SOPA Conspiracy Theory


Video claims that the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is being lobbied by the
same people who distributed the piracy software. The lobbyists have spent
over $100 million so far (although I’m not sure where he gets that figure,
I’ve got another link here saying $2.5 million here, BUT I’ve got a link saying
$91 million from Center for Responsive Politics here:
s-spend-91m-lobbying-for-sopa-approval  ) on this bill that would make the
use of copyrighted material punishable by a maximum penalty of five years in
prison. This means that if you’re posting youtube videos or videos to your
blog of a cute compilation of animal tricks to the tune of say, Florence +
The Machine or Bob Marley, you’ll end up getting some hard time. As an
uploader to youtube, I’ve noticed recent changes to their website and how
difficult it is to attach any form of copyright protected material on there.
They’ve blocked some of my videos where as earlier I could post similar
types. Perhaps they’re bracing for this SOPA to be passed. Or I’m just


Cnet and are apparently subsidiaries of CBS (all seeing eye
news), who are supporting this SOPA. Same with ESPN/Disney, etc. They are
all throwing tons of money in support of SOPA, even though they all have
ties with CNet, BitTorrents, iMeshs, etc. and have pushed the downloading of
this software and “copyrighted” material.

The same people who taught us how to steal music, are suing us for doing
such. Nike, L’Oreal, NBC, Pfizer, Ford, NBA, Go-Daddy (who faced a severe
backlashing when they supported this), even the AFL-CIO have all supported
this. Ron Paul opposes the bill, as does Nancy Pelosi, Google, Yahoo!, AOL,
Twitter, eBay, Mozilla, Wiki, ACLU and others. The overall plot is for the
corporations to have control over the internet in the end by selling the
Congress on the idea that they’re losing so much money due to piracy (which
they endorsed) that they need to be given control in order to reign it in a

The bill will be discussed after the Congress winter recess.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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