‘Storage Wars’ Illuminati and satanic symbolism

I’m a fan of the Storage Wars show on A&E, so I don’t know if this post is tongue-in-cheek or if it’s something I’d really believe. Either way, I find the amount of coincidences too much to ignore. I’ve put together a small compilation video of clips from the show to support some of these ideas, I’ll post it at the very bottom.

It was the 84th episode entitled ‘Still Nobody’s Vault But Mine‘ in which the standard format of the show goes down with bidding wars over sets of vaults (typically they’re storage lockers though).

The second of half of the 100 vault auction runs into the night in Chatsworth, CA. Ivy Calvin bites the other buyers, slithering to a profit. Darrell Sheets takes charge without Brandon, winning a vault that furnishes his bank roll. And Jarrod and Brandi grab the auction by the horns, making them the true winners of the auction.

The first thing that stuck out is the location of the episode. It is in Chatsworth, CA which is where several western films were made. This includes the location of the infamous Spahn Movie Ranch where Charles Manson and his ‘family’ lived from ’68-’69 when they performed the grisly murders.

illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars

I also noticed that Jarrod Schulz was wearing his typical ‘Outlaw‘ apparel, but the shirt he wore seemed quite a bit different than usual. It seemed to mock Christianity with the praying hands image holding cash. The shirt itself is called ‘Pray for Money’ on his website and features a skull of death on the knuckles.


There is a theme as if Jarrod has sold his soul to the Illuminati in this episode. He talks about how they’ve really made it this time, which is a sign of contractual agreement with satan and/or the Illuminati. See the video at the bottom for more on that.

illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars 2

pray for money

The next thing I noticed was that Jarrod and Brandi took a liking to a piece of furniture that was adorned with bull horns. The bull holds great symbolic importance in Illuminati and satanic worship. The bull was worshiped by the Canaanites in Biblical times as Moloch or Ba’al. This same owl god is found at Bohemian Grove as the elites gather and perform “mock” child sacrifice to a giant Moloch statue during the Cremation of Care ceremony.

illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars 7

Later on, Jarrod and his crew go to get the Moloch furniture appraised and some of his crew members proceed to mock what appears to be a religious type statue (it looks similar to Mary Magdalene from the Bible). This theme perpetuates the mockery of Christianity that seems to be an underlying theme of this episode.


illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars 4

illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars 5

While they are in the store, the camera is sure to capture a piece of symbolism that supports this seemingly improbable theory. It’s the Illuminati calling card of the all seeing eye of Horus:

illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars 3

Some more oddities about this episode include the portion of the show dedicated to snakes. The snake holds symbolic importance to the Illuminati because they are theorized to be shape shifting reptilians. David Icke pushes this theory and the support is thousands of years of serpent worship. Countless statues and myths of serpent intervention in the history of mankind draw conclusions that this is possible. The oldest form of religious ceremony was found to be a form of serpent worship over 70,000 years ago. There are serpent mounds in Ohio and ancient Sumerian scripts referring to serpent people from outer space. The theory goes on, you can read more on it through some online research of David Icke or Ancient Aliens.

illuminatiWatcherDotCom Storage Wars 6

And one last important aspect of this show is Mark Balelo’s death:

The Ventura County medical examiner’s office determined Mark Balelo died after inhaling carbon monoxide and car exhaust fumes. His body was found Monday morning in a business warehouse in Simi Valley, Calif.


I think this is the last episode that Balelo was featured in, as he committed suicide in February. If you really want to jump into the deep end you could say that perhaps this episode was a subliminal way the Illuminati could communicate the sacrificial death of Balelo in some kind of Illuminati ceremony.


Yet one more thing that stands out about this episode (well, technically it’s a two-episode arc) is the absence of Storage Wars star Dave Hester (the ‘YUUUUPPP’ guy). Supposedly he is no longer on the show because he’s suing it for planting items in the lockers and then giving preferential treatment to some of the stars. On the surface, you could believe this, but think about it for  minute. Why would a guy like Hester give up on a show that is surely his only way of making it? He had an avenue for fame and fortune and left, this reminds me of how entertainers turn their back and just disappear, like Dave Chappelle. It seems like they have a reaction to some kind of exposure to the Illuminati controls and decide they don’t want anything to do with it anymore.

Like I said up top, I don’t know whether I’m losing my mind, or if this is legit, but let’s keep an eye on future episodes of Storage Wars and see if there are any other calling cards left behind of Illuminati symbolism.

Here’s a video with a couple short pieces of footage to reference some of what I talked about:




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. you hit the nail on the head. don’t think for minute that you are reading too much into the symbolism of the show. we know it was put there for a reason intentionally. Barry is a known mason, you can tell by the symbolism in his skull and bones socks, checker board patterns, his connections to many famous people in all walks of life and in one instance he wore a jacket that said “cult leader.” this is the first i hear about Mark’s death. Tragic news. Also, death by apparent suicide is a favorite for the illuminati. Seems like Dave was smart and couldn’t betray his Creator by selling out. Crazy, since it seemed he really loved making money and as you said the show could have provided him both fame and fortune for a good while longer. May God Bless them all and open their eyes before the all seeing eye completely overtakes every aspect of their lifes and then their spirit. And may Mark Rest In Peace.

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  2. I don’t watch Storage Wars but this is a great expose’ on the show (tried to watch one time but it seemed scripted to me…is “why” I read your article.)

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    • You’re definitely not tripping in my opinion. Those are some very keen observations that you compiled in a very short time span. I’ve never really watched the show, but very nice observations.

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  3. there was also another episode with brandi and her husband where they found a mason bobblehead and wine glasses in a storage unit and gave them to the masonry when they figured out how much the value was because they help the childrens hospital.

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