Sandy Hook Illuminati symbolism in Batman Dark Knight film

UPDATE 16JUN2013: I just posted about even more symbolism, found in the Daniel Craig film, Dream House.

I really didn’t want to dig in on conspiracy theories with this Sandy Hook, CT school tragedy, but now someone managed to find the name ‘Sandy Hook’ on a map in the film Batman: Dark Knight Rises. I’ve confirmed this as true by pausing the blu-ray at one hour, 58 minutes (and about 45 seconds).


The person who found this also noted that the name ‘Aurora’ was on a building, which was the town in Colorado that the movie theater shooting happened. That whole Aurora shooting was full of extremely odd coincidences, like in the Lil Wayne video and whatnot; see my post on that for more info and images:

Also, couple this odd coincidence with the fact that Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins lives in Sandy Hook and the theories start to really go nuts:


So here’s the image from the video, click on the photo to expand it full screen and see the name “Sandy Hook” on the lower left of the map:

Batman Sandy Hook

The video tells you more on it, I can’t get the embed link from and youtube blocked it already, but here’s the link for you to check out:


UPDATE: Here’s a video on youtube with the information:

 Here’s another youtube video with an overlay of a map from Batman with the actual map of Sandy Hook, showing that they correlate:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. This image of this brief clip from “The Dark Knight Rises” Is the link in the Satanic , Satanist witch and warlock agenda Chain that clearly links that Shooting at the “dark knight rises” movie theater With the shooting in Sandy Hook , thus proving the “ISOLATED EVENT” statement of the Media, to be false and an all out coverup of the trail that Witchcraft leaves behind. But I guess we’d be really labeled as big time “conspiracy theorist” if we expose the fact that even the major storm that WAS SENT BY SATAN VIA WITCHCRAFT was also known as SANDY. I’ve studied the occult and have found in my studies that witches and warlocks have ability through magic and incantations to conger up storms and cause people and places to be struck by lightning. The title of this movie is a message from Satan (the organization of fallen angles aka devils aka demons) as is the title of the “Transformers” movie “Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen” which shows a clip of OBama declaring Martial Law on the big screen at TimeSquare.

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  2. More weirdness… In the Batman universe Sandy Hook is also known as South Hinkley.

    S. Hinckley was the brother of John Hinckley who tried to assassinate Reagan.

    Sam Hinckley was due to have dinner with George Bush’s son the day after the attempt.

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  3. Sandy Hook has been in the Batman Universe for decades….get over it.

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  4. Really? This many people had the nerve to take this crap that far? You know how pathetic this is?
    I should feel bad for even bothering to respond to this shit. Go ahead make yourself feel better and call me a blind ignorant fool and all that, but just know you people really have no respect whatsoever for going this low. None. Dude!!! It’s one thing if your just a paranoid person or a wanna be bookworm know it all with too much time on your hands but this is just sick. Seriously get some help.

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    • Dude You do really need to open your eyes. I used to be like you and not understand the true nature of life and say it was outlandish crazy bullshit cuz it does sound that way initially. The truth is that Hollywood is run by the same folks that run the government and they use mass media as a means towards their end goals, creating a new world order and for whatever reason they are really against Christianity. The stars (like a pentagram, get it, pentagon, get it.) are actually used as ploys cuz people will imitate what they do, thus influencing us in a way that they want. Democrats and Republicans are really on the same side. They just go thru the motions like they are arguing to keep us arguing. The whole facade is brilliantly orchestrated but do us all a favor and do some real research before shooting of our mouth cuz you sound very foolish and naive.

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    • Project MK Ultra, Operation North Woods, Operation Paper Clip, The Tuskagee Airmen…yeah, that was all bull shit t…oh, wait…that really went on and happened…I wonder what that means?

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  5. If you can’t rap your head around the fact your government has been caught, confessed, and turned in documents on atrocities staged by our government far worse then this, anyone not willing to ask questions or insistent on your paranoia is very lost, or very well paid by your government. Those who seek the truth are to be trusted, those who say they found it are not. Batman massacre has been cleared as a flag by our government the second they refused to release psychological evaluations 5 inches thick between Holmes and his air force nueroscientist psychologist as pertaining to the massacre, in law enforcement we call that obstruction of justice. I was looking at this as a crazy loser at first, hoping it was not, but more nd more they cover up, and people who are not guilty DO NOT need to cover anything up. It is looking bad patriots. No conclusion on this one yet, but they have a hell of a lot of questions to answer.

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  6. This riddle was posted on youtube on Dec 10, 2012. This is really strange.

    “When the pebbles skip across the water, only but one will sink. Three smooth skip over the body, while the rough and jagged trip over and join. Christmas delivers fulfilment of the list. Who is naughty to be left out? SanduskY has a Point. Adam holds the fire which was sparked by Christmas Eve. Watch the fire roast the Lamb as the Lamb is Sandy and Points towards CHRISTMAS EVE. I pray you understand the cryptic importance of this message.” Some of us do care. STAY SAFE!

    The above comment was posted on youtube Dec 10, 2012.
    Title page ( Love … Thy Will Be Done ) Martika’s Kitchen.

    The link to the page is provided below..

    Warning! the video is not for children to see (adult content)

    Note the date posted Dec 10, 2012, four days after the shooting took place.

    I think I have the solution to the riddle…….

    When the pebbles skip over water only but 1 will sink /
    The number 1 is a reference to the last letter of the missing word

    Three smooth will skip over the body /
    There are 3 more letters in the missing word

    3 = (HOO) 1 = (K) = (HOOK) /
    The rough and jagged one trips over and joins describes a (HOOK) – perl script

    Christmas delivers fulfilment of the list /
    The word “Christmas” helps deliver the word (HOOK) completing the message

    Who is naughty to be left out? SanduskY has a Point /
    meaning a reference Point ( POINTER ) – perl script

    The word SanduskY is a reference to the serpent /
    S = snake and Y = woman

    Adam holds the fire sparked by Christmas Eve /
    Adam’s fire or hatred is sparked by a past Christmas event.

    Watch the fire roast the LAMB /
    the young and innocent will roast because of Adams fire.

    The Lamb is Sandy and Points towards Christmas Eve. /
    The lamb (SANDY) Points towards Christmas Eve.

    Christmas Eve comes before Christmas day so look at the second
    sentence which comes before the first word Christmas and you
    find the missing word (HOOK)


    My question is – Did someone have prior knowledge of the Sandy Hook shooting??

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  7. SORRY! My comment above should say

    The date posted Dec 10, 2012, four days before the shooting at Sandy Hook

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  8. Everything this guy talks about was done in other country’s under different code names in operation gladeo, search it yourself, and if you believe these liars that create these shootings ,for political ends from the sinking of the Maine to the gulf of ton-kin . these are liars ,drug runners, killers for profit, legislators for profit, country destroyers for profit and power. time for the Ants to clean up the Queens dirty nest,

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  9. Everyone was talking only about the detonation of the number of records that were being set by the Transformers movies(Transformers 2007, Revenge of the Fallen, and Dark of the Moon) right from United States to Malaysia and China. It was hard to believe that the Transformers had crossed the records of even epic movie by director James Cameron’s the Titanic. Families went to the theaters in droves; the old generation – likely mothers and fathers by now – ushering the new generation in to see the favorite alien robots of their youth. Hasbro, the gigantic toy company that originated the Transformers, made record sales in the toys and merchandising that went along with the film, ensuring that everything came full-circle.:

    Have a look at our new blog site as well

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  10. Sandy Hook – Stress Test

    Who will the “Tavistock Institute” and “American Think Tanks” blame the Sandy Hook murders on?

    The “lone wolf” type seems the most likely answer but they will also blame gun rights activists and conspiracy types. Not so obvious though, is the other group which will be blamed. I am referring to a specific DNA group that display the perceived hostile element. Yes, you guessed it. Most of us government conspiracy theorists will be in that DNA group.

    Tavistock is the mind control HQ. They mold public opinion in ways most people never consider. It’s their job to tell you what’s normal and what isn’t and how you should think. The brainwashing starts when you’re born and it ends when you die. Your training is in progress. Were you shocked by the killings at Sandy Hook? That was their intention. It’s called a stress test. It was a test to see how you would react. Are you angry? That’s the response they wanted. Read this quote.

    “Tavistock Institute developed the mass brain-washing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea. Its experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but nevertheless outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through topical psychology.”

    “In 1921, the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock gave a building to the Institute to study the effect of shellshock on British soldiers who survived World War I. Its purpose was to establish the “breaking point” of men under stress, under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare, commanded by Sir John Rawlings-Reese.”

    What do you think when you hear the words “Sandy Hook” mentioned? Are you angry at gun owners? Maybe you’re angry at conspiracy theorists or maybe you’re not angry at all. Maybe you just feel more helpless than ever. Helpless because you don’t have all the answers and no-one’s giving you any answers. You may feel insecure. All of these knee jerk reactions are the intended goal of the Sandy Hook Hoax. People that feel helpless demand more security so they look to their leaders to provide more security. Our leaders look to the American think tanks for solutions and American think tanks look to Tavistock.

    *Disclaimer. I could be wrong but that’s for you to decide.

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  11. The Sandy Hook Shooting Anniversary – For Six Deadly Minutes They Waited.

    “LET’S NOT SEND THEM IN YET” the dispatcher said……

    The Newtown police arrived at the school about four minutes after the first 911 call, around 9:40 am according to a summary report released Wednesday. But then they waited outside for nearly six minutes while trying to figure out if there was a second shooter, according to a prosecutor’s report issued last week. Then there’s this puzzling statement by the dispatcher “well, let’s not send them in yet”.

    Even though it took only 4 minutes for police to reach the school they stalled for 6 more minutes after they arrived while shots were still being fired inside. According to the report “It’s not clear whether the delay made a difference because Lanza killed himself one minute after the first officer arrived on the scene”. REALLY??? I don’t think so.

    Adam Lanza (sim) didn’t kill himself until later on when the police began to close in on him and were within feet of him. That was sometime between the last known shots at 9:46 and 9:51 when officers yelled “man down”. Does it matter? Not if it was a hoax but if this was a real event, as they would like you to believe, then this is a very embarrassing mistake that makes police officers look unprepared and unproffessional. Could this be why they sealed the 911 calls and delayed the report?

    Fact is 6 minutes is a long time when you consider kids are dying and in desperate need of immediate medical attention. Seconds count in a medical emergency. This is a major embarassment to both CSP and Newtown police and they know it. To add to matters EMS were not allowed in the building even after the school was cleared. Sedensky knew these questions would surface when the report was released and this is why he with-held the 911 calls and the report. Think about the damage done to their credibility.

    Obviously, they are more concerned about their own reputation than they were about the safety of the children. Who knows how many lives could have been saved if they had gone in 6 minutes earlier? This is the burning question, at least for those that don’t think it’s a hoax. As for me, I think it was a hoax but either way the 6 minutes will be the big question on everyone’s mind. It makes you wonder why the mainstream media is not addressing this delay of 6 minutes and it also makes you wonder why there are no lawsuits. Consider the shooting spree itself was only 5 minutes. Now add another 6 minutes on top of that. We are talking about a lot of potential for damage while officers waited outside the school. Everyone should be asking why. How many lives could have been saved? The media should be asking about this delay. Why aren’t they?

    Why isn’t mainstream media even touching this subject???

    Another important question is “when did Connecticut State Police arrive”. The innitial comunication indicates they are already there because they said ” the State police is there.” [call 3] Then one State police officer asks “how close are you guys to arriving on scene.”[call 5] Finally Newtown dispatch calls State police and State police say they already know about the shooting and that “helps coming”.[call 5] Does this make any sense to you? Read over these call entries and then read my take on it below….

    Call 3 – starts at 9:36:13 a.m and ends 3 minuts 52 seconds later or 9:40:05

    OPERATOR 1: John, I need you to call the state police. Just,..

    OPERATOR 3: The state police is there.

    Call 5 – starts at 9:40:02 am…………..

    OPERATOR STATE POLICE: How close are you guys to arriving on scene?


    OPERATOR STATE POLICE: How close are you guys to . . .?

    Apparently Newtown doesn’t respond to this request but instead they reply with…….

    OPERATOR NEWTOWN: A female shot, uh, in the foot. You got a female party shot in the foot.

    Call 5 – again………………

    NEWTOWN OPERATOR: Hey, it’s Brophy from Newtown 911, how are you?


    NEWTOWN OPERATOR: Did you guys hear what’s going on in Newtown right now?

    OPERATOR STATE POLICE: There’s an active shooting.

    NEWTOWN OPERATOR: Yeah, you got it.


    NEWTOWN OPERATOR: All right.

    OPERATOR STATE POLICE: Yeah, help’s coming.


    By omission, this last entry indicates to me that CSP doesn’t want Newtown dispatch to know they’re already at the school, otherwise, why would he say “helps coming”. Remember State police had already reported finding a victim shot in the foot earlier. Either this is Hammond or it’s the mystery teacher who wasn’t identified. This is near the beginning of call 5, around 9:40 am. That’s when the State operator says “This is the state police. I got a victim of the shooter here.” So we know State police were there already. And shortly before that a Newtown dispatcher says “the State police is there” [call 3].

    Wouldn’t it make more sense if the State operator had said “yes we’re aware of the situation and state police officers are already at the school instead of saying “help’s coming”? It sounds like there’s no cooperation between the State operator and Newtown.

    In one of the recordings released Wednesday Newtown dispatchers were heard frantically trying to call Connecticut state police but there was no answer . One of the three unanswered calls rang for at least 50 seconds. State police finally picked up on the fourth call but they had already been dispatched to the school by the time those calls were made, according to official call logs.

    The State operator also asks “how close are you guys to arriving on scene”. Newtown dispatch doesn’t respond to the query. Finally Brophy of Newtown calls State police to let them know but the State operator tells Newtown they already know there’s a shooting in progress. Yes, they knew allright. Connecticut State Police had a front row seat.

    I still believe CSP were already there the whole time. They only asked where Newtown police were to keep tabs on their location, worried perhaps, that Newtown police would mess up their plans, which is exactly what happened. When Newtown cops arrived through the boiler room entrance they surprise Rick Thorne. Now Sedensky has to explain away all these inconsistancies and reconcile the fact that Newtown Police waited a full 6 deadly minutes before entering the school.

    And why bother answering the phone when it’s a drill and you’re already there? Isn’t call display Kool?

    If you think all of this is a hoax why would any of this even matter?

    It matters because this adds one more piece to the puzzle and every new piece further discredits the official story.

    “Everyone Must Check In”,0,3905746.story,0,6858144.story?page=2,0,6378499.story

    The book of Granny:

    PS: It recently came to my attention that Newtown government officials have asked that the media stay clear of their town when it marks the first anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    “The community is choosing to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook tragedy in ways that are quiet, personal and respectful,” Newtown first selectman Pat Llodra said in a written statement;

    Should we to forget veterans day and rememberance day too?

    I find this very strange in light of the fact that the families were not the least bit camera shy immediatly following the event. In fact some of them actively sought public attention and promoted new gun laws and do you remember all the media events scheduled for the family like football games and the trips to Washington?

    Now that the hoax is exposed they just want to sweep it all under the rug.

    Maybe I am wrong but that’s the way it looks to me.

    Are there really any heros in this story?

    According to officials 27 people died at Sandy Hook on Dec 14 2012. It’s possible the casualty count was higher because police waited outside the school. There are still a lot of burning questions, that need answering and I will not apologize for asking them. And if we don’t ask then what are the lessons to be learned Sandy Hook?

    Yes, I am still torn by this event not knowing for sure who to believe or what really happened but I do know there’s a coverup. Their actions just reinforces my suspicions . The good news is, every day we shed more light on this story we come that much closer to the truth. Keep the faith.


    “God bless the rich, the poor, the genius and the fool for am I no better than any. I am just a truth seeker.”

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  12. Servitude 101

    The lessons you were supposed to learn from Sandy Hook.

    1 – That guns are bad

    2 – That conspiracy theorists are bad

    3 – That home-schooling is a dangerous practice and must end

    4 – That some medical conditions lead to violent behavior but this can be remedied by clipping a few strands off your DNA

    5 – That parents are legally responsible for their child’s criminal actions

    6 – That more surveillance is required to make everyone safe from criminals (can we predict people like Adam are dangerous?)

    7 – That more supervision is required for the mentally ill and more programs are needed to support them (more interventions)

    8 – That the public is not required to know the details surrounding this crime or any other violent crime

    9 – That you should not question the official story (unless you want to end up like Micheal Hastings or Paul Walker)

    10 – That asking questions can land you in jail: ie: Remember when Scotty Walker called Wayne Carver’s office

    11 – That government officials will take care of you so don’t worry (just drink your Kool-Aid)

    12 – That the media makes mistakes but corrections are not required (hardly anyone will notice anyway)

    13 – That we must destroy a school and everything that reminds us of this violent crime
    (and then rebuild the school in the exact same place)

    14 – That more censorship of the internet is required to protect us from bad people

    15 – That victim’s feelings trump everything else (the law, freedom of information and even kids safety)

    16 – That officials can whip up new laws on the fly to suit the crime and the occasion

    17 – That police officers and EMS suffer from post traumatic stress but not teachers and students apparently

    18 – That lawsuits are not required in some circumstances like violent school shootings

    19 – Donations will fix the problem

    20 – Your government cares

    I hope my sarcasm isn’t taken the wrong way. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

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  13. Is Autism Speaks a hate group?

    I decided to do a little more research because Anne Murphy’s obituary mentions “Autism Speaks”. While I was looking I found this article on the examiner titled “Why autistic people don’t like Autism Speaks”

    This is just the tip of the iceberg it appears because there is a lot more resentment towards the group “Autism Speaks” than I would have guessed. Just google “autism speaks hate group”

    In fact, all kinds of people have been posting their comments and some are not so favorable. Here’s one example.

    “We certainly do have an epidemic that has to be stopped and it is Autism Speaks epidemic of hateful propaganda and mass hysteria.”

    Autism Speaks was founded by Bob Wright Vice Chairman of General Electric. Who would have guessed.

    “Before taking the helm of NBC in 1986, Wright was president of GE Financial Services president of Cox Cable Communications before that. Before that, he had a diversified career in general management, marketing, and broadcasting, much of it with GE. As of May 2008 he is serving as the head of Media Mergers and Acquisitions at Thomas Lee Equity.”

    You might recall Peter Lanza worked for GE financial. You may also recall Kevin Murphy. He is the poor fellow who was run over by a train. He also worked for GE Financial. And let’s not forget the GE Muni-Scandal. Here’s the link.

    And there’s lots more where that came from.

    I have to wonder if Anne Murphy was associated with Autism Speaks and why would they promote such an organization in her obituary?

    Then I found this comment on “dcclothesline”

    ” It looks to me like the hate group Autism Speaks paid these people off for some reason.”

    Here’s some more websites. Check out the dates.

    “Advocacy groups are calling on Autism Speaks benefactors to end their support for the organization in response to a video critics say depicts people with autism”

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