Sandy Hook reference in ‘Dream House’ film

The film with Daniel Craig called Dream House has a part about 3/4 of the way in that shows Naomi Watts handing Craig a business card of a psychiatrist named Dr. Fran Greeley. This psychiatrist is located in… Sandy Hook, CT. I’ve already posted up the scene in the Dark Knight Rises that someone caught the Sandy Hook reference on the map, and now we’ve got yet another Hollywood nod to this Illuminati conspiracy (allegedly).

Dream House was released in September of 2011, over a year before the shootings that coincidentally happened in the same town of Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins. Of course, the author’s residence in the town wasn’t mentioned in the media, nor the Dark Knight map, and definitely not this Dream House scene that I caught. I was watching the film on the free preview weekend that Dish gave me and was incredibly excited to catch this scene, thinking that I could break it first online, but it seems that another forum already found this a couple of months ago. Either way, here’s the image:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Dream House Sandy Hook

I’ll finish the film and report if it has any relevance, I just wanted to get this image out quickly. There’s also some significance with the patient number Craig has, they keep referencing it: 8-10-10. I thought perhaps August 10th, 2010 (or 1910) meant something, but nothing seems to stand out. If anyone knows please comment. Also, here’s the map in case you wondered:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Dream House Sandy Hook map


Also, another weird piece of symbolism that was found since the Sandy Hook incident, is the correlation of The Wizard of Oz’s Judy Garland’s record Annie Get Your Gun that was produced on “Sandy Hook Records”…


…and the benefit song the Sandy Hook children sang Over the Rainbow (which was originally sang by Garland in Wizard of Oz):


A commenter posted up another link (big ups to Krystle) to this Dream House film. The business card is for Dr. Greeley, which links to Greeley, Colorado (about an hour north of Aurora, CO where the Batman shootings happened). On Dec. 14th, 1961 a school bus full of children was hit by a train in a brutal accident that killed 20 children.  From RockyMountainNews:

On Dec. 14, 1961, a Union Pacific train headed from Chicago to Denver struck a school bus at a railroad crossing five miles outside Greeley, killing 20 children. It was the worst highway accident in Colorado history.

Fast forward to Dec. 14th, 2013 (exactly 52 years later), and Adam Lanza shoots 20 children at Sandy Hook before turning the gun on himself. Coincidence? Not sure. To throw out one more numerological similarity, Adam Lanza was also 20 years old.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Did any of the parents actually see the bodies of the children?

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      • I saw some post showing the “parents” (actors) in other post like the shooting in France. Search for the parents in other post. Copy their faces and you might notice them in future events.! They might look older each time.
        There’s a name for their title..I can’t think of it….but it’s like “crisis actor”. They are paid to act out a staged crisis. It all links to Free Mason and Illuminati. It’s in their agenda to create “chaos”. They even have it written…Order Out of Chaos. It’s been going on for years.
        Also, another site posted all the homes in Sandy Hook area were purchased on Dec 25 by the city or government for the people that lived in them.
        Look that up.

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  2. There is a sandy hook reference in “chasing amy” a film by kevin smith. Joey lauren adams says in the movie that she lost her virginity in sandy hook!

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  3. 8-10-10 reference: 8+10+10=28. 28 people supposedly died 14Dec12 in Sandy Hook.

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    • In some of the helicopter-videos (I downloaded the days after) you can see the Christmas-trees that the affected families recieved later, stowed away behind the the Fire-department, while people goes in and out and around again.

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