Switzerland’s High Profile Train Ritual- Saturn and the Fallen Angel

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I’ve been busy recording the Audible audiobook of SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC but I wanted to join the ranks of all the other theorists that have noticed the highly disturbing opening ceremony in Switzerland that is obviously another high profile mass ritual…


**Here’s a video that covers much of the same material on the official IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel (*be sure to subscribe to catch all the latest pop culture conspiracy videos!):


The Swiss High Profile Ritual 

On DailyMail we can read about this grand opening of a Swiss train on June 1st, 2016. This train was of great significance because it is currently the world’s longest and deepest. The opening ceremony was so odd that many media outlets reported its absurdity- including several conspiracy theorists who each have their own take on it.

*Mine, of course, is the most accurate 😉

BBC had an article called Switzerland tunnel: The oddest moments of the opening ceremony that was quite confused; as is evident in their caption:

BBC Swiss Opening Ceremony Pagan woods


Today I hope to clear up a bit of this confusion and give you some tools that you can use to see the agenda unfolding all around us (*in the above photo we see the worship of nature– a classic symbol of pagan religions)…

The Initiation of the Public

This train is of great importance because it goes through the mountains (underground) and through the Swiss Alps- a classic reference to demonstrate the initiate’s entrance into a new world of occultism.

This concept is covered in the more familiar Alice in Wonderland tale that was originally called Alice’s Adventures Underground. I go further in-depth on this concept in Hidden Occult Messages of Alice in Wonderland:

Traditionally speaking; all initiates into the secret societies and mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome were explained the teachings of the occult through a ritual that forced the initiate to contemplate their own death. Often times the initiate is duped into believing they would actually be killed- which separated those that were prepared for initiation from those that weren’t.

One way these groups would have the initiate understand the occult teachings was to have them literally go underground. This simulated death and that is allegedly why the Great Pyramids had underground burial rituals. The initiate would stay “dead” for three days and “resurrect” as a new candidate into the ways of the occult.

This concept is hidden all through the most popular recent works of entertainment. Take a look at my Illuminati and Occult Analysis of Deadpool for more information on the superhuman transformation that takes place underground:


Deadpool going underground initiation


We also saw this concept in my recent analysis of Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album:

Beyonce Lemonade under water initiation

Beyonce goes “underground” for the occult initiation


The New World Order

The highest arching umbrella of conspiracy theories found here is that of the New World Order. This theory has been around since the coining of the term “conspiracy theory” and it revolves around the idea that the Illuminati are pushing us towards their plan of global domination. In order to achieve that, they must first consolidate power because it is easier to control others that way.

The New World Order is often times referred to as the “One World Order” because the plan requires consolidation and the free trade agreements are arguably a part of this plan. When you see language like: “…closing barriers” you must consider the idea that maybe this is a step into this control agenda.

So it seems that the Illuminati revealed their hand when the original version of this Swiss Gotthard tunnel opened in 1882 when the Swiss president Simeon Bavier proclaimed:

“A triumph of art and science, a monument to work and diligence! The barrier which divided nations has fallen, the [Swiss Alps] have been breached. Countries have moved closer to each other, the world market is open!”

We also saw the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in attendance to this ritual, so one should wonder if the global power players are indeed involved…

Swiss Opening Ceremony Renzi

(*officially; I’m assuming he was there because this train will allow easier transportation of Italian olive oil into the Netherlands; as per the BBC)



Pan & Baphomet- The Horned Gods 

The half human-half goat made an appearance and the claim is that it is an ‘ibex’ which is native to the Swiss Alps. This symbolism of the horned entity or goat is commonly seen with different occult groups; including the Church of Satan:

Pentagram Inverted

The five points are of significance with the tie-ins to magic and witchcraft that utilize the powers of nature. The Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. The pentagram points downwards to symbolize the embracing of base frequency elements- which is why we saw so much sex magick symbolism in the Riff Raff & Magenta couple (who I claim are Samael and Lilith) on The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Now Available!

Now Available!

The atheist group known as The Satanic Temple unveiled their statue in Detroit of Baphomet which also incorporates the horned goat (more precisely the Goat of Mendes which the Knights Templar supposedly worshipped):

Baphomet Detroit Statue

I go further into the goat man’s Illuminati influence in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls, and the Horns of Satan:

Another goat-like depiction of a deity is that of Pan. This is the horned god of nature for many Pagans. Pan’s father is Hermes; the founder of the Hermetic traditions and the Illuminati vow of secrecy.

Here is where we see the purpose for all of that nature worship we saw earlier.

The nature worship of witchcraft and paganism is evident throughout the opening ceremony when we see the Triple Goddess symbolism (as they levitate in front of an All Seeing Eye):

Swiss Opening Ceremony All Seeing Eye Triple Goddess

We also see the murdering goat in Illuminati and Occult Symbolism of Suicide Squad:

Suicide Squad Goat Pan Tarot Hanged Man rope

Quite interesting that the media followed suit and called him a “mountain goat” when in all reality that’s the scariest mountain goat I’ve ever seen:

Swiss Opening Ceremony DailyMail Goat Man Pan


Saturnian Darkness

Most of you are familiar with the importance of Saturn symbolism already (if not, please review this article on decoding the symbolism of Saturn and the Black Cube).

So how does this tie into the opening ceremony of our Swiss train?… Hold tight…

Around June 1st (the 3rd to be precise); the planet of Saturn was in opposition to the sun- a concept that occultists embrace in the beliefs of duality and polarity. This meant that Saturn was highly visible:

Saturn Reigns

Consider also that the horned goat of Pan is the embodiment of Saturn…

From my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC

“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…) The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat”

– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Now available!

Now available!

Pan’s intention is to embody the concepts of Saturn that include the focus on the material world and the base frequencies we referred to earlier in the pentagram symbolism. Pan is known for being a horny, drunken musician that many emulate when they enter into this animal-like state.

The purpose in embracing these base frequencies of Saturn is because the occultists believe you must know the dark before you can appreciate the light. This is the concept embodied in the black and white floors in Freemason temples and the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin which mark the entrance to the unknown and the transformation of mankind (*hence the destruction of the twin towers with a single “One World Tower” replacement).

The High Priestess is the enlightened pillar rising between Boaz and Jachin

The High Priestess is the enlightened pillar rising between Boaz and Jachin


We also see triple scarab symbolism in front of this goat monster:

Swiss Opening Ceremony Scarabs

The scarab is yet another reference to the internal battles within humanity and its potential to pursue the base frequencies or the higher consciousness. This concept was explained in The Pyramid Code:

And when you see the scarab, you are looking at the human skull, that by three sides, 3 sections. The front head (was) symbolised by the ancient people as ‘7’. Seven openers – 2 – 4 – 6 – 7 – that is the front (of the ) head and these are the receivers. You see with, you hear with, taste with – you know, everything. On the left side (of the body of the beetle) is the conscious side, and that is the daily deeds, digestive, every…er… moment you look at things; but the other side, the subconsciousness side – something you are unable to explain what’s going on.

Don’t compare the people of today like the people of the ancient days. The people of the ancient days were healthy, were able to use their senses. We are looking at things as a feeble people – we only have five senses. We are supposed to have 360 senses – 360! And only five are recognised. We got the glands and senses but we didn’t use it – and any muscles you don’t use – it shrink! Obviously”.

Curiously enough, Neil deGrasse Tyson referenced the illumination of Saturn on Real Time with Bill Maher at the same time:



The Fallen Angel: Lucifer

So it seems we are heading towards the inevitable- the occult doctrine of Luciferianism.

The occultists and the Illuminati seek to worship the fallen angel of Lucifer because he is their true savior. They believe in the tale of Prometheus in which this entity takes fire from Zeus and tries to help humanity by bestowing knowledge upon them.

This is why we see the conflation of science and the religion of “no religion” with the Illuminati. Recall that quote from Simeon Bavier:

A triumph of art and science, a monument to work and diligence! The barrier which divided nations has fallen, the [Swiss Alps] have been breached. Countries have moved closer to each other, the world market is open!”

So it is that we see the depiction of the fallen angel when we see a baby with an oversized head which is supposed to be the entrance of the Lucifer-Prometheus “bringer of light”:

Swiss Opening Ceremony Lucifer Fallen Angel


We also see the destructive mocking of Christianity when a dead lamb is held up by the procession of horned god entities:

Swiss Opening Ceremony Dead Lamb


…which is what we saw a few years ago in Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Blurred Lines 3


Again, the worship of the horned deities is common amongst Illuminati types and pagans, and we see it many times because it all references the horned Satanic archetype that is embodied in the great hunter Nimrod:

Swiss Opening Ceremony Horned Deities


We see the Scarlet Whore of Babylon from the Bible’s Book of Revelations while the horned deity comes to mate with it- a concept echoed with the idea of a “moon child” in which the antichrist is born in this world (*also note the horns on the backdrop which is more horned deity worship):

Swiss Opening Ceremony Scarlet Woman Horned Pan


If you had any doubts as to whether or not Pan was trying to procreate the antichrist with the Scarlet Whore; here’s another image to consider:

Swiss Opening Ceremony Sex Scarlet Woman Horned Pan


In Conclusion

Nothing seems too shocking at this stage; we’re being surrounded by the symbols of the occult as they try to indoctrinate the masses to their belief systems. I believe that becoming aware of their ruse is the key to breaking free so learn as much as you can and arm yourself against their plan of Luciferian doctrine and the pursuit of the evolution of consciousness…


Thanks for reading- be sure to sign up for my FREE email newsletter if you want a guided tour of the IlluminatiWatcher archives!



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. So, Goat-man has no boobs, but Big-Head baby does?

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  2. Regarding the topic of Saturn worship, you may also want to look into the Fraternitas Saturni, or Brotherhood of Saturn, a Thelemic esoteric and primarily Luciferian initiatory order based in Germany, also concerning itself with Saturn worship (obviously) allegedly involved with SRA (ritual abuse).

    To learn more about the Fraternitas Saturni, I will refer you to the following:




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    • I would also like to point out, the F.S. is not the Illuminati, rather one of the many secret societies / initiatory orders under their jurisdiction (via its leadership), as with the O.T.O. / Ordo Templi Orientis, A∴A∴ / Order of the Silver Star, Freemasonry (via the Palladium / Palladian Rite), the AMORC, Temple of Set, Order of the Trapezoid, Skull & Bones Society, Bohemian Club and so on.

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  3. A Luciferian secret society came to New England in 1638. They named and founded the town of Milton, MA, in 1640, after John Milton, who had glorified Lucifer, as a hero for Liberty, in his “Paradise Lost”, where Lucifer said, “I’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven”.

    This secret society fronted under a stone masonry business in East Milton Square. They established the first railroad in America, which first transported stone from the Quincy Quarries to Boston.

    They built the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, and the Boston Public Library. They built the Milton Town Hall and artifices around the town of Milton.

    During the China Trade period they acquired a big Chinese bell, which they used to threaten members that if any member betrayed them they would have their brains shattered in the bell by ringing it.

    It looked like a horrible death. The victims would convulse and all kinds of disgusting things, but, just one lesion in the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata guarantees an absolutely painless death.

    They came to be known as the “Order of the Bell”. It was Adam Auschwept’s “Illuminati” who joined them. The Order of the Bell was the original One World Order as we know it today.

    President George Bush senior was born in a big gray mansion on Adams Street, near the base of Adam’s Hill. Up further was the China Trade Museum where the Bell was kept during the last part of the Twentieth Century.

    When the China Trade Museum closed up, the Bell was moved to the Peabody Museum where it may be seen to this day.

    Catholic politicians tore down the Milton Town Hall, because of its “Satanic” symbolism, and today the only remaining conspicuous symbolic artifact of the Order of the Bell is the “Flos Abysmi”, .)i(. ,on the key stone of the mausoleum in Milton Cemetery.

    But, the Order of the Bell continues to rule the One World Order throughout the world. Before 1970, the only conspiracy theory was that the Jews were trying to rule the world.

    But, the John Birch Society paid attention to a crank mail which contained twenty pages about the Order of the Bell. Then, after checking it out as best as possible, the John Birch Society was the first to declare the modern Conspiracy Theory, and it spread as it has today.

    The “Illuminati” joined them. They called themselves the White Right Hand Path, and their hierarchy the Great White Brotherhood. Hitler belonged to several of their minor lodges, including the Thelemites, to which Stalin and Mussolini, were also members. Mugabwe is also a member, and the falcon on the Zimbabwean flag is the Thelemite Ra Hoor Khuit. Crowley’s Liber Al Vel Legis (“Liber Evil Legis”) is their bible. You can see what you are dealing with!

    The original Luciferian doctrine of these Luciferians from England was based on the Gnostic doctrine that the creator, demiourgos, of this physical world, was the most evil being; and that Lucifer protested having been created to suffer the unpleasantries of existence.

    According to this theory, Lucifer and his Rebellious Angels, weren’t thrown out, they escaped. The Yorubas today also say that the creator, Ela, is the most evil being.

    The Sumerian Jupiter’s name is written today, Marduk, but, it was actually Marad Ak, meaning, the Great Rebel. And, the rest of his companions, the pantheon of “gods”, Their supreme grand secret may be simply written today in medical terms, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. Spread it so that shame may dissolve their organization forever.

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  4. I was waiting for your analysis of this and very revealing. Actually RT had it and I was very surprised they allowed them to film it. It was the most disturbing thing I have ever seen, for something that is supposedly celebrating the opening of an underground tunnel. Very disturbing too about the giant clock and how the little hand often stops at 9, while long hand stops at 11. There is no telling just what they have planned 🙁 Yet, you can go on one of those utube videos where they show it, and they are people just saying it reflects ‘Art’. I am an artist myself and that was not art!!! And since when did world leaders ever all travel like that just to celebrate a train? Sure it’s a huge event, large underground tunnel, longest and from what I understand, they went deeper underground, than ever…..

    What this reminds me a lot of is in the Bible regarding the end times, it is said that the wicked go into the mountains, hide under rocks to hide from God. Isn’t this what the elites are now doing in these underground tunnels? Well, when God has had enough and comes back, they won’t be able to hide then!!!

    Good work and research on this. Thank you, it’s pretty dark, but we need to be aware and know these things

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  5. The insanity of this garish spectacle is exceeded only by its lack of taste. Too bad they got rid of Kubrick. He might have been able to present their superstitions more elegantly. But it is probably difficult to inbreed and cannibalize your fellow humans, torture your young and pay heed to so many hateful, destructive fantasies without it all eventually showing. This show takes the cake for crazy.

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  6. Shaykh Abdullaah al-Ghudayaan and Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Afeefee and Shaykh Abdullaah al-Manee’ (and we also have another fatwa from the Fiqh Council on the subject that includes Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Bin Baz, see below), so in this fatwa there occurs:

    الماسونية هي جمعية سرية سياسية تهدف إلى القضاء على الأديان والأخلاق الفاضلة وإحلال القوانين الوضعية والنظم غير الدينية محلها

    Masonry is a secret political organization which seeks to destroy religions and virtuous characteristics (morals), and the institution of secular laws and non-religious [secular] order in their place…

    And later in this same fatwa, there occurs:

    ولكنها في حقيقتها ودخيلة أمرها دعوة إلى الإباحية والانحلال وعوامل هرج ومرج وتفكك في المجتمعات ، وانفصام لعرى الأمم ومعاول هدم وتقويض لصرح الشرائع ومكارم الأخلاق وإفساد وتخريب العمران

    …But it is in its reality and in its interior a call to permissiveness, to decay and (to) factors of turmoil, and disintegration in societies, and to the splitting of the handholds of nations and to the destructive, subversive annihilation of the edifice of legal injunctions and noble characteristics (morals) and the corruption and destruction of civilization (culture)…

    And in the fatwa of the Fiqh Council in their ruling on Freemasonry, signed by Imaam Ibn Baz (in the capacity of the head of the Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts), and also Shaykh Abdullah bin Humaid (in the capacity of the Director of the Judicial Council), and printed in (مجلة البحوث الإسلامية), “Islamic Research Magazine”, (25/337-340) there occurs:

    إنها في أهدافها الحقيقية السرية ضد الأديان جميعا لتهديمها بصورة عامة وتهديم الإسلام في نفوس أبنائه بصورة خاصة

    It (Masonry) in its real and hidden objectives is opposed to all religions, its (intent) being to destroy them all in general, and to destroy Islam in the souls of its adherents, in particular.

    And Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) said in the cassette “Silsilah al-Huda wan-Nur” (tape no. 420):

    الماسونية هى جمعية سرية يهودية وتعمل بمكر شديد جدا

    Freemasonry is a secret Jewish organization which acts with severe, intense conniving…

    And he says a little later, after explaining that all these movements (Socialism, Communism, Ba’thism) and societies, secret or open are set up to oppose Islam:

    وهذا الكلام يكفى المسلم أما الدخول فى التفاصيل هذا أمر تاريخى بإمكان المسلم أن يراجع الكتب والرسائل المؤلفة لبيان المخازى والفتن التى تنتج من وراء الماسونية

    And this speech suffices a Muslim, as for entering into the details, this is an historical matter, a Muslim is able to return to the books and treatises authored in explanation of the infamies and tribulations that result from behind Freemasonry.

    And Shaykh Ahmad bin Yahyaa an-Najmee (rahimahullaah), in his book on Questions and Answers on Manhaj, he stated, in one of the answers:

    أقول إن الماسونية منظمة يهودية ؛ قصد من إنشائها تعطيل الشرائع , وإشباع الغرائز والشهوانية , وعبادة المادة

    …I say that Freemasonry is a Jewish organization, the intent behinds its institution is the nullification of the [divine] legislature, and the gratification of impulses and lusts, and the worship of materialism…

    And Shaykh Abdul-Aziz ar-Rajihee has explained, as occurs in “Fawaa’id fil-Aqaa’id” (no. 44) that:

    الماسونية: جمعية سرية أو منظمة يهودية هدفها القضاء على العقائد والأديان

    Masonry: A secret society or a Jewish organization whose goal is to destroy beliefs and religions.

    Here the Scholars have explained both the existence and nature of the agenda which is the abolition of religiosity and morals (in general) and Islam (in particular, as we shall see later), and the replacement of all of that with a [global] secular order. The institution of Freemasonry is a vehicle for the implementation of this agenda, with the lower levels heedless about the true purpose for which Freemasonry is used (as the Scholars also point out later).

    And we should point out that whilst Jews are represented in this group and Freemasonry as an institution is essentially based upon the Qabbalah (see Part 1), it is by no means an exclusively Jewish agenda, since these people at the highest levels are against revealed religion in principle, as a whole, and they have their own (occult, esoteric) religion and there are many non-Jews involved too. There is subversion of Judaism (as we will explain) just as their is subversion of Christianity and Islam, and these people don’t think anything of sacrificing millions of Christians, Jews or Muslims, for purely political agendas. This agenda operates at the political level, social and economical levels). And we should point out the Scholars have also stated these people are involved in most wars, revolutions and upheavals in history.

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  7. Hey…give it a rest, you are reading too much in this magnificent tunnel, swiss has done well to construct this tunnel ,,,kudos to them…..I mean job well done….what have you?

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  8. All is out, of the closet. Moved to the mainstream. This ritual is the magnetic manure to attract the fly’s who will breed the maggots, then consume all your Earth Energy. Energetic vampires are everywhere, majority unaware of their actions. Minority are supra- conscious, very dangerous to confront and obsessed with a warring world. Anyone who views these rituals add energy to them. A detached, cold non emotional mindset is essential to those that do view. The Bell has been rung, do not answer it’s call. Will you head for the wall or crawl to the cave? Be brave!

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  9. Hey Isaac,

    I would like to recommend a youtube channel if you haven’t already subbed it,
    R$E, or roundsaturn’s eye. He has some interesting ideas and analysis on the occult nature of things happening in today’s culture with regards to symbolism and numerology, and ties it all back to to the ‘bottom line’, which is ultimately the lordship and acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal savior…but he doesn’t do it in an overly ‘preachy’ way. Here’s just a few of his many vids to check out from a playlist I set up on my channel;


    Take Care, and keep up the great work!


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    • Thanks Paul– I’ve also been subscribed to R$E! Yes, he does great work on there. Thank you for the link. -Isaac

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  10. Millivent, NO it is not that simple. You have an immediate problem, because of your ignorance in this subject matter. I can guarantee you that this was a “Sacrificial Ritual” foreshadowing an event that will involve the “Mass” killing of common folks just like yourself and me. But, this time, they are blatantly telling us that “We did 9/11 several times” (By rotating that Clock on the digital screen, back and forth, after the two hands briefly pause at 9/11 each time, then goes the other way.) and they are also indicating that now they have figured it out how to make even TRAINS vanish into “Thin air”. It is ironic that while this was going on in Switzerland, the TESLA motors magnate, Elon Musk was meeting with Ashton Carter and the Bilderberg Group was meeting at DRESDEN. And, ironically as well, the guy who CHOREOGRAPHED this whole Satanic Cultish Ritual Parade for and inside / outside this Tunnel, is from DRESDEN as well. Watch out for any coming event that has mass casualties and I would advise “Avoid TRAIN travels” for a while.

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    • Jaguar –

      You were right of course , about the Switzerland rituals. It’s now late July, and we’ve had two horrific months of mass shootings, false flags, protests, unrest and fake elections. It’s been a mess. Prepare for more rough seas! TH

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  11. I will be putting this dainzlzg insight to good use in no time.

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  12. Great work, seriously, the end is upon us. Have you seen the dreams and visions on utube those in Christ are receiving? I myself had one where I was engulfed by a tidal wave, only to wash up in a world that had been taken over. Myself and a group of others who were Christians were running, looking for somewhere to go where we could be safe, we rounded a corner and stopped, for out of every building came chanting, and a pentagram painted in blood with candles within it was in front of the nearest building. I heard, “New World Order, Synagogue of Satan.” In a deep voice. despair hit us as we realised there was no where we could go, no where to hide, no where we would be safe, as we would be killed as soon as we were seen.

    This is coming, please get right with Jesus Christ today, he will rapture those who believe and are ready to go. this is no conspiracy theory, this is truth.

    Thankyou for your article

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  13. Crazy Train in a crazy town. Maybe Ozzie was on to something.

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  14. i like this song iono why people are giving? such bad comments and ratings. Adding tila tequila doesnt really matter id still like this song without her in the music video

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  1. Saturn Worship in pop culture: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Maher - […] that is why we saw the goat deity of Pan in that infamous Swiss Tunnel Opening Ceremony on June…

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