The Hidden Meaning of “Life”

Today we’ll look at another film that perpetuates the occult concepts of contact with aliens. Only it doesn’t stop at simple “contact”…

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Predictive Programming

This film is about astronauts researching life from Mars. In this case, its given the name “Calvin” and things quickly get out of control in the space lab.


The details of the plot aren’t of great significance so I won’t go into them; however the imagery on the movie poster is interesting in that the font shares a similarity with another alien-warning film…


…called The Cloverfield Paradox (see my article and video on for a breakdown on that one too).


I couldn’t postulate on why they share the similarities other than an “As Above So Below” demonstration of ceremonial magick connecting the microcosm (Earth) with the macrocosm (outer space cosmos)?…

Crucified Van Wilder

The Martian named Calvin grows out of control and Ryan Reynolds’ character quickly becomes the first host. After his body is used for the evolution and hosting of the alien-demon he dies in a rather peculiar symbolic fashion- as the crucified astronaut.


To me it seems that it references a religious tone which is what all of this is about for the “Illuminati.” They find a higher calling in what they desire- pursuit of alien contact while destroying the Abrahamic religions which they consider to be heretic of THEIR religion.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see Reynolds being used to push this occult attitude since he was previously used in the Deadpool film which was loaded down with occult symbolism.



Alien Mouth Impregnation

Beyond the fact that the Martian proves itself far more cunning and dangerous than the humans on board; it carries on the legacy of alien-horror films in that it enters the hosts through the mouth:

We’ve seen this many times in the past- including Lady Gaga’s Coachella video

Lady Gaga and the Coachella Demonic Conception


…and of course there’s an actual sexual element to be had here when we consider the idea of seeding the “Starchild” that we see so often from occultists. They seek to bring about a real life “Rosemary’s Baby” which Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard attempted in the Babalon Workings which led to Parsons meeting Marjorie Cameron (whom he believed to be a result of this experiment).

She would create art that supports this interest as well…


Marjorie Cameron’s art of alien having sex with female


A lot of this also comes about from the dark mind of H.R. Giger who created images from his contact with the Other Side. He created the mouth-invading-sexual-alien named Sil used in Species.


I created an analysis of H.R. Giger that’s DEFINITELY worth a look as well.


He was known for the dark creativity behind Alien which, again, shows us the hosting of the alien through the mouth.


In Conclusion

In The Dark Path I talked about the importance of this concept with recent examples of X-Files and the alien impregnation:

One final note on the tenth season of the X-Files I’d like to consider is the predictive programming of the alien impregnation. In My Struggle, we learn that a woman named Sveta and Dana Scully both have extraterrestrial DNA inside of them. Sveta believed she was being abducted by aliens and used to harvest fetuses; a concept I believe is crucial in the world of occultism as we saw from works like Moonchild from Aleister Crowley and in various films such as Prometheus and Alien.

The reason for this is revisited in a later chapter “Transhumanism: The Digital Matrix and New World Religion” where we find out the endgame of the Illuminati agenda:

This idea of evolving mankind with the assistance of alien intelligence has been presented many times. In films like the Alien series it is shown multiple times as a birthing of an alien xenomorph, typically through the “impregnation” of a host which results in the infamous chest-burster sequence.

It is only when we watch Prometheus that we understand the intent of Ridley Scott’s films. This prequel depicts alien gods seeding life on Earth just like the Ancient Astronauts subscribe to with concepts like panspermia. In this film, we find the sterile Christian, Elizabeth Shaw, to become impregnated with a squid-alien. She aborts it and finds out Peter Weyland (the entrepreneur who funded this research vessel) is on board for the purpose of talking to the alien gods to find a path to immortality.

The alien agenda is much darker and more “occult” than most realize. The Illuminati seek to make contact and bring these demons into our world so we need to be careful in our pursuits…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Until we meet them the question “do aliens exist” cannot be answered with any certainty so this is a fruitful area for exploitation.

    Assuming our occult overlords are not stupid I find it hard to believe that they _seriously_ entertain the idea of ‘evolving mankind with the assistance of alien intelligence’ because that is extremely unlikely to ever be possible.

    Did the first occultists talk about aliens? When was the alien theme introduced?

    Quote: “The Illuminati seek to make contact and bring these demons into our world so we need to be careful in our pursuits…”

    If it’s just symbolic then my question is: do you believe in demons, literally, or is that just symbolic for something else as well?

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    • Aliens do exist. Go do some serious research. Ever heard of the Dulce Files? Google it. Or go to the Vatican library where the whole history of humanity is hidden away from us. Ur choice.

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      • There certainly is no lack of alien and ufo mythology. Zero proof however.

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      • I once thought the same Christinne. That was years ago. I have come to SEE that it’s all BS though. Earth is FLAT,and stationary just like it sez in the Bible. (No, I’m not religious.) There isn’t any outer space either. It’s all a HYMIEwood production, just like their HoloHOAX. All our edJEWcation is BS. I started deprogramming and then reprogramming with truth in the late 80s, early 90s. I also have researched mind control since 1997. MK Ultra/Project Monarch trauma-based mind control. JEWs are behind that as well, but of course they blame it on them “Evil NUTzis”! lol Any ‘truther’ who uses terms like ‘Illuminati’, ‘Elites’, etc. is trying to steer us away from the real perps…JEWS.

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    • fozzie, aliens do NOT exist, unless jou are referring to jews. They are as un-human as it gets. There is NO ILLuminasties either. It’s jews There is no outer ‘space’ either, bc Earth is FLAT, just like it looks to the naked eye. (no fish-eye nASSa lenses). So far WEIShupt (a very JEWISH-sounding name) is batting .1000, and will be elected into the SHILL Hall of Fame. Notice how these ‘truther’ leaders rarely show their TRUE identities. that’s because they are either SHILLS or COWARDS. I want nothing to do with either.

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  2. Hey Isaac,

    Just reading your quote : ”They seek to bring about a real life “Rosemary’s Baby”…
    I think I said it in one of my comments or emails to you, but if you look at the famous game Metal Gear Solid 2, there is this awkward talk with the main character Jack who actually does have a baby with his girlfriend Rosemary. If you are really familiar with the game, you can tell that there was something weird about it. His name is John in the next game, which is Metal Gear Solid 4. Not sure if it helps, but that’s the best I could come up with…

    Keep going,

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