Symbolism of the Freemason 300 Year Anniversary: A New World Order for the Light Bearer

The Freemasons have long been theorized to be the inner-core of “Illuminati” control; and for good reason. This secret society doesn’t reveal their inner-beliefs to everyone; only the selected initiates that are authorized.

Looking through some of their literature it becomes evident that there is a deep philosophical meaning behind their organization, but the real question is: what do they worship?


Judging by the symbolism of a recent high profile event at their 300th anniversary of the Grand Lodge it seems they have a fondness for many of the esoteric themes we’ve explored for years on…


The Grand Lodge Anniversary

On October 31st, 2017; over 3,900 Freemasons met at the Royal Albert Hall in London to celebrate a 300-year anniversary of establishing the first Grand Lodge for Masons. The creation of the Grand Lodge occurred on June 24th, 1717, so I’m curious as to why they chose October 31st for the date of the celebration?…

I detailed many of the ritualistic themes of Samhain aka Halloween so if we were to get carried away with conspiracies we could postulate that this was the scene of a higher energy ritual such as a blood sacrifice.

Or perhaps they all got dressed up for Halloween?…


A New World Order

The Freemasons are alleged to be a group that seeks to create a new reality or “New World Order”. The most supportive “evidence” of this is their belief in a “Great Work.” They think they are responsible to evolve mankind into a better way of living.

Another idea is that they show us their intentions through symbols such as the All Seeing Eye and pyramid as well as the Great Seal on the US Dollar that says Novus Ordo Seclorum which means “New Order of the Ages.”

The StLucianNewsOnline website highlighted some interesting statements about this get-together that supported this concept of Freemason domination:

A news release before the event quoted UGLE Grand Secretary Brigadier Willie Shackell as saying, “2017 is a year to look forward as well as back. We are honoured that over 140 sovereign grand masters from overseas will be in attendance at the Royal Albert Hall together with representatives of each province and district, as we showcase the values, principles and traditions of Freemasonry”.

We want everyone to come away feeling proud to be a Freemason and proud of what Freemasons have achieved in the last 300 years. I feel that our role and relevance in society today could not be stronger and we now look forward to our journey through the next 300 years.”


Symbols: Speaking to the Subconscious

If you’ve visited in the past or read any of my books, then you know that symbols play a very crucial role in terms of occultism and esoteric doctrine.

This event the Freemasons put on was full of the symbols we’ve talked about it so many times. Symbols like the All Seeing Eye and pyramid:

There is also the compass and square which symbolizes the abilities of connecting the macrocosm with the microcosm (a concept familiar to those who practice ceremonial magick)


We also see the black and white checkered floor which symbolizes the “Moses Pavement” that represents the concept of duality.

The duality idea is much deeper than we have time for; but understand that it could easily be connected to alchemy or the reconciliation of opposites (a concept I wrote about in THE STAR WARS CONSPIRACY and THE DARK PATH).

The 300th anniversary culminates with an initiate of “EVERYMAN” into the ways of Freemasonry. The M.C. tells the audience that symbols are of the utmost importance and how their symbol of choice is ‘light.’

This supports the idea of Luciferian worship (something I’ll talk about in the next section) with the pursuit of the light-bearer and wisdom of the Illuminati.

After the ‘EVERYMAN’ candidate is initiated the final action is performed with the large All Seeing Eye being presented to the entire crowd of Masons…


More Resources

The theories about Freemasons are quite numerous. I could see some legitimacy in many of them, but I feel that we need to remove the fear-based thinking about them. For instance, I do believe there is a tinge of global takeover and evolving mankind, but I give them credit enough such that they believe they are doing right by humanity.

Freemason Albert Pike wrote Morals and Dogma which talks about worshipping Lucifer, but many other Masons suggest he wasn’t entirely accurate or correct. This leads into further speculation as to whether or not they are taking us down a path of worshipping Luciferian concepts or not. When they say their symbol of worship is ‘light’ it doesn’t help their cause any since Lucifer is known as the angel of light.

I interviewed the rock band Gemini Syndrome for the CTAUC podcast and we discussed the connections and ideas of Freemasonry (since Brian Steele Medina is a 32nd degree member…).

I also interviewed Dr. Frank Albo on CTAUC who spent some time as a Freemason before writing his book about the Illuminati Capital of the World.



Video IS UP!





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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  2. You’re being way too gentle on the Foolmasons. It’s very clear their little tea party clubs are about Luciferianism (even though most Foolmasons will themselves be oblivious to this fact) and this insanity will not end well for them. The annoying thing is the average person is daft enough they can get away with it for the time being, though. The world has turned into a giant open-air mental asylum.

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