Bruce has a female alter named Caitlyn

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    • Its Shiloh (or something like that).

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  7. I don’t pretend to understand transgenderism because I was popped out of the womb of an old school feminist who believes that gender is a construct.

    I have a MTF friend who has a lot of issues that I wouldn’t wish on anyone on the planet, because she went the bottom surgery route and the pain has made her suicidal. Think chronic pain but in a specific place. If this were a whim I doubt she would have signed up for it.

    I recently had a very nice FTM transperson discuss the problems with political correctness with me and as I read his blog I could see where he is honest and has struggles particularly because of the combo of orientation issues.

    I appreciate people who can put their “feelings” aside and try to explain something even if it doesn’t quite work.

    I believe that kindness should always be important so words like “freak” are just not in my vocabulary. At the same time, I really think that we’ve confused people so much with this idea of gender that instead of people accepting that they can are individuals, they believe they have to sort themselves in a binary fashion thus creating the dilemma of transgenderism as a “medical” specialty.

    This fellow I’ve spoke to and whose website I read went through very real, very polite dialogue about what he had to go through to shift and what his fiance (a lesbian) had to learn to come to terms with.

    I have a lot of respect for honesty and pragmatism.

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  8. Just been made aware that Maroon 5 has a song titled “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a MF”… The name sounds like predictive programming, but the lyrics (on the surface, at least) are about a chick.
    Going to watch the video now to see if there’s anything that stands out as ominous.

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  9. ^^Okay, said Maroon 5 video just seems to be clips of young people doing athletic and/or stupid “fun” activities. However, I’m a little disturbed by an image early on where someone wearing protective gear is allowing someone else to whack on them with some kind of bat…

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    • LOL, just as many girls as with guys although she was engaged for forever and then right into something with that dude. Kristin Stewart got nabbed right away. There is no way she had major romances with chicks, although she will now.

      There is absolutely no stigma to dating same sex–especially if you’re a girl and I say this as someone who has.

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      • I’m sure that’s exactly what everyone’s saying. Because gay people exist we’re all going to fema camps.

        Transpeople make up .7% of the population, and the rest of the GLBTQ population between 4-12% depending on whose estimate but it makes up 1/2 of the celebrity news AND usually on days when DC coincidentally is making really shitty laws.

        There are fewer transpeople than Native Americans but grab how much of the news?

        If we want to go on “who’s been shit on the most” in the US it would be them a million times over. We committed genocide on them and keep them in the equivalent of camps trying to force them to assimilate so we can take the rest of their land.

        Why aren’t their HUGE campaigns for them?

        We still have sports teams in spite of the hullabaloo called the redskins.

        This site is not anti-gay or most of us would not be on it. The GLBTQ society is being used, for what purpose is what we’re speculating about.

        They are just as much pawns as the rest of us which is something I have said repeatedly on here.

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          • You’re on this website and in one post says zomfg gay people exist, then on the next page calling him a faggot.

            Who is the fool and charlatan again?

          • Okay, you may be a fool and a charlatan Meatspin (as you are on this website, and you say anyone on this website is so), but not the rest of us. Fools are ignorant with no wisdom, knowledge or self-awareness. I would say that’s the opposite of people who seek out websites like this.

            charlatans are fakes and scammers. I haven’t seen any snakeoil or other fake scams being promoted on this site.

            So, as a fool and a charlatan Meatspin, I think you may be in the wrong place. There are many more websites out there for ignorant people who scam…

  10. Well Done Isaac! I can see more structure in your posts than when you’ve first started.

    I posted before about the Michelle Obama “questionable gender” and it was ignored, but we see it played big in the Media with Joan Rivers and on several youtube videos.

    I would advise you to look into the Hoover Dam symbolism, 9-23-15, and CERN. I’ll be looking…

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    • Thanks ASCORB! My friend, Ken Ammi wrote this particular article so all kudos get forwarded his way. And yes, I’ve improved the formatting/readability of a lot of stuff on this site since you were last on here probably. I learn a little bit each day how to make this a better product so I’m glad you see the results are tracking in the right direction!

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  11. If you dare to put these nonsense online, I dare you to put your own name, to your stupid own posts.
    Anyone with a brain knows you’re posting rubbish, you can’t prove any of these accusations.
    Religion is hypocrisy at it’s best.
    Your ”God” loves you so much he is going to punish you in the here after you people believe in, time to awaken.
    Stop reading this shit!

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    • Said by someone too scared to put his/her own name on their posts… Hypocrite!

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  12. Watch Zeitgeist if you really want to be enlighted.

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  13. Gender is a social construct, a confusing, one that has caused nothing but harm for everyone involved. Though based in some biology, most of it is both unrealistic and oppressive. So, Bruce, the male, is now Caitlyn, the female, but what is it that makes “Caitlyn” a female name? Culture, of course. Why can’t people just be individuals? Why does everything have to be gendered? It makes no sense.

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  14. I work in government (Department of Education), and one of the strong movements I have seen is the the push/pressure of Australian schools to start teaching children (even as young as preschool) about cross-dressing, transvestites, sexual orientation, etc; as well as teaching them that they don’t have to go to their boys’ or girls’ toilets- they can choose, and there is also a lot of teaching about gay/lesbian/etc/etc. They do exercises like pretending what it would be like to be gay, or if they were aliens with no genitals.

    I saw the effects of this first hand when my partner’s 8 year old son started commenting on television- is he gay? Are those two men going to kiss? And talking about people who are born with both male and female genitals.

    I have suspected that there is more to this than ‘gay/human rights’ and ‘accepting diversity’. It is propaganda, pure and simple. And I cannot see how this is anything but destructive, especially to young children who are still forming their identities.

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  15. Wish you would do an article on Prince. So much symbolism in all of his lyrics and videos. Also wore makeup and heels and his outfits were a mixture of male and female. Had the symbol which could be interpreted all sorts of ways. Hard to tell if he was on their side promoting this stuff or if he was trying to make us see what they were doing.

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