Satanic Couture: Dilara Findikoglu Takes Over St. Andrews Church for Occult London Fashion Week

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A friend of mine on the official @IlluminatiEyes Twitter page shared a link to an Infowars post about a “satanic” fashion show. For as much as I pick on Alex Jones and Infowars; he DOES often times get it right (as is in this case) so I checked it out.



Not only was this a fashion show that utilized occult & satanic imagery; but they did it inside of a church!

I immediately combed through a few other sites similar to mine but they didn’t really give out much details besides a bit of far-right Christian Conservative fear mongering so I thought I’d present the material here and let YOU decide what you want to make of it…


Check out the video!



The Fashion Week Show: Symbolism on Display

DailyMail posted about this event and didn’t even try to sugar coat the truth of symbolism that is far from “hidden” in plain sight:

Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which was showcased at the alter of a Catholic church, had an element of Victorian Goth combined with satanic imagery.

Rapper Brooke Candy and drag artist Violet Chachki were within her troupe of heavily made-up models that strutted to the soundtrack of 80s dark wave and traditional belly-dancing music.

I’ll go into details about who Dilara Findikoglu is very shortly, but for now let’s focus on the event. The mainstream websites had it so far-off that I wouldn’t even suggest wasting your time reading their “analysis” of the event. Most of them only went as far as to call the models vampires and play up on the “spook” factor; but I suppose that’s what we’ve come to expect from the journalists that are nothing but repeaters of the “official” story.


First, I noticed one of the models was Brooke Candy.

I recognize this artist because she’s been featured on for her occult symbolism in the past:

Brooke Candy posing as Baphomet

It appears she is steadily pushing the “risqué” imagery of the occult- this time in a fashion show instead of a music video. But who are we kidding- both are forms of programming the masses into a certain way of thinking…

A model was going down the aisle of the church runway with the Sigil of Lucifer on her forehead; quite literally wearing the mark of the beast:


This sigil is claimed to be used by satanists to invoke the qualities of the fallen angel- Lucifer. When we research the realm of the occult we eventually find the end of the path being the adoration of the fallen angel archetype; hence the accusation that the “Illuminati” are seeking the “enlightenment” of Lucifer.


Lucifer is also represented as the morning star of Venus, which is represented by the pentagram or five pointed star:

The Egyptian symbolism of the All Seeing Eye is related to the concept of awakening to the principles of the occult. From the times of ancient Egyptian mystery schools they have been teaching the alternate history of the world through the lens of Luciferianism.


Here is the model that is sporting an 8-pointed star on his forehead- the Star of Ishtar or Semiramis:


This is a popular symbol because it represents a certain channeling of a goddess spirit or the 8-pointed Star of Chaos; as is evident by its pervasive usage.

Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot 8 Wands Chaos Star


Many female models were also depicted with one breast exposed- symbolism of the goddess Semiramis (which is what we got from Janet Jackson’s infamous ‘nipple gate’ from her Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake)

The nipple jewelry Janet Jackson wore at the Super Bowl

*Note that I can’t show the exposed nipples on my website because the advertisers would immediately be upset by the site of this “forbidden” body part. You are free to check them out for yourself on her Instagram account.

**It’s a body part that both men AND women have- which is utterly ridiculous but I’m a slave to these rules too.

There were also several other models with “sinister” type symbolism like that of the Devil horns and other sigils painted on their faces.

The Venue: Inversion of the Mass

The fact that this extremely ‘devilish’ affair took place in a church is astounding. The principle of inversion is important to the satanists because it emphasizes the opposing principle which is what Luciferian doctrine is all about. That is why Crowley has a Gnostic Mass and the satanists have a Black Mass.

I obviously don’t know how they got permission to do this but we can take a look at the set and draw some symbols out of it:


First, you’ll notice the floor is black and white checkered. This is used by the Freemasons in their Lodges because it embodies the principle of Duality- making the practitioner contemplate the opposing forces and potentially reconciling the opposites (an alchemical principle).

This is also why we see two pillars on the sides- these are typically black and white to represent Boaz and Jachin and the entrance to a place of mystical transformation.

The set appears to be almost entirely Freemason in nature- from the checkered floor, to the compass and square, to the G of the “Grand Creator”, as well as the blazing star of Sirius:


St. Andrews church surely knew that Dilara Findikoglu was into this; her Instagram is quite literally flooded with imagery just like this.


If you recall my post about Rihanna’s “ANTI” initiation into the ways of the occult then you recognize much of this already (only further emphasizing how unoriginal a lot of this “edgy” stuff truly is)…


Who is Dilara Findikoglu?

We should also take the time examine who Dilara Findikoglu is…

She is a fashion designer that utilizes symbolism of the occult and has drawn the attention from many famous artists (most of which I’ve presented right here on or even my books on the subject):

Madonna wearing Dilara Findikoglu


Rihanna wearing Dilara Findikoglu


FKA Twigs


Is Lady Gaga in the Illuminati?… Find out HERE


Vice interviewed her and she cited director Alejandro Jodorowsky as an influence. If you’ve ever seen one of his films you know he’s quite familiar with the hidden language of the occult…

Alejandro Jodorowsky showing us the witch hex of Mano Cornuto

We can see the direct influence from the hats on her past work…

…which echo the Alchemist from Jodorowsky’s film The Holy Mountain:

Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain “Alchemist” with the opposing black and white duality pillars


This somewhat odd connection can be seen from the likes of Marilyn Manson who portrayed Jodorowsky’s Alchemist in the Shia LaBeouf directed video called Born Villain


…who is also an artist that Findikoglu apparently admires enough to make a clothing line for (*this piece is called “New World Order”):

Marilyn Manson is an honorary priest of the Church of Satan so none of this should shock you.

In an interview with VOGUE Dilara Findikoglu cited her work as occult in nature (duh):

“I’m into parapsychology and all the occult and magic stuff, so when I was reading those books, they thought I was going to be a Satanist,” she adds with a laugh. She is not one for doctrine, pagan or otherwise—”I don’t like how religion divides people into groups…”

Another curiosity to consider is the usage of her image with the “XO” Mark of the Beast symbolism:


In Conclusion

If these “creative” minds are so innovative then why do they keep reaching into the same old tired bag of satanic fear mongering?…

If they wanted to be truly original wouldn’t they look forward instead of back?…

All of that is beside the point. THEY (meaning the “Illuminati” or controllers of entertainment) want to instill a new world which is a beckoning of days past in which we worshipped pagan deities and subscribed to occult dogma.

I mean, look, I get it; all of these occult symbols are extremely intriguing. I’ve been doing nothing but studying and trying to understand them for years now.

To me it seems that the ‘satanic panic’ most Christians use to sell the religion is doing nothing but empowering those that seek to distance themselves from the religion. There is a certain truth subscribed to by these occultists and I believe we’re better served to understand it instead of condemning without comprehension.

Once you understand what they believe you can make the conscious choice to take YOUR path. All of these works of pop culture will lead its viewers down a path. The Dark Path…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. “Weishaupt”. Ya GOTTA BE kidding me???! Oh, the irony….

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  2. The Catholic Church (so to speak) is living in apostasy. That is why the Church went through The Reformation. The period in which true Christian stood up and opposed the Roman Catholic Church because it was not teaching from the BIBLE. They were allowing indulgences (against the teaching in Romans 6:23) and the worship of dead saints (forbidden in terms of Deuteronomy 18:9-12) which goes against sound Biblical teaching. Actually, Martin Luther wrote his 95th Thesis on the very same thing. It is call the 95th Thesis because he found 95 instances where the Roman Catholic Church differed from the HOLY BIBLE.

    Revelations 17 tells of the “great whore of Babylon” who rides the “scarlet beast”. The scarlet beast is the antichrist and the whore is the one (or ones) who will bring forth the antichrist. That is the Roman Catholic Church. It is called the whore because it prostitutes the true Gospel. So it should be no surprise that they would willing allow such blasphemy to take place in their church (and i use the term lightly).

    If you want a further understanding read Daniel 2. It talks of the rise and the fall of the 4 great world empires and the appearance of the antichrist.

    Furthermore, Matthew 25:31-46 talks about the separation of the sheep (children of GOD) from the goats (the pretenders). The BIBLE already warned of false teachers who will come to steal the affections of the people (2 Corinthians 11:12). So it comes as no surprise that the “whore of Babylon” would prostitute the true Gospel by allowing for such blasphemy to happen within its walls.

    As a Christian this disgusts me. However, it just proves Bible prophecy to be true.

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    • The Christian Church is not teaching from the Bible. Hello…

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  3. All Dilara’s work is this way, just google and see

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  4. Ok I don’t know a whole load about illuminati even though I’ve been reading here for a while. Honestly this whole fashion designer gives me a vibe of ‘Illuminati is ‘cool’ on the internet, let me research it’s symbolism and use it in my work to attract media attention and spread my brand’.

    Either way, I hate to see this happen in a church

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