Tall White aliens at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas


There is a link between what a Canadian Defense Minister says about a certain race of alien, with some other credible tales from Charles Hall on Coast to Coast AM. The Canadian Defense Minister statement came from a post made in 2013:

Paul Hellyer was a Canadian Minister of National Defense and was a long standing member of the Canadian Parliament. Don’t ask me what all of that means, I’ve never studied Canadian politics, but the point is he is considered somewhat of a standup dude. He testified at the alien Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

Here’s a good breakdown of the testimony Hellyer provided from Vice.com:

Here’s a breakdown of those claims:

  • There are at least four types of alien species, and they have been visiting earth for thousands of years.
  • The different species probably have different agendas and should not be considered as one entity.
  • One of the species is called the Tall Whites. Hellyer claims that two of them are working with the United States.
  • There are live E.T.s on earth at this present time.
  • A cabal formed by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, and select members of the military are planning to create one world government. They are the ones supressing the information about aliens from the public.

Take note to the first bullet about the four species, and the third bullet about Tall Whites.

Now, fast forward to January 20th, 2014 and Coast to Coast AM had guest Charles Hall on:

In the latter half, Charles Hall talked about his encounters with a race of human-like ETs, he referred to as the “Tall Whites,” during his two-year assignment at Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas, from 1965 to 1967. Working as a weather observer at Indian Springs, he discovered a base in the mountains, which he said the Air Force maintained for the Tall Whites. While there, he reported seeing two additional types of ETs– the ‘Norwegians’ who could pass as humans, and the ‘Greys’ such as associated with Roswell. The base was used as a spaceport for the Tall Whites who had “deep spacecraft that would arrive and leave on schedule,” he stated. The Greys and Tall Whites had similar craft construction with double hulls “with like a thousand miles of fiber optics in between those two hulls,” but the Tall White technology was clearly more advanced, he continued.


Hall said he witnessed playful children of the Tall Whites who wore suits that allowed them to levitate. Researcher Paola Harris joined the latter part of the conversation, noting how she found Hall’s description of these ET children to be particularly unique and compelling. She also commented on the alleged Snowden revelations that the Tall Whites have a powerful influence over our government and world affairs. She related this to Paul Hellyer (Canada’s former Defense Minister), and his interest in the Charles Hall case.

tall whites

Hall also claims there are multiple races of aliens: Tall Whites, Norwegians with 24 teeth, and the Greys.

You can listen to the audio on youtube (go to about 1:17:25 to get to Hall’s part):



Hall was on C2C in 2005 as well:

Charles Hall recounted stories from his many meetings with alien beings that he referred to as the ‘Tall Whites,’ which he said took place from 1965-7, while he worked as a weather observer at Nellis AFB in Indian Springs, Nevada. Journalist Paola Harris also appeared on the show, discussing her investigation into Hall’s case, which she’s been impressed with because of the high level of detail in his accounts.

According to Hall, the aliens were thin and frail, with skin as white as paper. They had less hair than humans, but their hearing and vision surpassed ours. They could live up to 800 years old, he said, and as they got older, they grew taller, up to 8 or 9 ft. The sound of their language resembled dog barking or bird calls, but they were capable of learning to speak English, he stated.


Hall said the Tall Whites had an accord with the Air Force and shared technology with them. Earth was a kind of “way station” or airport for them, and they constructed their smaller scout crafts here. Most curiously, he noted the extraterrestrials were allowed to go off base on occasion. Disguised as humans, they particularly liked visiting Las Vegas, where he said they would gamble at casinos such as the Stardust and tell people they were from “Northern Spain.” He also conjectured that some ghost reports may actually be sightings of the ethereal looking Tall Whites.

You can hear more about these Tall Whites in conspiracies about Edward Snowden as well. Some Iranian news agency posted an article about how Snowden leaked documents that claim the Nazis rose to power with the help of said aliens. Here’s Forbes reporting on this odd story:

Snowden, who has been given asylum in Russia, leaked documents that a race of extraterestrial “tall whites” arrived on Earth, helped Nazi Germany build a fleet of advanced submarines in the 1930s, and then met in 1954 with President Dwight Eisenhower “where the ‘secret regime’ currently ruling over America was established.”

“Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the ‘Tall White’ agenda being implemented by the ‘secret regime’ ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the ‘final phase’ of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.”


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. When I worked at this grocery store in San Diego called Jimbo’s… I saw this family all the time in there… my friend and I had a strange suspicion they were aliens. This family was really tall, skinny, white, and would not say a word. The parents were were around 6’6 and their son was about 6’1… super lanky… crazy eyes. They wouldn’t talk, and just observed everything and everyone… just looking around, up and down, side to side… very weird like. If i remember right… they ate a vegan or vegetarian diet. That was back in 2008… since then i have seen others in other parts of the U.S. I live in Vegas now… I will have to keep my eyes peeled… but i haven’t seen any the past year here.

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  2. Couldn’t hear anything from the audio statement that was supposed to be on here because of stupid copyright claim by Primiere Radio. That’s so shitty of them, what are they to really to gain by doing that and not letting people to just hear the damn audio. What a bunch of JERKS!!!

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