Spaceghostpurp New Video- “Osiris of the East”

This newer rapper named Spaceghostpurp just released a video for a single from a new album called Mysterious Phonk. This guy actually came up on my radar a few weeks back because I read an article that claimed he was this rapper who talked about controversial subjects such as the Illuminati. I then listened to some of his music and didn’t really pick that kind of vibe up. It just sounded like standard rap music to me. Maybe I’m missing something. When I hear something about esoteric/Illuminati rapping I go back to the first Jedi Mind Tricks album, or the Lost Children of Babylon (examples provided after the Spaceghostpurp video below):

Jedi Mind Tricks-I Who Have Nothing:
Lost Children of Babylon:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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