Sandy Hook “fake family-actor interviews” conspiracy theory

Another odd theory being brought up by this time, says that the Sandy Hook incident was an elaborate hoax to push gun control. Seems quite appalling but let’s take a look.

This video was sent to us anonymously.  We found it to be disturbingly convincing  from YouTube, by BCCMIGHTYSANTA the video is an interview with the father of six year old Emily Parker. The fathers relaxed attitude and laughing manor shocked us and then we witness the hyperventilating prep so common in acting (priming by getting worked up for the camera)The interview did catch us off guard. Keep in mind this is two days after his daughter was killed. As a parent I did find this very odd behavior because I can assure you there would be no laughing or need to prime myself for a TV interview. I would be much too devastated and sick to do so. You can decide for yourself, please stays tuned as we are looking further into this matter.

That video is kinda ‘meh’ but the Robbie Parker one is a bit more suspicious, what do you think? To me this whole theory is a bit over the top, and I’m not even sure the Parker video is all that worth looking into, I think people go through a range of emotions when they lose someone close to them so it’s not all that atypical for someone to laugh or smile in light of a horrific thing like this.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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