Saturn Worship in pop culture: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Maher

Welcome to! I’m glad you’ve continued your explorative journey into the realm of occult symbolism hidden in entertainment because today I’ve got a good one…

Most of you are familiar with the concept of Saturn Worship (if not, please read Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube). This theory has been seeing a lot of activity due to the alchemical processes of Hollywood occultists and the idea that they can lead us all into this transformation of mankind.


The idea that Saturn is the planned guide for all of humanity is being pushed hard in June 2016 due to the proximity of the planet this month.

Saturn Reigns


Perhaps that is why we saw the goat deity of Pan in that infamous Swiss Tunnel Opening Ceremony on June 1st…

Swiss Opening Ceremony DailyMail Goat Man Pan


Nonetheless; this was all laid out by Manly P. Hall in his explanation of Pan and the planet Saturn. From my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC

“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…) The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat”

– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

So it seems that on June 3rd’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher we saw the scientist-rock star Neil deGrasse Tyson professing of the “transformative power of Saturn” (*video will be at end of this article).

Bill Maher Tyson Mano Cornuto


This shouldn’t be a surprise because most of the NASA scientists are fond of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that Kubrick filmed in which the astronaut (representing mankind) is transformed through the alchemical process by the planet Saturn (*in Kubrick’s film he shows it as Jupiter but Clarke’s novel had it correct as Saturn).

2001 Star Child


Like I said before; we’ve seen an acceleration of the alchemical black cube of Saturn so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more examples of what I’ve been exposing for years here on


…and of course I’ve got the entire Kubrick project called Kubrick’s Code that explores not only 2001: A Space Odyssey, but A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut. 

Kubrick's Code Cover Medium


Here is the clip in question; take a listen and see if you don’t see more than just the Saturn worship symbolism…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    In a world so full of darkness
    hearts transform into harshness
    mouths are hurling insults
    living the Me, Me, Me cults

    A brother killing his brother
    a daughter killing her mother
    kids who choose rather
    than to obey, to kill the father

    a world drenched in the occult
    and in God refuses to exult
    has chosen its own direction
    thus asking for Your correction

    As in the times of NOAH, we are in the days
    You spoke of in so many different ways
    we live in the end of time as we know it
    in which finally Thy Kingdom will be legit

    Please Lord, let Your Light
    more than ever be so bright
    let it shine upon each faithful son
    to achieve the victory already won.

    Jesus will triumph in the final victory over the devil

    Rita Biesemans June 19 2014

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  2. St Michael rise with your legion of angels and defend your warriors! This prayer protects whenever you need help.

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    • Thank you. I have a strong affinity with Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light.

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  3. A Luciferian secret society came to New England in 1638. They named and founded the town of Milton, MA, in 1640, after John Milton, who had glorified Lucifer, as a hero for Liberty, in his “Paradise Lost”, where Lucifer said, “I’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven”.

    This secret society fronted under a stone masonry business in East Milton Square. They established the first railroad in America, which first transported stone from the Quincy Quarries to Boston.

    They built the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, and the Boston Public Library. They built the Milton Town Hall and artifices around the town of Milton.

    During the China Trade period they acquired a big Chinese bell, which they used to threaten members that if any member betrayed them they would have their brains shattered in the bell by ringing it.

    It looked like a horrible death. The victims would convulse and all kinds of disgusting things, but, just one lesion in the arising reticular formation of the medulla oblongata guarantees an absolutely painless death.

    They came to be known as the “Order of the Bell”. It was Adam Auschwept’s “Illuminati” who joined them. The Order of the Bell was the original One World Order as we know it today.

    President George Bush senior was born in a big gray mansion on Adams Street, near the base of Adam’s Hill. Up further was the China Trade Museum where the Bell was kept during the last part of the Twentieth Century.

    When the China Trade Museum closed up, the Bell was moved to the Peabody Museum where it may be seen to this day.

    Catholic politicians tore down the Milton Town Hall, because of its “Satanic” symbolism, and today the only remaining conspicuous symbolic artifact of the Order of the Bell is the “Flos Abysmi”, .)i(. ,on the key stone of the mausoleum in Milton Cemetery.

    But, the Order of the Bell continues to rule the One World Order throughout the world. Before 1970, the only conspiracy theory was that the Jews were trying to rule the world.

    But, the John Birch Society paid attention to a crank mail which contained twenty pages about the Order of the Bell. Then, after checking it out as best as possible, the John Birch Society was the first to declare the modern Conspiracy Theory, and it spread as it has today.

    The “Illuminati” joined them. They called themselves the White Right Hand Path, and their hierarchy the Great White Brotherhood. Hitler belonged to several of their minor lodges, including the Thelemites, to which Stalin and Mussolini, were also members. Mugabwe is also a member, and the falcon on the Zimbabwean flag is the Thelemite Ra Hoor Khuit. Crowley’s Liber Al Vel Legis (“Liber Evil Legis”) is their bible. You can see what you are dealing with!

    The original Luciferian doctrine of these Luciferians from England was based on the Gnostic doctrine that the creator, demiourgos, of this physical world, was the most evil being; and that Lucifer protested having been created to suffer the unpleasantries of existence.

    According to this theory, Lucifer and his Rebellious Angels, weren’t thrown out, they escaped. The Yorubas today also say that the creator, Ela, is the most evil being.

    The Sumerian Jupiter’s name is written today, Marduk, but, it was actually Marad Ak, meaning, the Great Rebel. And, the rest of his companions, the pantheon of “gods”, Their supreme grand secret may be simply written today in medical terms, “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. Spread it so that shame may dissolve their organization forever.

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