Russell Brand Interviews David Icke

Comedian Russell Brand has this new show on FX called “Brand X” and it advertises itself as a launching point for Brand’s points of view on politics, life, etc. I did hear him use the term “Illuminati” on it when describing what he’ll talk about:

‘celebrity stuff, skullduggery and the Illuminati

I don’t particularly like Brand, and didn’t pay much attention. I figured that if Brand was going to talk about the Illuminati, it would all be disinformation anyways.


BUT, now I’ve found an interview with Brand and David Icke (of all people). They sound like they’re best of friends, so perhaps this Brand X show might be worth a shot. Brand appears to be familiar with Icke’s work.

This interview appears to be from 2008, when Brand had a radio show. The interview doesn’t feature a ton of new material, it’s pretty status quo for Icke-isms. From what I’ve seen online, it seems that Icke made a comment of George Bush and some child sexual abuse that got edited out??…(around the 10 minute mark he’s talking about Bush but I don’t quite notice anything chopped out, he clearly says it).

Here’s the interview:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. i have been wondering about why David Icke is communicating with Russell Brand as there are pictures on the net of Russell Brand flashing the horned god sign , obviously Illuminati sign. any ideas ?

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  2. Uh maybe because Icke and Brand are part of it. Icke is just like Alex Jones, disinfo..

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