Santa Fe Texas School Shooting: Illuminati Symbolism of Baphomet, the Occult, Freemasons, and more

I hate to write this article up but I’ve got some relevance to report. This shooting has Illuminati ties we need to consider: Baphomet, Occult, Hitler, Freemasons, Beltaine Illuminati sacrifice conspiracy theories, and so much more. The “Illuminati” ideas are very much present in this sad and tragic event. I’m not here to condone or promote conspiracy theorists, NRA-members, liberals, or anything along those lines. That’s the argument THEY want us to have…

Hi, my name is Isaac Weishaupt and you’re on your home for decoding conspiracy theories in entertainment.


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This news story updated so quickly I couldn’t get everything in this article. I’ve got a podcast covering the symbolism the media is NOT talking about HERE. Baphomet, the Occult, Typhon, Chthulu, and so much more.


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Assuming you’re familiar with the details of the Santa Fe shooting we can proceed with the darker theories.

Many of the media outlets are promoting this side-story about a man walking around with his MAGA hat and pistol in reference to a viral video. TheHill posted about this mythology:

A man arrived near the scene of a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday bearing an American flag and an apparent sidearm, saying he was there to “make America great again” and offer “support” in a now viral video clip.

Between eight and 10 fatalities have been reported at the Houston-area high school after a shooter opened fire on Friday morning. Reporters near the scene spoke with the man, who appeared to be open-carrying a handgun as he headed toward the school grounds.

“Offering support,” the man told CBS News affiliate KHOU-TV when asked what he aimed to accomplish by visiting the area. He suggested that support could “go a long ways right now for a lot of people.”

The man, wearing a Trump 2016 campaign hat and Army shirt, then walked away from the news crew. A second unidentified man nearby complained that the armed man was an “embarrassment.”

“We need prayers, OK? We need prayers,” the second man said. “This idiot is walking down the street with a damn pistol on his side where we just had kids get shot.”

The second man went on to say that he was “a gun rights person” who has guns, but chastised the armed man for bringing a gun to the site of a shooting.

“We don’t need this crap,” he said. “This is an embarrassment.”

A friend on my Twitter page shared an image with me which prompted me to write this article regarding this mythology being built around the event. Take a look for yourself:


Here we see the “official” narrative; however you can look closer at the “hero’s” necklace to see the symbolism of the Freemason compass and square:


What does this mean (besides the AS Above So Below micro-macrocosm value of the symbol)?…

I’ll go further on this in a minute, but let’s look at something else of interest…

2nd Amendment

The right wing of the government is typically considered more in line with preserving the 2nd Amendment than most. How curious would it be if the Republican party was running the Congress and the Presidency while they made moves against the 2nd Amendment?…

Allow me to elaborate.

President Trump stated an interesting message:


“My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and do everything we can to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others.”

The language here suggests these school shootings are a problem (which they are), but it also talks about taking weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. Some could perceive this as an pre-postured attack against the 2nd amendment.

BUT why would the Republicans take AWAY the guns?…


In Conclusion

Look, I’m far from being a Trump supporter, or an alt-right member of this “conspiracy” community. I want that to be known so there are no misconceptions here.

To me it seems like there is a growing narrative to portray conspiracy folks in a negative light. In fact, I just talked about this on a recent episode of my podcast.

I support both the 1st Amendment as well as the 2nd Amendment. I think there is a complex argument to be had as to how far to take the freedoms of each one. My personal opinion is that we COULD do more on the ownership of guns and the correlation of mental health issues in our country.

The bigger picture here to consider is if Trump and the conservatives are part of this Illuminati agenda (which allegedly controls BOTH parties ideas we consider the theories of David Icke and others).

If that’s the case, they’ll prove it by going against the 2nd Amendment preservations (and arguably this could be a distraction to break down the 1st Amendment by censoring conspiracy folks).

The Freemason connection is controversial. In the conspiracy community we tend to label Freemasons as members of the “Illuminati.” This is due to the connections and membership of elitists and occultists alike (e.g. Aleister Crowley and various US Presidents). I can’t help but agree with that on one caveat; only the highest level of Freemasons know the full scope.

Lower level Masons like the guy in this mythology probably don’t know the whole story.

The idea here is that the Illuminati orchestrate events such as this in order to evolve the masses. They want us to go down one path with one end point…


Stay tuned as this story unfolds. The conspiracy community will surely be claiming it as a false flag (which is always a hard sale for me with these types of tragic events). They’ll be discussing child actors and staged training events, which could be true (though not likely). The point here is that the media will highlight these false flag theories for their irrelevance so they can start public support for removing 1st Amendment rights for freedom of speech against this line of thought- citing it as “dangerous.”

After all; they want us to believe that conspiracy theories got Trump elected…

1st Update

I just got done narrating a video and saw the Facebook posts of the shooter on LATimes:

…in a Facebook profile that has since been removed, a user under Pagourtzis’ name posted an image of a T-shirt bearing the phrase “BORN TO KILL.” Another posting the same day showed a black trenchcoat with a variety of occult and World War II pins on it.

“Hammer and Sickle=Rebellion, Rising Sun=Kamikaze Tactics, Iron Cross=Bravery, Baphomet=Evil, Cthulu=Power,” the caption said.

Here we see links to the occult interests as well as mention of Baphomet and Cthulu (sic). Cthulhu was associated with “Power” which is an occult belief system; to call upon entities from another dimension in order to bestow powers from them. Cthulhu was the alien residing in the Abyss of HP Lovecraft lore; Kenneth Grant related to this with his Typhonian OTO group that sought to contact these alien entities.

What’s also curious is that he posted this on his Facebook on April 30th- the day Hitler killed himself on the Beltaine blood sacrifice holiday…

He also references Baphomet as evil which is curious because this figure is usually associated as a source of knowledge when they consider the concepts of duality. The fact that he knew what Baphomet was is extra curious- because it supports the idea that they may paint him as a “conspiracy” nut. Obviously he not all there, but let’s see where this goes…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Interesting observation! It’s sad, but “they” wanted to get this “topic” (school shootings, guns, etc..) in the public eye again, so people won’t forget about it! I dread hearing all the opinions again and the arguing, and CNN analyzing everything

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  2. Yet another gun grabbing hoax/drill out for all to see….

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    • Exactly! Same old story. They are really lacking in creativity.

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  3. It is generally thought that Freemasonry started with the real Isaac Weishaupt but the reality is that it started in Egypt with the building of the pyramids by a highly intelligent alien race and continued down the ages in different guises.
    The novel The Royal Secret tells the amazing story from Moses to the Knights Templar who worshipped Bahomet to Shakespeare who was the mask for the Tudor prince Francis Bacon who revived the cult of Freemasonry which the Founding Fathers based America on, and to today’s occult Illuminati power players who control our destiny and how they plan to eliminate three quarters of the world population.

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