The Martian: Illuminati and Occult Messaging

I watched The Martian in the movie theater and anxiously awaited the opportunity to write up an analysis of what I saw. What follows is my take on the messages of the film which include many of the Illuminati and occult agendas for the destruction of Christianity and the ushering in of Aleister Crowley’s New Age of Horus…

The Martian image

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Of course there is an agenda…

Did you honestly think that NASA’s big announcement about finding evidence of liquid water on Mars wasn’t planned?…


Like all other forms of media manipulation and using the entertainment industry; NASA gave this announcement just days before the release of The Martian and conspiracy theorists all over the world argued it was just a publicity stunt. Of course the theorists were right as director Ridley Scott let the cat out of the bag with an interview with Yahoo Movies:

“I knew that months ago…” -Ridley Scott

So again we see the coordinated efforts of the puppet masters steering society into their agenda- the Illuminati agenda…

Burning Christ on the Cross

Did they just burn the Cross?!…” I almost said aloud from my seat as I watched this film. I looked around in disbelief to see if others were clamoring like I was but to no avail. It’s not that I’m so sensitive that I’m offended by it enough to walk out of the theater, but I found it extremely odd that out of every combustible material available to Mark Watney he would choose a crucifix.

The Martian watney burns cross crucifix

When you consider the ultimate Illuminati agenda of destroying Christianity you will instantly see this as a blatant signal to others that “they” are aware and are helping establish the dogma of science as our new religion. I wanted to see if this cross burning was in the book, and sure enough it was. Albeit under a slightly more reverent context; the end result is the same:

Martinez is a devout Catholic. I knew that. What I didn’t know is he brought along a small wooden cross. I’m sure NASA gave him shit about it, but I also know Martinez is one stubborn son of a bitch. I chipped his sacred religious item into long splinters using a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. I figure if there’s a God, He won’t mind considering the situation I’m in.  If ruining the only religious icon I have leaves me vulnerable to Martian vampires, I’ll have to risk it. 

What message does this send? They chose this imagery for symbolic meaning. They are blatantly saying that destroying Christianity and supplanting it with science is the message of the film- and NOBODY can argue that.

I was actually surprised there wasn’t a backlash of this portion of the tale, but to me it seems that the “Illuminati” are using it as a litmus test to see if their agenda is working. Are they able to plant enough inverted crosses and anti-Christian themes in entertainment and have NO resistance to it? Looks like it…

Hermes Trismegistus

In the film we learn that the spacecraft used to “take the astronauts on their journey” is called Hermes:

The Martian Hermes NASA

You’ll also see the entity known as Hermes appears often in Illuminati and occult literature. This “messenger of the gods” was also known as Thoth to the ancient Egyptians and plays a pivotal role in their belief system. His knowledge and use of magic was believed by some to have built Atlantis and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

This ancient sage consolidated many occult beliefs and said that all traditions worshiped the same planetary gods and opened up to the same spiritual dimension- a concept we’ll revisit soon…

Hermes Trismegistus

The Caduceus symbol used by the medical industry depicts a serpent twisting around a wooden staff- a symbol for Hermes:


Caduceus serpent wood staff medical symbol


Another messenger of the gods was Iris who is also depicted with this same staff of Caduceus. Is it coincidental that the probe launched in an attempt to save Watney’s life is named IRIS?…

The Martian IRIS Staff

Another idea is that we see the key support role of NASA by Jet Propulsion Labs- an organization formed by the occultist Jack Parsons who attempted to evoke the Whore of Babylon with Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard in the Crowley rituals of the Babylon Workings.

Putting any All Seeing Eye jokes aside, I was quite excited to see similar imagery of the twisted serpent around the tree in the office of the Director of NASA’s office:

The Martian twisted tree serpent NASA

The image of the serpent twisting up and around the tree is actually symbolic of the occult belief on the origins of mankind. They believe that Adam was originally in a vegetable state (symbolized by the tree) and transitioned/evolved into an animal state (human) through the “help” of Lucifer- the light bearer. The snake gave form to Adam and provided him the spine and central nervous system necessary to evolve into a moving animal.

Again, this is the tale of Prometheus where Lucifer stole fire from Zeus in order to help humanity- which explains why the occultists worship Lucifer and we see the tree and curling serpent so often in symbolism, which might link Ridley Scott from his Prometheus film to The Martian, since my Prometheus analysis reveals that there was ALSO a blatant removal of the cross in that film as well:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Prometheus14

Aleister Crowley’s Influence

You know I couldn’t go one post without referencing our friend the British occultist Aleister Crowley! In this film, Watney represents the “values of annihilated opposites” with his numbered suit (note that he is number 2):

Matt Damon 0 equals 2 Crowley The Martian

Crowley makes frequent mention of the universal equation of 0=2 and Watney’s number is obviously 2. He is depicted as the archetype of the ascended master who uses science to save his life (as opposed to Christianity which we saw him do away with at the beginning). From Crowley’s Magick Without Tears Chapter V: The Universe: The 0=2 Equation:

When you have assimilated these two sets of Equations, when you have understood how 0 = 2 is the unique, the simple, and the necessary solution of the Riddle of the Universe, there will be, in a sense, little more for you to learn about the Theory of Magick. You should, however, remember most constantly that the equation of the Universe, however complex it may seem, inevitably reels out to Zero; for to accomplish this is the formula of your Work as a Mystic. 

From Thelemapedia:

The formula 0=2 represents a cycle frequently used to describe the mystical result of yoga or sex magick. It may properly be linked to the concept of yin and yang. The first half of the cycle deals with ascent from the normal to the supernal: the normal result of forcing two equal and opposite things to combine is annihilation of both values. This results in a zero sum. The other half of the cycle is less readily understood as it deals with the descent from the supernal to the normal: the supernal result of a true union (through love) restores the values to the annihilated opposites, but in doing so sums the absolute values. This results in a sum of two.

Watney is portrayed as the ultimate magician- making something out of nothing. He is truly the greatest botanist on the planet of Mars…


All Along the Watchtower

Did anyone else notice that Jimi Hendrix’s song All Along the Watchtower wasn’t in the film? It was on the trailer and I immediately envisioned tales of alien life being seeded, similar to how the song was used on the remake of Battlestar Galactica (another occult themed show).

The song (written by Bob Dylan) tells us of the joker and the thief and how they collaborate to overthrow the existing paradigms. By the end of the song you see them as the “two riders approaching as the wind began to howl” with the current power structure (the prince) watching and waiting for them to be taken over. Curiously enough, the film starts with Watney being stranded due to a severe wind storm.

Could it be that Watney, NASA, and science in general are seeking to establish this new paradigm? Ridley Scott is helping usher in the new way through his films like Prometheus with its subtle cues to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, which support panspermia concepts.

These theories suggest that alien life was seeded on Earth from other extraterrestrials intelligences that far surpass ours- effectively making them gods we should worship…


In Conclusion

This film couldn’t have been anymore in line with the Illuminati agenda. In fact, if you look at it from the viewpoint that Matt Damon’s character is the alien (since he doesn’t technically belong on Mars); one could say we are watching an alien film. Aliens are a key tenet to the Illuminati agenda because they have been attempting contact with these demonic entities for years.

Crowley contacted the first grey alien named Lam, and many have followed suit to try and do the same.

Crowley contacted an entity from the "Other Side" named Lam- the first 'grey' alien

In the film Watney says:

“If I can’t figure out a way to make contact with NASA; none of this matters anyways.”

Again- “making contact” with NASA- he is effectively the alien on Mars. It’s a reversal of roles as we see NASA on Earth is trying to make contact with alien entities through various projects, as I explain in Mars, NASA and the Ancient Aliens conspiracy.

A few other mentionable from the film that many haven’t noticed include Watney’s calling upon the beast of the Abyss known as Nodens with the “V”, while prominently displaying the Illuminati Mark of the Beast with the fused X and O (look closely- you’ll see it…):

The Martian V Nodens Mark of Beast X O

Note that all of these concepts revolve around contacting spirits from another dimension- which begs the question of how much Crowley’s influence is felt to this day. In fact, the film was produced by Scott Free Productions, which has the bird (if it is truly black it is the symbol of magic) as its logo- which is the crow (as in Crow-ley): Scott Free productions Crow Ridley Scott

The author of the novel of this film is Andy Weir, and while he is agnostic, we can see his true colors as he revealed his next novel is entitled Zhek and he told us what to expect:

My next novel is tentatively titled “Zhek”. It’s a more traditional sci-fi story. It has aliens and telepathy and faster-than-light travel. That sort of thing.

This is the theme of all these works- superior beings that we should worship for not only seeding mankind, but having authority over. They want us to seek contact with these entities in order to learn from them, but as Stephen Hawking’s warned us:

“I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.”  “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the American Indians.”

The occultists seek to use evolution and aliens as a way to explain our creation. In fact, the astrophysicist “rockstar” Neil DeGrasse Tyson was on Bill Maher’s Real Time last week promoting The Martian when he actually implied that panspermia was a legit concept! While I enjoyed this film immensely, I can’t help but think that it is some from of predictive programming.

They are selling us a certain message and if nobody looks at it critically it will be consumed by the masses who will beg for a second helping. We can’t rely on the mainstream media to objectively do anything so that leaves us as a community to raise these questions.

Thanks for reading and be sure to sign up for my free email newsletter where you can get the guided walkthrough of this entire agenda with examples of symbolism from your favorite works of pop culture.





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Was wondering if youve seen the movies White Rabbit and The Martyrs. And your thoughts on them. Especially The Martyrs. Theyrs a remake of it also

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  2. When I saw him using the wood from the crucifix ( he said it was the only combustible material on the vessel ) I saw this as him being saved by Jesus. ( :

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    • Not a bad theory Colleen. Perhaps you’re right?… My guess is that he is pushing a pro-science stance which is TYPICALLY anti-religion. Hopefully you’re right and I’m wrong 🙂

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      • I had a feeling from the previews that Matt’s character was symbolic of Jesus. He, to everyones surprise, is not dead but is seeding life on a new planet. When Jesus first reappeared after he was crucified, he was a gardener. So it’s like they’re saying surprise, Jesus is building us a new Garden. Hermes is the one with the key to the bottomless pit.

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  3. Perhaps you should do some more research before making claims like these.

    “I found it extremely odd that out of every combustible material available to Mark Watney he would choose a crucifix”.

    Two paragraphs before the quote that you gave (“Martinez is a devout Catholic … If ruining the only religious icon I have leaves me vulnerable to Martian vampires, I’ll have to risk it”) it says, “NASA put a lot of effort into making sure nothing here can burn. Everything is made of metal or flame-retardant plastic and the uniforms are synthetic”. You clearly cherry-picked your choice of quotations.

    Your “out of every combustible material available to Mark Watney” vs the book’s “nothing here can burn”. Hmmm…

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  4. Look….most people don’t interpret the Bible…so their world of Christianity is a crazy literal translation of things. The Kybalion, allegedly written by or for Hermes Trismegistus, is a text you can download on the internet and read. The principles in it seem natural and are readily applicable. It doesn’t matter if some group that you empower by calling them the Illuminati (you are literally calling them the enlightened ones….kinda dumb for a group you would like disempowered) uses one form of mysticism or not. All that matters is what you use and believe. I personally believe the church (any religion insert name here) does not reveal to it’s parishoners the complete versions of truth and power. The leaders have kept that information to themselves. They want you to believe you have to go through a middle man to experience God, when, the truth is, you are God. This is what makes me sad for people who attend church and pray in hope for things, almost beggin their “God” for some kind of thing they want. What’s better about the Kybalion and Hermes T. is that these principles explain the ebb and flow of life and how to use this for your own betterment. If a group some people call the “Illuminati” (makes me laugh at those that do everytime i hear it) have achieved such command over the populace as articles like this claim, then it is a clear indication that they know some techniques of power that other do not. There doesn’t have to be anything evil about this at all, but wouldn’t it be nice to try some of these techniques for yourself, and see if it improves your ability to navigate the world and compare it to your praying (or begging) some god or Power outside yourself, or, worse, supporting a middle mad who has only given you a very watered down and incomplete version of the principles of the power that you are already embedded with?

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    • Garbage…..absolute garbage. The rabbit hole youve jumped into head first is gonna leave you ass up in the end. God is the “only” god and none stand beside him…if we all were true gods inside why do we rely on others for survival or why is there death or disease, etc.

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      • Well said,Warren! Out of all those people who claim to be their own ” gods”, not one of them has discovered nor invented a cure for the common cold,never mind the cure for cancer, the eradication of poverty and the key to world peace! I have never heard of one of them sacrificing his/her life to save anyone else either! It’s usually all ” self,self,self” with them! They are deluded.

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  5. Extremely far-fetched conclusions drawn by this article. The only things you’ve pointed out that were arguably Illuminati is the burning of the crucifix (which, from reading one of the other poster’s comment can be explained) and the usage of the ‘Hermes’ and ‘Iris’ names.

    The rest of this article is just a desperate attempt to find anything ‘Illuminati’ and makes conspiracy theorists look like lunatics. You see the number ‘2’ then go on a tirade about how 2 = 0 is Crowley’s thelema system. Maybe that ‘2’ was *just* a 2, dude… and just because there’s something looking like a bird in the studio’s logo does not mean it’s ‘Crow-ley’ – these connections are absolutely ridiculous.

    There’s plenty of Illuminati imagery all over so it’s pointless for you to create an article like this which only manages to make you look like a crazy tin foiler. Extremely poor article.

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