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Satanic abuse researcher Russ Dizdar was on Coast to Coast AM talking about various aspects of the Satanic worshiping that occurs. He’s been into this for over 30 years and has a website called He’s got books, training seminar info, radio interviews and tons more on his website.


He studies this Nazi ‘Black Flame’ origin of Satanic ritual abuse. The Nazis were a key player of this underground group of international (Illuminati) types. The plan was to build this master of race of super soldiers to build up Satan’s army for the apocalyptic war. Dizdar claims that this Nazi plan simply went underground when WWII was over. This supports many theories out there, including David Icke’s theory of this Illuminati spiderweb of satanic worship and sacrifice.

I’ve read about this theory of sorts elsewhere. They claim is that the agenda is the same but the medium from which it is orchestrated has changed. For example, many theorists believe in this Protocols of the Elders of Zion document (that is also claimed to be fraudulent), and in it, there appears to be a conspiracy for Jewish elites to take over the world. I don’t believe the Protocols document is true, the wording of it seems a bit off to be considered a real, professional document. But anyways, the theory is that the document is just a new medium for deploying the Nazi agenda of hatred for Jews. The constant battle between the Jewish people and others is a claim of a secret Nazi agenda also.

Even Ancient Aliens addressed the theory of Nazis time traveling (The Bell “Die Glocke”) and even kick starting the Apollo program. The U.S. snagged Wernher von Braun from the German Nazi party and he would later be considered the greatest rocket scientist we’ve ever had. He was responsible for much of the origins of our NASA programs, and most definitely had a Nazi background, so that is one irrefutable fact to support Dizdal’s theories.


Here’s the C2C description of the episode and the youtube version of the radio show afterwards:

Satanic Ritual Abuse:

On Thursday’s show, former Chaplain at the University of Akron PD, Russ Dizdar, discussed Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and how many cases of multiple personality disorder are the results of occult programming. Estimates suggest that up to 4-10 million people may have been harmed by this type of abuse, he reported. While there are different brands of Satanism, such as “psycho-Satanism” (practiced by people such as Richard Ramirez), and organizations like the Church of Satan, Dizdar has focused his efforts against an “Underground” cult that is trans-generational and multi-continental. Through bloodlines they might be traced as far back as the Nephilim, but in the modern era, they came out of “the Black Flame” brotherhood/Nazi connection and have many wealthy and elite members, he claimed.

Dizdar said he’s spent 25 years tracking SRA victims both on the spiritual and law enforcement side. The Underground typically starts abusing victims when they are still a child, inflicting them with various traumas, sexual and otherwise, which cause them to disassociate and split into different personalities, he explained, adding that each of these personalities can then be programmed for specific tasks, such as becoming an assassin. By the age of 13, a victim may have gone through up to a 1,000 different types of rituals, and could have as many as 70-80 sub-personalities programmed into them, speaking 4-5 different languages, he noted.

While the main personality is supposed to be amnesiac to the other identities, when they receive a specific trigger this can set off one of the programmed personas, he continued. Regarding the ritual aspect, “the reason they use the demonic energizing is for the power…and supernatural strength behind it,” he remarked. The Underground’s endgame is for globalist rule, and the rise of the Antichrist, said Dizdar. “In the future, there’s going to be the largest supernaturally-charged transmuted empowered military system ever. There will be a planetary ritualistic release of demonic presence to gather them for the great day,” he warned.

In a related video, Icke breaks down the bloodlines of these Satanic-Illuminati types:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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