Stranger Things: MKULTRA tale of Illuminati and Occult Symbolism

Hello and welcome back to! Today I’d like to discuss a show that captured my imagination and subsequently led to the binge-watching of it this past weekend.

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Stranger Things– I implore you to please go watch it before I destroy the entire story for you (*PLOT SPOILERS ARE IN THIS ARTICLE*). After that, please come back and read this analysis because you’ll find that there are many pertinent threads in conspiracy theory that need addressed…


Stranger Things IW 350w

I saw other theorists talking about this show but I reserved any judgement or reading of their analysis in order to form my own opinion. I also have an avid interest in many of the topics this show touches on: horror, the supernatural, conspiracy, and all things 1980s; so I didn’t want to ruin the experience of watching this show untainted.

You’ll see in this article that we did in fact tread over a couple of the same ideas which lends more credit to the theory that Stranger Things is indeed tapping into an occult current of the New Age…


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When I talk about “magick,” I am definitely not referring to the stage magic of David Copperfield. Instead, I’m referring to the ceremonial magick utilized by occultists who seek to use white or black magick to conform the universe to their own will or desires.

This is one of the major tenets of the predicted New Age in which magick will be understood by the masses and utilized to transform the world we live in. When we see that Stranger Things has themes of magick through the kids practice of Dungeons & Dragons, we can assume that it is being used to entice the current generation of youth into trying their hand at it.

Will Byers is shown in Chapter 1 playing D & D with the boys and casted “Fireball” instead of “Protection” when they were battling the Demogorgon. Mike tells Lucas that Will was protecting the group- which ultimately led to him being trapped by the demonic forces in the “Upside Down” world.


Interestingly enough, we could also consider the names of the boys which is suggesting that one’s “Will” is how the universe is shaped around us. This is an axiom of the infamous occultist and ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley’s when he said “Do what thou will” and coined the term of “true will.”

Aleister Crowley triangle hat

We also see a reference to the magical world of J.R.R. Tolkien when they talk about how Will Byers went through the “Mirkwood” forest which references J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings– a tale about evoking a ‘great beast’ named Nodens from the underworld, as I point out in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: The Mark of the Beast:

In 1929, Tolkien researched the etymology of the name “Nodens” after archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler found the connection of a cursed ring in an ancient Roman temple grounds in Lydney Park, England. The ring said “Among those who bear the name of Senicianus to none grant health until he bring back the ring to the temple of Nodens.” This ring; referred to as the “Vyne Ring” features the goddess Venus on it, which some can link into Isis (the goddess who grants those that evoke her desires and such; which surely comes at a cost…).

The Nodens beast of Tolkien is the same as the one as H.P. Lovecraft’s Chtulu, which is the same as Crowley’s Choronzon, which is what we see in Stranger Things as the Demogorgon.

I’ve personally never played D & D, so I researched the web to find out that the Demogorgon is a demonic entity based on the true pagan demon after the same name. It is described as a primordial being from the underworld and is based off the actual belief in the Demiurge (due to the words Greek origins demiourgon). How curious was it for me to find this out since I wrote about the Demiurge and the Gnostic roots of pop culture tales in A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory

AGUCT Cover Gumroad

The Demogorgon is referenced in many tales- including Paradise Lost as the demon that exists in the place where chaos reigns at night. It is also a major character in Prometheus Unbound– a work that has been highlighted before in KUBRICK’S CODE:


The Star Child was designed to follow the description of the book, Prometheus Unbound:

“Within the orb itself, Pillowed upon its alabaster arms, Like to a child o’erwearied with sweet toil, On its own folded wings and wavy hair The Spirit of the Earth is laid asleep…“ 

Now, let’s take that and explore why Kubrick depicted the Star Child as such. We already spoke about the Luciferianism tie-ins with the film and the knowledge (e.g. violence) bestowed upon mankind from this black monolith; but we could also consider that the tale of Prometheus also suggests sympathizing with an entity that defies god in order to “bestow knowledge” upon humanity. In fact, Prometheus Unbound is a tale that explores one version of the Prometheus legend where he is subjected to eternal torture for supplying the knowledge to mankind by the higher god; Zeus. Jupiter is actually the planet represented by Zeus, and in Prometheus Unbound he falls from power and this subsequently releases Prometheus from his punishment.

We’ll reconsider this Kubrick link before the article ends, so keep this in the back of your mind…

All of this plays on the same theme of magick and “As Above So Below” ideas of witchcraft/paganism where the microcosm and macrocosm are inextricably linked; with magick on Earth affecting the cosmos, just like the “Upside Down” world is connected to the real world.



Chapter 3 shows us the first bit of foreshadowing that there are some MKULTRA considerations in this tale. Police Chief Jim Hopper learns more about this subject while at the library, but he could’ve got the full breakdown had he jumped into a time machine to 2016 and read my music conspiracy book: SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.

In this music industry tell-all I go into great detail on the sordid history of the CIA’s mind control program operated from the 1950s-1970s and how it possibly went further underground to this day. A sign by the research facility shows us that the government is indeed involved when we see “Hawkins Lab US Department of Energy”:

Stranger Things DoE

Many people reject the idea that our government tried to use LSD to brainwash participants in this controversial study, but the truth is that it was successfully run under the radar for many years. Some even claim Timothy Leary was attached to this program as he urged people to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” Of course, he passed away in 2015 and I detailed how Susan Sarandon ate his ashes in an Illuminati “ritual” at Burning Man.

Susan Sarandon Burning Man Leary

It should also be noted that Timothy Leary is Winona Ryder’s godfather (*note that Winona Ryder plays Will’s mother in Stranger Things)…

Winona Ryder Tim Leary Interview Magazine

We also see MKULTRA symbolism in Chapter 4 during the scene where the morgue secretary tells Chief Hopper that the regular person doing the autopsy was told to go home and someone else conducted it. This woman has an MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterfly around neck- symbolism that supports the alleged program that used child abuse to create various alters referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Stranger Things MKULTRA Butterfly

Or maybe this is the mouth of the Demogorgon?…

You’ll also hear Dr. Martin Brenner coax Eleven when he tells her they will be conducted an exercise that is like when they memorized nursery rhymes. Fritz Springmeier’s “The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave” asserts that songs and nursery rhymes are utilized with Monarch programming to solicit certain behaviors or ways of thinking. I believe this is what we see when he implants certain messages into her subconscious that play a certain role in occultism (e.g. he says words like “evolve” and “enchanted”).

In Chapter 6 we confirm more of the MKULTRA roots when we learn of a previous victim named Terry Ives of this sadistic research effort. Her daughter was taken away from her during the MKULTRA experiments, which could possibly be Eleven, if you believe she was originally Terry’s “unborn” daughter- Jane.

We can actually classic MKULTRA symbols in “Jane’s” room in Chapter 6. If you read Cathy O’Brien’s Tranceformation of America you’ll read more about preparing the youth’s mind for programming by blurring reality through films such as Alice in Wonderland. How curious is it to see the rabbit on the wall:

Stranger Things alice in wonderland rabbit


If you want learn ALL about Alice in Wonderland (along with several other theories); check out my book on the subject called Alice in Rocky Horrorland:

Alice in Rocky Horrorland cover 300w medium


Another classic symbol is that of the Minerva owl we know exists at Bohemian Grove. Ironically, children are sacrificed in effigy to the owl statue, so it’s fitting to see it in “Jane’s” room as well:

Stranger Things owl minerva


Not once, but twice…

Stranger Things owl


For more on the owl- check out my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Owls and the Horns of Satan article.

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva

Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony to the Owl God of Minerva



Evolved Beings and the God: El

When we’re introduced to Eleven we quickly see the boys give her the name of “El.” How interesting is it that “El” is the name used by the ancients in the cradle of civilization to refer to their god; as in El-ohim and Is-ra-El.

Eleven Stranger Things

This show depicts Eleven as the superior model of humanity- much like we see from superhero films. The evolved being is clearly superior to the unaltered humans, given her ability to use her mental powers such as telekinesis and spirit channeling. For years we’ve seen X-Men showing us the varied abilities to perform such feats, which goes hand in hand with the alleged spiritual powers of the Eastern religious figures such as Hinduism (e.g. Yogananda was able to levitate and walk through walls).

X-men with the All Seeing Eye symbolism over the evolved beings

X-men with the All Seeing Eye symbolism over the evolved beings

There are many references to the X-Men in this show. In fact, during Chapter 4 we hear that El is channeling a spirit- like Professor X.


Crowley’s 11 

Another idea to consider is that 11 is the number used by occultist magician Aleister Crowley to represent the Abyss realm. This is the hidden area on the Kabbalah Tree of Life referred to as the “Da’ath” sephirot where the Choronzon entity resides. I’ve talked about this concept exhaustively in the past- including the recent Pokemon Go occult phenomenon and how it relates to the “Mauve Zone” known as Da’ath.

Pokemon Go Illuminati and the Occult


Crowley’s number 11 also represents the union of the pentagram (5) with the hexagram (6), which is symbolic of the microcosm joining the macrocosm; which is the ‘As Above So Below’ concept I spoke of earlier. and his Esoteric Hollywood podcast with Jamie Hanshaw reveals the same findings- with talk of the number 11 being that of ceremonial magick and the discussion of MKULTRA’s prominence in the show.

Knowledge of this new age of magick and revelation of the Illuminati method results in Crowley’s age of the crowned and conquering child. Mankind will have no limits on what they can achieve should they put their mind and will towards their desires.

Of course, just like we witness in the show, the occult magician must first traverse the Abyss and face Choronzon before completing their “Great Work” which is why these occultists so desperately want to make that final contact…


Contact with the Other Side and the Bathtub

You’ll notice the main theme of this show is making contact with the shadow world. Some call it the Abyss, others call it Da’ath, or the Other Side. In this show it is called the “Upside Down.”

Very much like A Nightmare on Elm Street with the concept of a parallel dimension (it even has a main female protagonist named Nancy); we see the prominence of a bathtub being the conduit for making contact with the other side.

Nancy from NOES with Project MONARCH butterfly

Nancy from NOES with Project MONARCH butterfly- seen in A Nightmare on Elm St: The Occult and Illuminati Analysis

As I’ve discussed in my Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Water and the Occult Bathtub article, the bath is a cleansing ritual one does before passing over into the Other Side, which is why we saw the mysterious deaths of Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Kristina in the ceremonial rituals of bathtubs. The water represents the subconscious mind, which is why we see it so often in Stranger Things.

Lucifer Rising Bathtub Triangle Mirror

In Chapter 2 we find that Barb’s blood hits the pool and summons the beast; this is the first water transition where it shows her in the Other Side with a pool that is in a much different realm. That prior link to JaysAnalysis also points out information from a previous guest on my podcast (Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture) named William Ramsey, who asserts that the blood used in this fashion is typical of summoning demons from the goetia.

We also see that Eleven was subjected to sensory deprivation through the “Bath” which later we find is the portal to the Other Side. Chapter 7 is even named “The Bathtub.”

Stranger Things the Bathtub

In the show we find that they were trying to merely spy on the Cold War Soviet Union but accidentally opened the Veil which unleashed this beast…

Stranger Things Eleven bath

In Chapter 6 they confirm their desires to contact these other worldly entities when Dr. Brenner tells Eleven: “Today we make contact.” Later on we see Eleven enter the “bathtub” and make indeed makes contact which opens the veil. What I find interesting is that they discuss this idea of a parallel dimension with their science teacher and he suggests that it takes an incredible amount of energy in order to pierce the veil. How curious is it that CERN has the potential to do such a thing and perhaps is even already trying?…

CERN logo: 666

CERN logo: 666

Another link to pop culture we should consider is the influence of 2001: A Space Odyssey and its occult messages. In Stranger Things, we find out that the house number of Will’s family is 149:

Stranger Things 149 Kubrick

How curious is it that these are the precise dimensions of 2001: A Space Odyssey’s monolith dimensions; a concept I go into great detail with KUBRICK’S CODE.

Signed Paperback and Video Download

Signed Paperbacks, DVDs, & video download options available!

The Star Gate of 2001 is similar to this gate- it’s all about opening the portal and piercing the veil.

Another Kubrick/2001 tie-in is found in Chapter 1 when Nancy references a teacher named Mr. Kaminsky.  Recall that I noticed in KUBRICK’S CODE that Mr. Kaminsky is killed off by HAL9000 in 2001 and is also “cancelled” by Tom Cruise’s Bill Harfor in Eyes Wide Shut

Given the Prometheus Unbound reference from above; it seems that the Duffer Brothers are somewhat influenced by the same occult beliefs we saw in Kubrick’s films.


In Conclusion

Stranger Things may be one of my favorite shows given its wide array of topics I stay interested in. The occult tie-ins are undeniable, which makes me curious as to its effects on the masses. They seem to be stoking interest in games like Dungeons & Dragons which many have voiced concerns over during the Satanic Panic of the 80s. The parents in the show seem to be of no worry over their children’s hobbies– even after one of the demons gets loose an almost kills them!

Another interesting consideration is the placement of MKULTRA details in the show. This promises to open up dialogue on this concept and perhaps promote awareness on behalf of the people taking in this form of entertainment- which I believe is a good thing.

Awareness seems to me to be the key to “breaking the spell” of Holly-wood and its magic wand, so please continue your research as we all continue down this journey of revealing occult symbolism and Illuminati agendas on…

Thanks for reading, and be sure to sign up for the free email newsletter or support the research by reading one of the many books available on the IW SHOP page.



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. We binged watched this in a few days and I did say to myself what would Isaac make of this, he will have a field day,lol!

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    • You forgot to mention in chapter 8 when wills mom is captured they repeat 6 three times referring to the amount of people taken by the monster

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      • I had a really demonic dream while bingewatching this show. I was watching it without the realization of any of the symbolism – just enjoying it. I fell asleep while watching it and in my dream was being held down while someone drew an occult symbolism on my face. I then stumbled across your site which confirmed it. Anyhow be careful with watching this stuff. You open yourself up to a lot of things. Thankfully there is a savior Jesus.

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        • Goodness gracious… It happend to me also! I had an awful nightmare at 2 am. I woke up and pray to Jesus.
          I enjoy this show though.

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  2. I think the Duffer Brothers are fans of yours. Seems like the boys did their research on conspiracy theories and the occult. Lots of buzz about Stranger Things, I can’t he bit think it’s part of the bigger script. Your article helped clarify the show, Thanks!

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  3. You stated that Timothy Leary passed in 2015. Wrong. Leary passed away in 1996. Susan Sarandon in 2015, a friend of Leary, brought some of his ashes and placed them in an art exhibition where they were burned. She didn’t “eat them.” (Wikipedia)

    Evidence has come out in recent years that Dr. Leary was a CIA asset and recruited by them at Harvard inn 1960. Most likely by Aldous Huxley. Check the evidence at

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  4. My Life Path numerology number is 11. Lol Wonder what that means creepyyyyyy

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  5. Good point with Eleven and El (like Kal-El and Jor-El in Superman)
    By the way, is it Choronzon or Chronozon ? I kinda struggle with the pronounciation to be honest… Also, since I am not living in America, I do have a question : are Americans (I mean, the masses) aware of MKULTRA ? I mean, it has been going on for so many years now…

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    • I don’t believe the “masses” are aware, and most people would be shocked at the info, if they did believe it to be true. But, it’s more of a topic than ever, which isn’t to say most people are aware of the project.

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    Not a single day passes without killings
    done in the most cold and horrific ways
    each country has its dangerous villains
    driven to perform their latest craze

    Satan is a murderer and a thief
    he is spitting God in His Face
    he’s the devils commander in chief
    in the war against the human race

    The world drenched in total insanity
    is guided by leaders in moral decay
    causing the demise of us, humanity
    bringing us closer to Judgment Day

    O Lord, our Creator and Savior
    how long will You let this go on
    block this disgusting behavior
    of our new luciferian Babylon

    The world is a dangerous place
    morals are under satan’s antenna
    loving God is seen as a disgrace
    they choose to live in a Gehenna

    Satan knows his empire will end
    thus works like crazy to collect
    plenty of souls out of God’s Hand
    but soon his plans will be wrecked.

    Patiently,-not always- waiting for
    Jesus’ return.
    Rita Biesemans, July 30 2016

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    • Beautiful poem. Praise God!!

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      • loved this poem. It is fantastic indeed. AMEN!

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  7. In episode 3 of the first season at around 11min 11sec there is a scene where Steve points to Monarch Butterfly stickers inside of Nancy’s locker after they kiss. It doesn’t make any sense other than pointing out some hidden message meant for people in the know.

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    • I spotted this too.

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  8. Great article, some great “catches”, too, and I learned a few things. Sometimes I think I look more in the background scenes to catch things rather than focusing on the main characters. Something else I noticed, since I watch on my PC with headphones, is this: In Chapter 6 at 30:11 I hear the word “eleven” in the background. Can anyone verify this for me, or is it something altogether different? Thanks!

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    • I’ve also seen some MK stuff in the Mr. Robot series. I thought sure you would have written something about this show, but then again, there’s really a lot of stuff going on with media these days…

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  9. One of the male characters subtly verbalizes 666 (….six. Six…six).

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  10. you are a descendant of the founder?

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    • I also ask myself this question 🙂

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  11. thank you for pulling this all together. i appreciate your approach, i am a christian and enjoy watching until that uneasiness comes through clearly and my spirit turns from it. often times i don’t identify the reasons and just put it into the no go zone. as i read your conclusions i was able to identify the causes of the uneasiness. i appreciate it. i believe the holy spirit is leading me to different websites to get a grasp on whats really going on and preparing me for the battles. God bless you…

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