Self/less: Illuminati Symbolism of the Occult & Alchemical Reconciliation

Hello and welcome back to! If you’ve seen the film called Self/Less with Ryan Reynolds (*who only portrays Van Wilder for like, 5 minutes in the film), than you’ll want to keep reading this article! I found several hidden messages that were most likely missed by the masses, but when you break it down you’ll find that this film is yet another covert tale of where they want to take us…

Revelation of the Method


First- you can check out the video version of this on the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel (*subscribe for more!*):




The reason we can say this film has occult undertones will become evident as we step through the repeating symbols and images. For example, the symbolism of the phoenix is utilized several times in the film. The reason we see this is because the phoenix represents the evolved form of mankind; rising from the ashes of its former self.

This is precisely why Damien Hale (the elderly man that eventually transforms into Ryan Reynolds’ character- Edward Kidner) was handed a business card that directed him towards a company named “Phoenix Biogenic” at the beginning of the film.


When Damian speaks with Phoenix Biogenic there is a curious phrase spoken that proves the alchemical process. Damian is told that they will “make something out of nothing” and asked if he “feels immortal” (implying he can be made immortal through this reconciliation of opposites).

The connections to the alchemical transformation of man as the “rising phoenix” proves itself even more when we find out that Edward Kidner’s fabricated life history shows that he was born in PHOENIX, Arizona.


Should you still have doubts about the phoenix symbolism, we see the same flaming bird in the final scene at the New Orleans Mardi Gras float warehouse.



In that same final scene in New Orleans, we also see a horned bull head- symbolism of the deity named Moloch.


The entire film is warning us of the dangers in taking this path of technology and transhumanism. In the mind of the “Illuminati” they are giving us fair warning of the dangers in this practice, so ultimately the choice will be ours as we do indeed have the free will to do as we choose.

On the other hand, the subtle message of this film is showing us that there is a way out of the mortal form and our physical bodies which are subject to pain and suffering. Edward Kidner chooses the “red pills” in the film to continue down this path- similar to Neo’s consumption of the red pill in The Matrix which opens up his third eye of enlightenment and the “freedom” to live free of the pain of being a mortal human.


As part of this process, it appears that the mind is fractured, which is why Edward Kidner’s character isn’t allowed to look into the mirrors; similar to how Michael Jackson covered up all of the mirrors in his home (allegedly due to the traumatic mind control he once suffered).



In Conclusion

This film was similar to Get Out, in that it conveys a similar message of the true nature of humanity. As I discussed in the Get Out analysis, it’s a tale of reconciling opposites and evolving man into something different.


In my opinion, it’s an Illuminati concept that they want us to either desire or be fearful of. Perhaps they want us to be fearful of mind transfer technologies so they can be the only ones to utilize it and become immortal?

It’s all the same process that the Illuminati did through secret societies, mystery schools, etc.; they believe they have a superior path but aren’t willing to fully share it. Why do secret societies keep it a secret if it’s so great? They either don’t think we (the masses) will understand it or they are worried that we’ll see through the Luciferian agenda behind it.

Fidelity symbol shows us the pyramid with the illuminated All Seeing Eye at the apex triangle


In the film they refer to this “shedding neorology” as the process that transfers consciousness from one body to another, while also citing that its founder is Dr Frank Jensen (the godfather of transhumanism in the film). So it seems that we have yet another transhumanism tale, but this time it shows us an aristocrat elitist taking advantage of the lower class.

To me it’s not a coincidence that the aristocrat is named Damien Hale- a reference to the son of Satan (as well as Hale=Hell). They are carving a path to immortality that may have unintended consequences…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Do you say this like a co-creative way to warn us or deceive us? I’m new to your blog and can’t tell if you consider Illimuntis are good or are bad.

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    • he is a watcher as the name entails. me and u can say they are diks or whatever but he chooses the observer path. anyone aware of the occult if not with them should by default be against. but these days with these kids.. its a toss up. rap and pop have lost all relevance and have become occult agenda loyalists in a creepy unnatural way. but the sheeple consume it without a doubt.

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      • What seems to be missed in all of this is that by simply putting some occult symbolism or Crowley references in a film or video, that piece of media will receive a great deal of attention from “watchers” like good ol Isaac here. This site gives no mention of people with real power in this world. People with true control. Who are the sheeple? Those who see an eye on an album cover and go off on a tangent about Horus-or see horns and scream Moloch!-or those who enjoy and accept the symbols without question? I would suggest both.

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  2. As my comments continue to be deleted, I’ll post again. It seems all that’s needed by a film or video to gain greater notice is some occultism or a Crowley reference or two. Then “watchers” like Isaac here can shout Horus! every time they see an eye-or Moloch! every time they see horns. Who are the real sheeple? Those who get their panties in a bunch every time Egyptian symbolism is used in mainstream media-or those who enjoy and accept it? I would suggest both. Btw Damien was only introduced at Satans sons name by David Seltzer in the Omen. Damien was used by Blatty as his protagonists name in the Exorcist-and may have influenced Seltzer to use that name. (Could be it’s just a cool sounding name) The genesis of Blatty’s use was Father Damien, a priest who worked with lepers in Hawaii. To simply state-as Isaac did in this article-that Damien is the name of Satans son-is very shoddy journalism.

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    • Which makes one thinks Father Damien likely didnt act all along like a father at all

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