SUICIDE SQUAD: The Illuminati and Occult Symbolism

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I’ve been telling you for months that I suspected the upcoming 2016 film Suicide Squad would be full of occult symbolism, and the first three minute trailer for it proves it so.



For those of you who aren’t into all of the superhero/comic book stuff; this is a film that follows an assembly of villains as they attempt to save the world. If that sounds a little counter intuitive to you; it should be. This is a concept I’ve covered in the past where we see entertainment giving us a message of the dark hero (or anti-hero), and making us sympathize for them (see my article on Dark Hero Programming in Film and Television):

Dexter Illuminati Vow of Silence

If you take a look at the first trailer for this film, you can see that they are intentionally and blatantly letting us know their message. They flash phrases like:


And you hear talk like this:

“Are you the Devil?”

“All you need to know is you work for me.”

The science fiction genre has long been telling us that advanced beings from another dimension are coming, and that is because THEY are actually trying to evoke them! The practitioners of the occult seek to bring these demonic entities from another dimension and into our world (like Crowley’s Lam entity, the Babalon Workings of L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons to evoke the Whore of Babylon, In noted satanist-Crowleyite’s Kenneth Anger’s Lucifer Rising he shows us that they conduct rituals to try and bring these demonic aliens into our world:

Lucifer Rising Kenneth Anger UFO Eyptian

In the trailer you hear dialogue like:

“There’s rumor that some of them have… abilities.”

This falls in line with the subliminal message that these aliens/demons/mutants/superheroes have super abilities that are better than those of human beings. We’re being culled into worshipping these entities, which will eventually turn into the ultimate plan of the antichrist.


We also hear this message…

“…maybe Superman was some kind of beacon for them to creep out from the shadows.”

…which may not be referring to the Suicide Squad, but other demonic entities that were ‘accidentally’ brought into our dimension (see my Hellboy analysis for more).

This is also another reference to the alien-god concept I’ve covered in my Batman V Superman occult analysis:

Batman v superman false god statue


The reason I’ve been clamoring to learn more about this film is because I was sure it would feature occult symbolism. This prediction is based solely on the previous archetypes I’ve seen the actors portray elsewhere.

For example, the model turned actress Cara Delevingne plays the witch known as Enchantress- note the crescent moon goddess symbolism on top of her head:

Suicide Squad Cara Delevingne Crescent Moon Isis Witch Goddess

You’ve seen that crescent moon many times elsewhere in works of pagan worship- all referencing the moon goddess known as Selene or Diana:

Selene moon goddess

I explored it with Adrianne Curry’s Illuminati symbolism:

And also in the exploration of the Triple Goddess worship of Eyes Wide Shut:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Eyes Wide Shut Somerton blue light 24

Cara Delevingne has become a common fixture of Illuminati symbolism, so it’s not a surprise that they’re depicting her as the moon goddess witch here. In fact, I revealed her potential satanic connections to the devil worshipping rock group Die Antwoord:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Ugly Boy Cara Develigne All Seeing Eye

Most didn’t recognize the heavy duty symbolism in the trailer that shows her in the bathtub full of blood:

Suicide Squad Cara Delevingne Bathtub

It’s a reference to the sacrifice of the goddess and the Illuminati and Occult symbolism of the water and the bathtub- a sacrificial rite.

If you doubt any of that- check out the symbol painted above her head:

Suicide Squad Cara Delevingne Thelema Unicursal Hexagram

It’s very similar to occultist Aleister Crowley’s Unicursal Hexagram that symbolizes his Thelema religion:

Crowley-Unicursal-hexagram WO

Ink Master’s Dave Navarro and others have this symbol tattooed on their body- so there are more links to Hollywood than one would think…

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Illuminati-Tattoos-19-Dave-Navarro WO

Jared Leto is playing the role of Joker in this film- and the Illuminati have been showing us the All Seeing Eye of Horus symbolism through their publicity of the film:

Jared leto Joker Suicide Squad All Seeing Eye

He’s been giving us this type of thing for some time now, as I’ve been revealing in a post about Jared Leto’s Satanic Symbolism:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Jared Leto 666 All Seeing Eye

You’ll also notice the impeccable timing of this Suicide Squad trailer- releasing just one day before the verdict came back on the Batman-Aurora shooting. Could it be that the Illuminati are playing with the occult and the cosmos by showing us the madmen in real life against the backdrop of madmen in fictional tales? The tarot card for the Joker is called The Fool (it’s also referred to as The Magician) which is translated from Le Mat- meaning “the madman”…

Joker Jared Leto Heath Ledger tarot Fool Magician Batman

I’ve talked about the Illuminati’s obsession with the Tarot card deck with the tragedy of TLC’s Left Eye in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC, so I find it intriguing that we see all of these archetypes at play here.

Margot Robbie is in this film portraying Harley Quinn:

Suicide Squad Margot Robbie Harley Quinn

You can see that they are playing on the sexual angle- which is something I’ve warned about in the past with the threat of sexual electronic avatars luring men into the Illuminati digital matrix.

Suicide Squad Margot Robbie Harley Quinn 2


Will Smith plays Deadshot; who has various Illuminati symbols with the All Seeing Eye, the Illuminati triangle, and a potentially occult message on his shirt…

Suicide Squad Deadshot Will Smith


If you notice the message on his neck- it says “I AM THE LIGHT, THE WAY” which has two messages within (potentially). One is the “I AM” messaging we see from the occult beliefs of Theosophy which is symbolism of the Integrated Ascended Masters; those that were able to evolve into gods using occult practices. The other is “THE WAY” which is what Aleister Crowley’s alien entity Holy Guardian Angel is named after with “LAM” (*recall that we see Crowley’s Unicursal Hexagram in this film):

Crowley contacted an entity from the "Other Side" named Lam- the first 'grey' alien

Crowley contacted an entity from the “Other Side” named Lam- the first ‘grey’ alien

There are also random images and symbols that I’m seeing throughout the video promotion, like the All Seeing Eyeballs of the occult:

Suicide Squad All Seeing Eye

There’s the horned goat head of Pan (or Satan) that also has the Hanged Man rope of the Thoth Tarot Card deck if you didn’t catch it in the trailer:

Suicide Squad Goat Pan Tarot Hanged Man rope


We also see the ‘X’s on the logo for the film- which is just another example of the Illuminati Mark of the Beast that I’ve been talking about:

Suicide Squad Mark of the Beast Eyes X

It appears that the agenda is unfolding at a more rapid rate. We’ll have to wait until August 2016 to see the film, but just know that this film will continue to push the Illuminati and occult propaganda in an attempt to make us sympathize for the antichrist.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my START HERE page if you’re new to the community.

-Isaac Weishaupt



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hey there Isaac,

    It is a very good piece you wrote here, but there are some small things I disagree on. For a long time I have been very vigilant about the Illuminati and their symbolism, but I am also a witch. And Pan and the Triple moon goddess are not satanic. At all. There is a very distinct difference between Baphomet and Pan, the triple moon goddess is also the Earth Mother. I’d really would like you to consider that they are not all satanic nor evil just because they are pagan gods/goddesses. I hope you don’t think I am being rude, because I really love your website and am a fevent reader.

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    • Hello, I wanted to reply to this because I’ve read something that might be helpful. Aleister Crowley apparently did in fact consider Pan and Satan to be synonymous and wrote about that including in his Hymn to Pan. I know that goes against the classic mythological interpretation of Pan as a God of nature and wild places. I’ve learned sometimes the ‘occult’ interpretation of mythology is vastly different than the academic one or the lived experience of people actually practicing a particular religion. It leads to a huge amount of confusion and sometimes to undeserved persecution.

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    • Even Satan isn’t “Satanic” necessarily. It’s all about reverting what is the ‘norm.’ Some think that evil is good, and good is evil. The worship of earth/triple goddess/black magick/etc. all ties into contacting this other dimensional cosmic force. What’s ironic is that I never intended Christianity to get involved with all of this conspiracy talk when I started my journey, but if you dig deep enough you find out that this IS the conspiracy- the destruction of Christianity. Many are duped into believing the antichrist isn’t leading the charge, but that’s what I’m finding.

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      • Thats exactly it Isaac. People who are naive to this fact doesn’t change reality

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      • Very interesting. What I find fascinating is that in advanced study of Astrology, following into Traditional Medieval/Arabic technique, you learn about the dual dynamic of Saturn (“Satan”) and Jupiter (“Christian God”).

        Saturn is the planet which represents limitations, as it is the “compression” half of life. With Saturn, we experience suffering, division, bondage, restrictions, and hardship. Limitations shows us our weakness, and tests us to withstand difficulties in order to become stronger. Temptation/Sin is a facet of Satan, yet overcoming tests of faith is ultimately the only way to prove true strength. Someone once wrote that the Devil is a dog on a leash, just another tool in the arsenal of God to lead His children to greater spiritual knowledge.

        Jupiter is the planet which represents growth, as it is the “expansion” half of life. With Jupiter, we experience joy, multiplication, freedom, unlimitedness, and bounty. Growth rewards us for our strengths, and gives us freedom to explore and expand in order to become wise. Expansiveness/Charity is a facet of God, and experiencing freedom helps us to explore and learn. Jupiter is the planet of Christianity, being ruler of both Pisces (the Fish, a symbol of Christ) and Sagittarius, the Centaur Archer, linked to Chiron, who although being a centaur (prone to indulgence, drinking, lust, very negative Jupiterian qualities), was alternatively kind, intelligent, wise, and civilized.

        In occult wisdom, one cannot know light without first experiencing darkness. Contrast is what allows us to objectify. Objectivity is the origin of intelligence, the ability to distinguish one “thing” from another “thing.” Consciousness would not exist without intelligence, so the human mind becomes conscious, and thus aware, by perfecting objectivity while simultaneously recognizing the whole.

        Without Saturn, we would not understand Jupiter, and vice versa. Without the Devil, we could not see the glory of God. Opposites exist because everything has contrast. The moment we objectivity intelligently, we create duality – both the “thing” itself, as well as everything that is not the “thing.” The key is to remember that even as duality, they are both one in the same.

        Keep growing & learning.

        PS. I find it ironic that Jared Leto’s name is even an allusion to occult terminology. “Jared” derives from the jewish verb yarad, which means to descend or decline. Leto, in greek myth, is the mother of Apollo, Zeus, and Artemis. Speculation has it that her name derives from Greek lḗthē (oblivion) and lotus (the fruit of oblivion). “Descend into oblivion” is essentially what I glean from his name. Nice.

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      • “What’s ironic is that I never intended Christianity to get involved with all of this conspiracy talk when I started my journey, but if you dig deep enough you find out that this IS the conspiracy- the destruction of Christianity.”

        Isaac – please re-read your comment above and let it slosh around your heart and mind. Because it’s exactly where it all started for me.

        As an atheist I fervently began studying the occult, reading all I could get my hands on- Huxley, Crowley, et al – only to find that the common thread was ALWAYS THE destruction of Christianity and The Bible.

        If this is true – and it is verifiably so- it begs the question: why?

        Why would these obviously intelligent and primarily atheistic/anti-theist men desire so fervently to undermine and destroy the teachings of Jesus Christ and his Gospel?

        Why is the Bible the benchmark and decoder ring for every Luciferian symbol wielded by the occultists for millennia?

        Why is the so-called Illuminati given credit for what the Bible says to be the real “illuminated ones” – born again believers in Jesus Christ?

        In order to answer these central questions, you have to dig into scripture, which is the primary text for all these other texts.

        If you are truly seeking answers, God will show you these things.

        Grace & peace

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    • All satanic dear you just are not aware of it but it is all satanic without a doubt. Any witch craft is as well and no such thing as good witch craft you are placing yourself in danger

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      • You are judgemental and ignorant. What would you know about “witch craft”? Not all people who are into that are satanic .. you know nothing about what you speak of. Have you ever read a book about wiccans? They have plenty in Barnes and noble. No where in there does it say SATAN. Not all of it is evil either . Just stop saying things you know nothing about. You probably know nothing outside of your church. Those grocery store Christian vigil candles have spells on them too … you light the candle talk to the saint or jesus and read what they want you to read out loud and then read a petition… that is witchcraft. Its only okay when christians do it ??? Sounds narcissistic to me, its only okay when christians do it. Hypocrite ! next time you start accusing people of things you should be educated. You haven’t read any books on witchcraft. How would you know ” all witchcraft is putting you in danger” who died and made you an authority ? You spread ignorance and hatred wherever you go . You probably think all Muslims are terrorists too. Im going to ask Christ to teach you to be more compassionate and less judgmental/ignorant on things you know nothing about . There are courses in community colleges that teach about the connection to mythology and the Bible. I took one. I love people like you, your the only one who’s ever right & you know all. Please go hide in your gated community. Hateful and judgemental you are. I hope someone blesses you because you need it .
        – sincerely a Christian who has stepped outside of her church to learn about other peoples cultures .

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        • Eyes to see ……ears to hear….
          Any person TRULY knows that all the roads lead to Satan…………if NOT…..they are playing the naive underling……..I’ve been studying this for over 10 years now and DON’T let them fool ya……..your either openly worshipping Satan………or haven’t learned enough to know you are…….And ABSOLUTELY NO IN BETWEEN!
          These people live in deception…….it’s their M.O………it’s their religion………for they openly live backwards and truth is not found in them. …….some aren’t aware of this…….but MOST know this!
          You can not believe a word they say cause their being led by the nose by entities that are MUCH more intelligent then themselves…….. therefore through their egos………. believe these lies……..from the the father of them………….cast NOT your pearls among such swine.

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    • That is interesting because it isn’t the first time I’m hearing this. Interestingly enough, I’ve also seen opposing claims regarding Baphomet, but the Illuminati has an established pattern that they use with particular symbols.
      Besides being strongly associated with the moon, the Triple Goddess is also tied to the earth & rules summer, when the land can provide sustenance. But there’s also metaphorical value in these figures. I think that many other types of worship can be considered evil, dark or even Santanic because it is not Christ-like or because it is anti-Christian. On the other hand, the infiltration we’re now seeing pretty often is supposedly of “love,” “God is love” or “universal love” & is supposed to draw the Christians away from Jesus and trick them into a movement away from Christianity & towards this “universal love” which is not the same! The way it’s being done is by saying that Jesus is love and the 2 are interchangeable and no one would be worshippers of another God. But the reality is that this “universal love” it is meant to lead the Christians into unknowingly worshipping a Santanic God or hence a dark force. Again, leading them away from the “norm.” So, a lot of the symbols that are used may or may not be “satantic,” however, much of them are being used to trick the Christians (and others) into believing they are following and worshipping something they aren’t. We’ll be seeing this “universal love” movement more and more in the future. Watch for it.
      I do agree w/fleurdamour that sometimes there can be confusion or undeserved persecution, but I think in this instance it is important to look at the context and content in which these symbols are being used. It certainly follows that dark path and it’s also trademark of an already established pattern of the illuminati. I don’t believe that there is anything that reflects good or is trademark of anything good when looking inside here.
      But this was a great piece and once again I must tip my hat to Isaac and thank the others for an enlightening conversation.
      Best to all of you always.
      Allyson C.

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      • I have found that human understanding is limited. We can’t logically conclude what the creator and father of impossibility, God / Jesus, has done. We can only listen to what he has said (in the bible and personally) and choose to believe it. We believe not mentally, but by our actions, showing we stand for truth. Our task, and it takes effort, is not to use our will for magic, but to trust in his will, which has everlasting power in it, doesn’t lie, and is the only real power.

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          • If we all are bat crazy, why are you reading and posting? Guess you are bat crazy 2!

        • By all accounts I should have embraced the luciferian ideology and Crowley’s “whatever”
          In 77 mom took me to see starwars and the “heroes journey” began (pun intended, sorry J Campbell, not sorry)
          I can’t even begin to tell the story so I’ll save it for when I have finished, but fast forward to 2010 I had just come back from a year deployment in Mosul Iraq or the “abode of ninus” as ol nimrod im sure so proudly named (ninevah people, work with me I’m trying to be funny rather than cry which I have) I got out of the Army, buried my abusively destructive dad and then sank into the addiction of pain killers from you geussed it operation Iraqi freedom, yadda yadda yadda game of thrones read all of the asoiaf books yadda yadda embraced the whole monomyth idea, started writing a light hearted children’s fantasy story with a precious dear loved one and it happened during the research faze of story telling (it’s basically plagiarism which is done by so many people believe me in the fantasy genre because nothing’s original) I begin to see patterns in my favorite shows creators work patterns in the language then so I started researching it and bingo I found it was aleister Crowley and I went down one rabbit hole after another and you know like I said earlier by all means I should have embraced it because things have happened to me in my life that I don’t even want to say here they’re horrible cuz this way there were things that Crowley would have been proud of the person that did it to me I never could or would curse God, did my lifestyle prove otherwise sure it did I’ll means I wasn’t a good Christian, as a matter of fact if I were put on trial to prove I was a Christian I would have probably came out innocence but here’s the thing the horror that discovered this year is led me straight to an understanding that the one true God does exist and I may get confused just as much as the next person no reading these comments you can see people are very confused you know just like people don’t think that you know the English language hasn’t been setup trap us which by the way I’m pretty sure there’s some things going on in some of this literature that may be need to be checked into by those that do the checking LOL,this is real folks and I’m sorry some of you people that do embrace witchcraft think that you know it’s not connected because I have a best friend who practices she calls white witchcraft and it breaks my heart for it cuz she’s an awesome person she’s great person she helps children as a psychiatrist for the School board (and by the way from what she’s told me just generation of children is coming up wow!) But she is embracing something that she literally has no idea what she’s doing and I was going through an attack earlier this month and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life I was telling her about it and she was like wanting to like do these binding spells and stuff and I’m like no anything don’t be doing those spells to try to help me I’ll fight naked because nothing’s going to happen to me they won’t be allowed but I won’t curse God, sorry I’m going on a rant but before I go I like to just say that today’s date are a little confused it’s okay it’s confusing times research some things and factor that pan guy don’t you know he’s got a hundred other names or she he’s got a bunch of different names really dont want to get into that but but due to the fact that you’re on this website that may be a good thing cuz there’s a watcher on the wall here and he ain’t holding this peace I’m glad I met you mr. Isaiah, I proudly stand up next to you and will not hold my peace either so if I had to choose a sitter name to go by I choose Gideon it’s time to get this horn blowing a cranking, because even though we were in some dark times and dark days the evil one doesn’t get all the power God pours his Spirit out on his people to, oh yeah did you really think evil will win? Nah not even close. Sorry about the rant it’s been a very lonely time this month past couple months and I’m just excited to talk about this to anybody that will hear and not think I’m crazy, oh and this piece of literature I’m working on you guys with laugh because some of it it’s almost like something was embedded into me because like I go back and read it now after finding out some things and it’s almost reads like a type of Revelation before I even found out anything we named our book The last Lionheart.
          But I’m no lion, but I know ONE!

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    • Pan and the Triple moon goddess are not satanic. At all. There is a very distinct difference between Baphomet and Pan, the triple moon goddess is also the Earth Mother. I’d really would like you to consider that they are not all satanic nor evil just because they are pagan gods/goddesses
      sure pan and the triple moon are Christian and have nothing to do with Satans deception LOL

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    • Hello Erzsebet,

      First my hats off to you for keeping up and knowing! I also want to tell you that one of my best friends was a Wiccan. I say once as we fell out and it was not over me being a Christian and her a Wiccan. It was actually over something so silly and I do miss my friend dearly 🙁 She was a good person, but I am afraid you may be walking a thin line with all of this. I do believe in only one God. I do sometimes say the reference, ‘mother earth’ at times, but not because I worship the earth. I worship the God whom created it and the Earth is a gift, which people have so took advantage and polluted.

      Follow Jesus and read the Bible. There are some strange things going on though and I have not always been as faithful as I should in reading. I have been reading and noting some strange things in my my mother’s old Bible and some strange oddities which I don’t remember? Not sure if you are familiar with what is called the Mandela effect? Some people say it is CERN? I do remember the Bible making reference in the end times to Satan changing times or causing chaos with time. It’s one thing to when old movie scripts seem changed, but the Bible is another story

      Peace to you

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    • Pan comes from greek mythology.He was half goat,half man and played the flute.Pan was a scoundrel and a pervert and known for his mischievious ways.Pan is indeed the first depiction of satan.The baphomet is based upon pan just with a twist.
      Christianity got it from greek mythology.
      I was wondering if the movie Suicide Squad is in any way related to the Suicide Squad Jack Parsons was involved with.Jack Parsons was a rocket scientist and one of the founders of the jet propulsion laboratory.He invented solid rocket fuel and was known to be an occultist and was heavily into Aleister Crowley.He was also a friend of Ron Hubbard who founded the church of scientology.The reason they called the group the suicide squad is because they were working with explosive materials and Parsons died of an explosion when he was 38 years old.There must be a connection with the movie suicide squad.

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      • Everyone can talk Symantics and we can all get caught up in words and titles when we’re speaking about mattersome of the heart. Because, that’s where all of what we call god, higher power, creator etc….truly is! When one is able to first throw out all of the don’ts, nos, cants, won’t, shouldn’t, and “your wrongs” quiet the outside voices and listen to “gods” voice and feel our spirit, barriers that keep us separated and put against each other fall away. Of course we must have dark to have light. We are all dual beings. That’s the cost of our “free will” to love or not. It all depends on what you nurture in yourself. Light or dark. Believing in the dark doesn’t mean worship/ nurture it. Unless that’s what you choose. Life is hard, but it doesn’t all have to be. Think of how beautiful it is after a storm. It’s a gift. Not “persecution”! Mostly! Also, your hardships and troubles can be another’s life saver!
        I put quotation marks on certain words because I know we don’t all interpret them the same. I don’t want you to read it and get caught up in a word that you don’t agree with and dismiss the rest. Look at the comments threads! How easily we we’re put against each other by literal words on a screen. Text has no tone. With just words and no human interaction you’ve taken out 85% of good communication.
        Now, at least 3-5 people (confirmed) not including how ever many read this are separated a bit more.
        Why should we dislike each other so much on the basis of what amounts to only physical things. Our spirits don’t discern from one letter another.
        Speaking of words….spiritual comes from the root word spiritus: meaning breath of life, elated feel light and free.
        A spiritual practice is something that allows your spirit to be light again. Our physical bodies can feel weighty and imprisoning. A practice that helps you to be more the spiritual beings we are. In my personal opinion, negative (dark ) whatever you call it activities don’t give you that feeling. Because they tie us into the short physical life we’re in.
        I really hope this made sense.
        I really hope that you can try to overlook all the things that shut you down to each other.
        Mat you find lightnessand happiness in all your walks. And learn from all your sorrows and strife. Share your walk. Your words may save someone’s life one day. We’re all connected.

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      • Jesus Christ of Nazareth said: “Follow Me”. He did NOT say follow Crowley and other big name celebrities out here in the world. He said: “Follow Me.”

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    • Anything that is not of God, is of the Devil.

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      • I agree, Noname! I had to laugh at the ignorance of the comment Dennis wrote above…”Pan and the Triple moon goddess are not satanic. At all. I’d really would like you to consider that they are not all satanic nor evil just because they are pagan gods/goddesses” and especially this one, ” pan and the triple moon are Christian and have nothing to do with Satans deception”
        Wow, huh?

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  2. I’ve researched “the conspirators” for 8 years now……….I started this journey playing “devils advocate” with the beliefs that I was raised with only to find that the more I dug……..the more EVERYTHING not only pointed to proving my beliefs correct but also unravelling ancient prophecy before my eyes!…… doesn’t really MATTER anymore if one believes in GOD or Not,………the Megalomaniac TRUE rulers of this not only believe in GOD………..but also Lucifer (Lucy)…….and are moving heaven and earth to do his bidding!…………….aaaaaand ALL those “great thinkers” and “Scientists” of the last 50 years or so that got the “thinking man” to believe there is no ,(MAN………you can get him to believe he can drink water and piss gold as long as you stroke his ego during the process)………….YEAH……they ALL believe in GOD …………but it was their mission to convince the world otherwise by questioning their intelligence……..once again playing man like a fiddle with his ego! And by the by……….if your willing to cut the “fat” and be honest………..witches…….ALL witches are of satanic nature and origins!…… if your a witch………no matter what you fool yourself with………you are infact a satanist for ALL “witchcraft” is from ancient babylon when they worshipped Lucy and his fallen as gods………..DO AMPLE RESEARCH AND I GUARANTEE YOU…….IT’LL ALL FALL IN LINE, AT YOUR FEET EVENTUALLY!………. MayGOD Bless ALL those that walk UPRIGHT! 🙂

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    • I couldn’t agree more… I know of several researchers who began their work as agnostics, only to find that the true “BIG PICTURE” is indeed the war between good and evil. Church has nothing to do with it, other than to mislead those incapable of doing their own thinking. SPIRITUALITY is the key…..

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    • Lucy in the Sky with diamonds????

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    • 100% correct great post

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  3. This is a complete subliminal message of REVELATIONS read revelations and watch this trailer. ” I finally have them” ” the worst of the worst” lets just say i put them in a hole and threw away the hole” “we have built in deniability” releasing the creatures of the bottomless pit. “The best of the best” currently special forces are conducting exercises around the US. “were in so much trouble” JUDGEMENT…”hope you’ve got insurance” Jesus… there is more. It all basically fits. But the end is what caught me….” oh im not gonna kill ya….im just gonna hurt ya…really…really bad… “And in those days man will seek death and death will flee from him” Anyone who is familiar with revelations is probably freaking out by now…watching it over and over….it freaked me out big time.

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    • I am totally on par with you here, but there was only one Revelation (not ‘revelations’) 😛

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      • No, it used to be Revelations (with an ‘s’). Another Mandela Effect.

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        • Yes, I know Heather, I am going through the KJV and I will add, this is my mother’s old Bible, which also I had read through it years ago(same older Bible) A lot of people do not get that, but these are older Bibles. I am making note of Scriptures. For example, in Matthew 19:14 this older KJV, it now states regarding Jesus of the children….’suffer little children….’ and I know it was ‘suffer THE little children….” and I know it’s just a little word. But if an old book sitting in someone’s home for years suddenly loses one little word, then something is wrong. Does anyone remember it being ‘suffer the little children’.

          Isaac I’m not sure if you have an older KJV, but if you do, when you have some time, please read Malachi 4:2 in your Bible to see what it states, my older Bible states the Sun of righteousness. I will admit my memory is not that great from my Sunday School classes and all this just makes me wish I had spent more time being a better Christian and reading the Bible so my memory would be better. Most everyone I know just looks over all this and says, ‘well we were taught it was that way…’ But Sun of righteousness just doesn’t sound right at all? Especially as sun is capitalized. Please do a study on the Mandela Effect sometime 🙂 It is difficult to explain. You have memory only to go on….and for the record I do not recall Nelson Mandela dying many years ago(where this theory came from as a lot of people came out after he died a few years ago and said he had died in prison years ago) I don’t know about all that, but when the Bible seems to be changing, then I know something is not right! I don’t know whether it is CERN as some people say, Quantum computers or simply Dark Magic! Probably the latter, but one way or another, I am losing a lot of sleep over this one and already have a page full of verses that seem to have been altered?

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          • Put words to rest, listen to your heart. Your being distracted. Good to pass on knowledge help others see it too. Please don’t feed the negativity your feeling from it. Seek out the positive and feed that.

          • Hello Jenny,

            Yah I agree with you and it doesn’t really worry me as I figure if so, it’s planned, as probably would be the same as with Job in the Bible when Satan got permission to make things horrible for Job! I know we are in end times now and I had never thought of the possibility of the bible changing? But its the Bible scholars and christians that throw completely close the door to this that troubles me mostly about this more than anything. I will be the first to admit my memory is not perfect.

            Regarding the lion and the lamb, I am 90% certain it was that and never a Wolf and a lamb. Again, I speak of going through the older Bible of my mother, not an updated newer translation or world version of KJV. As far as the ‘judge not LEST ye be judged’ though I am certain 100% and in fact, would stake my life on it! Although the verse is now a bit different?

            I had mentioned this to a Christian lady who reads daily. She stated that lion and lamb was something ‘we were all taught’, but acknowledged she really could not remember whether she had read it that was a a child or not in Sunday School? She would not even answer whether ‘Lest’ was originally in the KJV?

            But I just try and be aware of all this and see how it will all turn out? I always figured they would take away the Bibles in the end times, but if this be true, then I guess they won’t need to do that in the long run 🙁 and I never discourage anyone from reading the Bible as it all seems small subtle changes for now. But thank you though for replying and Peace to you 🙂

          • I don’t know if this would be helpful, but here’s a few things, I have on that subject.



            Look What’s Missing


            Here’s an article of why we should real only the KJV, very good info:

            “I am the LORD, I change not.”
            Malachi 3:6



    • Yep i watched it over and over also and yes, it Really did freak me out as well. So many people are oblivious to this and i somtimes wonder if it would have been better had i never researched illuminati at all. Its like being born again. Once i did the research, its all i see now. I really wish i never knew about the illuminati to be honest.

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    • Hey – great post! It’s late July as I write this – In the latest trailer for this film ( from Comic Con ) The video is paired with the song ” All my friends are Heathens”. The lyrics to the song are eye-opening. It’s as if the song is written from the point of view of the fallen angels trapped in the abyss. It matches perfectly with the theme of the film though – because symbolically the movie is also about the release of the ‘ fallen ones ‘ from their ‘ prison’. The occult imagery and symbolism is blatant here too. The promos are glitzy, violent and ‘fun’. But I won’t get lured into seeing this one. It’s some seriously satanic movie making. I suspect we’ll see lots more like it in the coming days, too! TH

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      • Yep, and I was talking to a couple of friends the other day, whom are not in Truth of the ways of the world and way things are going. They are even able to see it’s not right. They are shaking their heads over the way ‘superheroes’ act more like the bad guys in these movies

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  4. There is a god but God is everything. If your religious your wasting your time. I hope Christianity is destroyed as well as all other religions. Humanity has much better things to do.

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    • I really don’t expect you to understand……. Your ego keeps truth from reaching your eyes and ears…… And proof of this is the hidden disdain in your comment…….. But hope is eternal as is love and even though the Prophesies are unfolding like never before and yet goes unnoticed by most of those still connected to their “idiot boxes”………..their is still a chance for you yet to find wisdom that transcends all of man’s knowledge………… But you’ll never know this until you let yourself go and the ego that chains you and be brave and humble enough to feel a love that’s beyond our understanding……….. It’s all about peace and love…………. Without it………. We’re are nothing more than the shot throwing monkeys we’ve been trained to believe……… ..aaaaaaand good day to you sir. ?

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  5. Does anyone else find it ironic that things like this usually refer the “hidden occult……” It’s a bit redundant LOL. As for the destruction of Christianity conspiracy, I think that there’s more evidence that the conspiracy is the religion itself. From the beginning it’s evil to acquire knowledge & serpent who says as much is vilified. Then there are a bunch of hateful & bigoted rules that serve only to set groups of people apart. The Tower of Babel myth is a perfect example of humans working together in harmony only to have God come & forcibly separate them again. If there’s a conspiracy, it’s that Christianity is in place to promote separation, class warfare, the acquisition of knowledge, & the liberation it brings, so that those at the top can remain there without having to quell any insurrection because the religious beliefs of the lower classes do it automatically. They were designed to do just that! I think you’re on to something when you say that it’s about making good, evil etc, but I think you’re mistaken with regard to your starting point.

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    • You are half right all religions after catholic were created for all the reasons you mentioned, to distort the real bible, & to misguide people. Satan followers changed dogma in every other religion to conceal the truth

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    • Just remember though, when they set up this One World Government, the first thing they will do is set up a One World Religion, which they will require everyone to worship(no more freedom of worship) and needless to say it will not be Christianity

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  6. I’m not a witch, I promise. LOL
    But in the Tarot, The Magician and The Fool are not the same card… not ever. Just a little copy editing, hope you don’t mind.

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  8. Just saw Suicide Squad tonight. The movie is littered with demonic/satanic imagery, glorifies mental illnesses, and was just plain incomfortable to watch. Even had that witch opening up a portal in the sky so she could control the world, not unlike what is going on at CERN. Really blatant in your face occultism stuff. The movie had everything you warned about when you wrote this article, and then some. Christians should steer clear of this movie.

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  9. Hey Isaac,

    I have just became a big fan of yours. While questioning my existence and a little soul searching I decided to stop accepting the information I was being force fed and dig deeper for answers. I stumbled upon many podcasts and then found yours. Yours by far was the best. Once I became awoke to what was actually going on I cant turn it off. It sucks because it’s really affecting my well being and how I perceive everything. This reality is really fucked. I just saw Suicide Squad for the second time. As I was watching it I was making notes of all the illuminati references. You nailed in on the head with all of these from the trailer. I made connections with a bunch more symbolism in the movie. I am still knew to all these conspiracies and taking in all the information so I don’t know too much about relating things to ancient symbolism or occult stuff. I would really like if you made another blog of you explaining the symbolism from the whole movie. If you want to shoot me an email feel free and I’ll tell you what I picked out from it. I plan on seeing it for a third time. Thank you for all you do. We need more people like you speaking up. I plan on buying all your books soon. Cheers!

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  10. Read the Wes Penre Papers and the coming of the machine kingdom…or how these idiots portray Isis saying humans worship machines. This way they can get it into the psyche of humanity that that is truly what humans do so the law of free will is not broken when the machine kingdom is introduced as the old demi gods return. For one…Isis was never evil, she and Ra were undercover for Orion against the intruders here, and two…humanity does not worship machines. Machines worship what humanity has and these machines…soulless archons, want what you have. This will be the last year for this matrix of illusions.

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  11. Great post and love the community with all the different perceptions. It seems the majority lead to this movie being symbolism for something more and horrific if it were to play through. Now my question is, does anyone know what the symbols on the enchantress’s head dress mean or where it is derived from? I havent done research like this in a while but when i saw the profile they gave her along with harley quinn calling the chief the devil, i got very interested and wanted to find maybe a counter to all this

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    • This is a great question, and I wondered the same thing. At least one is a symbol belonging to Aleister Crowley. Has a sort of ‘ personal crest’ if you will. At first glance it looks like a couple diamonds side-by-side. I noticed this thing on her head dress during one of the promos. Again that symbol is real, and apparently in use with those practicing very serious dark magic. I haven’t seen her headpiece enough to get a look at the other symbols, but I don’t doubt that they too are quite real. Blessings –
      T Haynes

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  12. Hi, i saw the movie yesterday, 100% satanic, the devil is everywhere as if it was a legion of darkness, they are letting us know the apocalypse is starting with world war 3, due to a terrorist attack they will create, and they will end it, just like ww1 and ww2. Triple sixes everywhere, full of numerology hidden messages. Greetings from south america

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    • Greetings too 🙂 E. I have been researching various countries to locate, including where you are. Central or South America, New Zealand. I always wanted to live in Ireland, but figure that the British Isles will not be much different than here. So tired of the BS going on up here, the satanism take over and the zombies playing their stupid pokemon games or whatever arises next to keep the masses distracted. I’m sure other countries have plenty of issues too, but I can see the writing on the wall here and not happy camper 🙁 You are right and Isaac really stays on top of all this. Wish more people did too

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  13. Hello everyone,

    I came upon this article because for some reason my husband and I were never able to go see Suicide Squad. Something always came up. Either we were too tired to go, or we ran out of funds, or just didn’t have the desire to go anymore. So I looked up if suicide squad had any demonic or occult ties, and surprisingly I was shocked when I came upon this article. Well not so shocked because the Holy Sprit told me. As a Christian I must say without offending anyone that yes according to biblical scripture, worshipping other gods besides God Himself, any form of witchcraft, astrology, moon goddess, Pan, Satan , whatever else that is not praising and worshipping God Himself is in fact Satanic. The evidence is here you all for those who think worshipping the moon Goddess or Pan is harmless. According to
    Leviticus 26:1
    ‘You shall not make for yourselves idols, nor shall you set up for yourselves an image or a sacred pillar, nor shall you place a figured stone in your land to bow down to it; for I am the LORD your God “.
    Also in Jeremiah 1:16 it says that “I will pronounce My judgments on them concerning all their wickedness, whereby they have forsaken Me and have offered sacrifices to other gods, and worshiped the works of their own hands.” And a really truthful verse which says in
    Deuteronomy 18:9–12
    Abominable Practices
    9 “When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, wyou shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone xwho burns his son or his daughter as an offering,5 anyone who ypractices divination or ztells fortunes or interprets omens, or aa sorcerer 11 or a charmer or ba medium or a necromancer or cone who inquires of the dead, 12 dfor whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And ebecause of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.” As a matter of fact God told the people of Israel to kill whoever was found practicing witchcraft. Leviticus 20:27
    27 x“A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be ystoned with stones; ztheir blood shall be upon them.” So there you go. That’s way more than enough to prove Suicide Squad is in fact a demonic film. But of course the Devil will try to confuse you all into believing that it’s perfectly harmless when it’s not. 2 Corinthians 4:4
    “4 In their case gthe god of this world dhas blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing hthe light of ithe gospel of the glory of Christ, jwho is the image of God.” For those practicing witchcraft know that Jesus died in th cross for your sins and He loves you but He hates your sin. God bless you all.

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  14. Is this the same Richie from Boston that uploaded a video on YouTube about a fake sacrifice at CERN?

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  15. The Rolling Stones’ song ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ is in the movie. Each character is introduced with Satanic references.

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  16. The fool in tarot can make a journey to become the magician or emperor or any other symbolic archetypal character as he/ she progresses through their development. The Joker character portrays chaos, potential anarchy, but not necessarily evil or good- he is the trickster, the immortal loophole. If he sheds light on oppression, he becomes linked with lucifer, the fallen angel who brought the only thing to mankind that can stop them being slaves- self awareness and the ability to search for enlightenment- harlequin as his partner is equal – the female equivalent – typifying all untamed maiden goddesses, bringing strength, beauty, independence and the value of untamed sexuality which modern society tries to oppress.
    In mythic terms, only the Union of two enlightened beings can produce the wisdom needed for the new age of transcendence- not the fluffy crap spouted these days but the true ancient religions- for our world to be able to access the next level of knowledge, the coming together of self aware beings will open the doors to wisdom. Let’s hope their intent is pure and unbiased, knowledge may bring anarchy, but humans controlling such forces for their own short sighted ends will result in true destruction.

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  17. you got it all wrong,,,the enchantress and her brother are the only good guys,,,the rest represent the evil that rules the world and they’ll do anything to stop the supreme being who created us from ruling the world,,,,I quote what enchantress says somewhere in the movie,,”they used to worship us,now they worship machines”which is what is happening in the world today,,,I know y’all happy when the enchantress vanished but that’s what they want you to believe in,,,do you wish to be on Quinn’s side who represents the pornographic sites that have ruled the world through the internet?think twice,,, that’s the side that Satan wants us to be on,,,I’m not perfect but after watching this movie I now intend to be

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  18. lets not forgot the whote man power structure that keeps other nations down. Illuminati destroys the image of the black man and the native american man. It shows adam beach in handcuffs hitting a women saying “she had a mouth” then later in the film it shows will smith saying “I will hit you u dont care if you are a women!” this affects how children see coloured men and children are the targets here! this show was meant for kids beleive it or not.

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  19. What about the pink unicorn? What is the symbology behind captain boomerang and his pink unicorn?

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  20. Suisid Squad Movie is my favourite movie that i always watch in my home,because of illuminati symbole that being displayed their! I Love The Illuminati symbols,it make me diffrent in public use.Thank you illuminati world order organization movie industrt.

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  21. Both sides are all just part of the false light. The whole point of good/bad or light/dark or God/devil is so people pick a side and believe in something. It is all the same beings controlling humanity with a game of how to control the sheep…
    I prefer to declare myself a divine sovereign being of the universe and not pick a side. Why indulge in their silly game. Be free.

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  22. The story of the Illuminati began millennia before Weishaupt with the Hermetic Jews of Egypt and the aliens from Sirius before them. To see the Illuminati history and its main participants read The Royal Secret a thrilling novel of Illuminati history thru Solomon to Christ to Shakespeare to the Templars and the US Founding Fathers and the tale of the Tudor Francis Bacon who was the link from past to present.

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