Snakes and the Garden of Eden

David Icke (and other theorists) believe that there is a secret cabal of people who worship serpents, and this is believable because if you look into ancient religions and texts, many, if not most, have references to serpents and reptiles.

Here, the Huffington Post brings this point up, and surely they won’t be ridiculed; they’re part of the accepted mass media.


The snake — because he is smart and can talk — is an agent in this story of human transgression and change. Snakes are indeed scary and sometimes deadly, so it is not far-fetched to see this reptile as a trickster rather than, say, a sheep or a rabbit (although the rabbit is a trickster in some Native American stories). But to some early interpreters, the role of the snake was too important, too momentous, for the snake to just be a smart reptile. He had to be more.

…Now a cosmic duality came into being, in which the rulers of this era were the forces of darkness, led by the Prince of Darkness. (We see this cosmic duality in full strength in the Dead Sea Scrolls.) According to this new religious picture, when God finally intervenes, he will destroy all the wicked — including angels and people — and the righteous people will live as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.


The Annunaki from Sumerian legends speak of a scientist God called Enki that was responsible for genetic manipulation that changed homo sapiens. The Mayan worshiped the flying snake God Kulkulkan, as seen as it makes it’s ascension and descent from the steps of the Chichen Itza Temple. The Hindus talked about snakes (nagas) in their mythology, and feature a snake around the Lord Shiva’s neck:

Quetzalcoatl is another Mesoamerican God that is a feathered serpent. The Greeks also discussed serpent monsters such as the Chimera (the serpent was the tail). The Egyptians also revered the Cobra snake in their tales. The point is, many ancient cultures had an obsession with the serpent, and there must be a reason for this.

David Icke’s explanation for all of this comes from the reptilian shape shifting theory. He says that there are reptilians that have spliced themselves with a select, elite group of people to produce human/reptilian hybrids which secretly rule the world as the Illuminati. He backs this up with ancient Zulu culture legends and the Sumerian texts (Ancient Astronaut theory). If you look into the serpents and reptilians from our past you’ll find that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than the serpent found in the Bible.

Here’s an episode of Ancient Aliens where they cover monsters created from E.T. genetic manipulation:


Icke talking about the reptilian beings that operate in a different dimension:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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