San Diego County Fair “Out of This World” Theme

June 8th through July 4th San Diego will have an extraterrestrial theme with their “Out of This World” fair. They will have a science theme included with some exhibits and attractions:

Our Body: The Universe Within is an amazing new exhibit at Surfside Race Place. Actual human bodies, artfully preserved, form an educational exhibit that is truly “out of this world.” Please see the Our Body: The Universe Within page for more information.


Meet Roswell, our newest Fair visitor!

Roswell is visiting the Fair this year from his home planet, Del Mars! Perhaps you saw him waving on the Fair’s home page. During the Fair, he wants to meet everyone, so look for him and get your camera ready. Roswell has his own Twitter account. (Bet you didn’t know intelligent life on other planets also use social media!)


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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