Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining Conspiracy Theory

UPDATE: I’ve got an ENTIRE FULL FILM ANALYSIS with over 40 screenshots here including theories such as the Native American genocide, Holocaust, Freemasonry, and more:

Stanley Kubrick’s film, The Shining, has always had some mystique and lore attached to it. It didn’t quite follow the book by Stephen King perfectly (to the point that Stephen King has expressed his extreme dislike of the film), and Kubrick had many intentional forms of symbolism in it that he wouldn’t outright reveal. He said that he liked his films to speak for themselves, and this one does so in strange and mysterious ways. There’s a huge Kubrick following and many have put forth their different theories on the man and his movies.


A new Sundance film called Room 237 has attempted to encompass many of these theories and it discusses the references in the film to support it. I haven’t seen this film, but have read some of the material online and it sounds pretty awesome. Here’s some of them:

“The film is full of references, some subtle, some less so, to the Final Solution. There are the film’s many references to 1942, the year the Nazis began their extermination of Jews at Auschwitz: a 42 appears on a shirt worn by Danny; “Summer of ’42” is playing on the Torrances’ television; Wendy takes 42 swings with a bat at Jack. And then there’s that gusher of blood.”

“Then there is the music. Two pieces recur repeatedly: Bartók’s Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta and Penderecki’s The Awakening of Jacob. The fiercely anti-Nazi Hungarian Bartók’s piece was written in 1936, and Kubrick specifically uses the section of it known as “The Night Music.” “That music suggests trepidation about Nazism,” Cocks said. “[Kubrick] chose it because it’s creepy, but it can’t escape its own associations.” Penderecki was a Pole who lived through the Shoah and said all of his music was freighted with its horror; The Awakening of Jacob, which plays while blood rushes from the elevators—“as good a visual metonym for the horror of the 20th century that has ever been filmed,” as Cocks put it in the Times—is also known as the “Auschwitz Oratorio” for the time when it was played at the former camp at a ceremony in the 1960s.”

“When Bill Blakemore, a veteran ABC News correspondent and another “Shining” theorist in the documentary, noticed cans of Calumet baking powder emblazoned with an Indian chief logo in “The Shining,” he knew immediately what Kubrick had in mind. “I told my friends, ‘That movie was about the genocide of the American Indians.’ ””

“In 1987 Mr. Blakemore wrote an article for The Washington Post, noting the film’s use of Indian decorative elements (in one scene Mr. Nicholson hurls a tennis ball repeatedly against an Indian wall hanging), the Calumet cans and the Overlook’s location on an old Indian burial ground. “It’s about ghosts and memories and how we put together our sense of what has happened in the past,” Mr. Blakemore said in an interview. “ ‘I think a lot of things happened right here in this particular hotel over the years, and not all of ’em was good.’ He’s talking about the way the human race does it, and has done it over and over again.””


“The documentary’s biggest leap of faith comes with Jay Weidner, who posits that Mr. Kubrick helped NASA fake the Apollo Moon landings, then used “The Shining” to both confess his involvement — and brag about it. Mr. Weidner is at work on a DVD about the Kubrick-Apollo connection, his second, and cites as evidence a sweater worn by Danny with “Apollo 11” on it, and the hexagonal design on the hotel hallway carpet pattern, which he argues is a dead ringer for the aerial view of the Apollo launching pad. “The entire substory of ‘The Shining,’ ” Mr. Weidner said in an interview, “is the story of Kubrick making the Apollo footage and then trying to hide it from his wife, and then her finding out about it.””

To expand on the Jay Weidner/NASA theory, here’s some of Weidner’s thoughts:

  • Room 237 in the film was actually 217 in the novel. This is because the moon is 237,000 miles from Earth.
  • Referencing that the moon landing was a fake film: “It’s just like pictures in a book, Danny. It isn’t real.”
  • The dead twins in the film was only one child in the book. The twins represent Gemini, the previous NASA project and astrological twins.
  • Various bears throughout the film represent the Soviet Union-the US competitor to the moon.
  • “All work and no play…” stuff is referenced to “A11” the Apollo 11 mission.

Some of Weidner’s links are weak, but he has worked with Richard Hoagland who seems to have a lot of great information regarding this same topic.

Here’s a little tiny clip of Weidner’s film:

Making of the music for the film:

Jay Weidner on a talk show discussing one of this documentaries on Kubrick (fast forward to 7:00 to avoid all the chit chat promotional stuff):


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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