Meaning of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do Video: Illuminati & MKULTRA Symbolism

Hi, my name is Isaac Weishaupt and I’m your host on!

Today we’ll explore and unravel hidden symbols in Taylor Swift’s new video for Look What You Made Me Do. We’ll see a confluence of concept that emphasize her rebirth into the occult realm of thinking, as well as symbols that suggest there is some mind control programming at play…


Without further delay, let’s get into it…

 YouTube video is now up!

I DID have a YouTube version of this video but they took it down. They claim it was a copyright violation but the video is clearly in accordance with Fair Use.

I subscribed to Vimeo and here’s the original video that got me in trouble!



**I’ve been banned from YouTube but you can download my SIX MOST CONTROVERSIAL YOUTUBE VIDEOS at my Gumroad Store! Click HERE!


Mark of the Beast: X

The video starts out with Taylor underground with her arms crossed in the “X”.

For those of you that have been following my website for the past few years; you’ll already recognize the deeply esoteric meaning of the “X” in terms of occult dogma. If you’re unsure of what I’m talking about, check out my article on the Illuminati Mark of the Beast.

The Reader’s Digest version of that article is that the “X” symbolizes an occult calling upon forces from the Abyss. A dark, sinister force that can grant the wishes of its user through the goddess of Isis.


Bathtub Resurrection

Another symbol I’ve discussed in great depth is that of the bathtub. How curious is it that Taylor goes from the underground burial into the bathtub in this video.

This makes sense when you read my article on the symbolism of the bathtub, which discusses how the bathtub is a cleansing ritual that one takes before crossing over into a new realm.

This is also the allegation behind the curious deaths of the “diva” goddess Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina; a topic discussed at great length in my hip hop conspiracy book Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic.



Diamond Programming

When Taylor is in this bathtub, she is shown being showered in diamonds.

This symbol takes us into the realm of MKULTRA mind control, in which some claim diamonds represent the mind controlled victims that are utilized by politicians (referred to as “Presidential Models”).

We’ve seen this symbolism in the past from artists like Britney Spears and Beyonce (artists that both have a slew of occult symbolism worth considering, like when Britney shaved her head and said she was “tired of people plugging things into her”):

Beyonce’s Diamond Sex Slave Status

…and that’s only the beginning of this video’s mind control symbolism…


Birdcage Programming

Another symbol of MKULTRA mind control is that of the birdcage, which also makes an appearance in this video.

The birdcage represents the breakdown of the mind as well as the alchemical principles of becoming transmutated into a new form through the process represented by various birds (starting with the nigredo or “blackening”).

We’ve seen this many times in the past:

Beyonce “Partition” video


Miley Cyrus as the black bird


Shia and Sia in Elastic Heart


Ariana Grande


Sex Kitten Programming

Staying on the theme of mind control programming; the symbolism of the sex kitten is also referenced as a link to this concept. We see this one as well in Taylor’s video.


She then goes into a room to control a slew of slaves as robots…


…which eventually breakdown from the trauma.


It’s possible that Taylor was mocking Katy Perry since she was using the sex kitten long before Swift.


Or maybe it was Iggy Azalea?…


…Or Beyonce?…


Or Azalea Banks?

Or Rita Ora?


Or Meghan Trainor?…

Nah, I’m just over-analyzing, right?…


Rebirth into the Occult

Taking a step back, we can argue the video starts out by showing us Taylor as an initiate of the occult, starting out underground much like they practiced in the ancient Egyptian secret societies that buried initiates underneath the Pyramids of Giza before they were “resurrected” as a newly enlightened being in the ways of the occult.


This explains why we see all of Taylor’s alter egos- a fracture of the mind where it breaks down into various alters in order to create an amnesic barrier.

This is why we hear the following in the video:

“I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone now. Why? Oh, cuz she’s dead.”


In Conclusion

So it seems that Taylor has gone down the path of so many artists before her. They are “enlightening” her into the ways of the occult.

Or perhaps they are just showing the symbolism that suggest it to be so.

Either way, we can add her to a growing list of entertainers that keep these conspiracy theories alive in the minds of so many that have questioned the nature of reality and the higher purposes being used by the “Illuminati” to evolve ALL OF US into THEIR WAYS.

If you want to understand what this is all about, check out my new book which breaks the ENTIRE thing down with more examples of occult symbolism in music, film, television and more; using actual occult doctrine with links and citations so you can check them out for yourself (should you not believe in such an insidious agenda)…

If you want to support the IlluminatiWatcher project check out my new book that is available NOW on Gumroad, Amazon, iTunes and Audible!



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Great read keep up the info brother! Information is key to breaking through

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  2. Question: is the PDF a regular PDF I can print or is some kind of weird ‘reader’ required to use it?

    already on your email list….

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  3. Hey Issac!
    Heard about the BS w YouTube. I agree, eff YouTube lol. Here’s why: it’s my humble opinion that you are probably one of the societal pillars of accuracy when it comes to anything illuminati. I haven’t found anyone who’s quite as skilled in articulating what is actually going on here. To be perfectly honest, I’ll follow you anywhere & im pretty sure you have a lot of other people who are a fan of your work that will do the same!
    Best to you as always & thanks for not letting “THEM” get in your way!!
    Allyson from Connecticut

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    • You were censored from YouTube! I find this is so hilarious I had to laugh. All mainstream media outlets (& the news…how is her video newsworthy, it’s disgusting that is on the news?) are already deciphering her video & they don’t want you to get in the way of THEIR meaning! Keep it up bro’man! I have to get your books before they become contraband. I have to say the Glamorous Princess (Diana) car crash??? (wth) That was in poor taste. And, the flaunting of the fact she knew she would win the $1 lawsuit, to brag in her video, filming before the case was completed I’m sure! Not really saddened, but it’s kinda sad “the old Taylor is dead.” Selling out your soul will kill a person, making them dead inside…I guess that’s why she is a zombie now. 🙁

      Video Censorship sux! sorry to hear that.

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  4. Firstly, Don’t forget the snakes. They look like cobras to me and the way they fan out around her reminds me of a picture I saw of Shiva, the Destroyer. She is also wearing red in that scene. I think it could be a representation of the “whore of Babylon”, the herald of the antichrist or beast who is suppose to bring destruction. I think that the merging of the two is a sign of things to come.

    The pattern on the neckline of her dress also looks like a “V”.

    Plus she is wearing a snake necklace. She wears one in Shake It Off as well.

    Would really like to know if the patterns on the wall behind her and the embellishments on the throne have any hidden meaning.

    Secondly, she sings,

    “…But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
    Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time…”

    That’s really creepy because the song shows a lot of her previous personalities as if it’s alluding to the fact that she (or her handlers) have been fooling us with her innocent persona all along.

    Plus their are really creepy stories that claim that she is in “the bloodline” because of the physical similarities between her and Zeena LaVey. But I digress…

    The other thing that makes me think that she has been at it for a long time is the car crash. She is supposedly dying but posing for pictures with her award. Again, i think they are trying to tell us that she sold out a long time ago.

    Even the style of her music as changed and the change is so shocking that again, I think that she sold out a long time ago and we are only being told about it now.

    Thirdly, she is also holding a wand in her hand when she is dressed in black and like a dominatrix.

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  5. Hi Isaac,

    I have just come across your stuff and like the way you put the information across and also encouraging people to do their own research. I can see the Orwellian state kicking into place and also see people like youself are getting a rough deal. If I were you I would continue promoting your channel on YouTube for now and link out to your videos and promote your patreon account too. Let people know you’d be happy with any donation to keep the information flowing. I know I’m going to give to your channel via patreon.

    Best of luck Isaac

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