The Internet is Giving You ADHD


Huff’s Russel Smith and Michael Foster wrote up an article featuring a light conversation on the topic of how the Internet has already rewired our brains. They have several paragraphs of fluff, so getting down to the only important part of the conversation leads to a citation of a book with this paragraph:

In the book, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, Nicholas Carr cites studies which prove how specific neurological pathways of our brains have already been rewired by the Internet. He poses the idea Internet reading is, by its nature, a distracted form of reading, and concentrated long-form reading where one becomes fully engaged in a novel or piece of non-fiction accesses a different part of the brain. If our ability to deeply concentrate has been reduced, by reading in the form of scanning, following links, and simply being unable to choose which article or website is the correct one for us, does it mean that over the brief life-span of the Internet it has already changed the way we think?

I find this interesting, it’s all part of our evolution that seems to be integrating us with technology (transhumanism-see Ray Kurzweil) but also keeping us distracted and unable to focus. Could it be a manipulation of sorts?


The author, Nicholas Carr, has a couple of other books on this subject of what the new age of information is doing to our society. He doesn’t seem to be a philosopher, but he does have a lot of writing history. Here is is talking about The Big Switch, another one of his books on a similar topic:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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