“Rude” Jude Angelini’s semi-autobiographical book ‘Hyena’


To continue on my theme of non-Illuminati posts from yesterday, I’m going to do some free promotion of my man Rude Jude’s new book of short stories entitled Hyena.

This book is a must-have for any fans of Jude Angelini (nicknamed ‘Rude Jude’ from the 1990’s appearances on the Jenny Jones talk show where Jude would talk that shit on everyone and anyone). It’s basically a compilation of short stories of events that happened in Jude’s life. Truth be told, I’m only half way through the book, but it’s so funny that I thought I’d post about it anyways. Even if the second half is garbage, the book would still be great based upon the first half.

It’s a super easy and fast read, I’ve stormed through multiple stories of lap dances by one-armed Flint strippers, drug usage with girls that like to piss on others, and Jude’s Dad trying to talk to him about the birds and bees in a most humorous way (I don’t want to spoil anything; but it’s funny).

Most importantly there is even a chapter that talks about the people who run the music/entertainment industry. Of course Jude isn’t quite as conspiratorial as he could be, but he dances on the edge of the thought…






The book is reasonably priced and you won’t be disappointed, so check it out:




Here’s a video compilation on Youtube of Rude Jude on the Jenny Jones show:



Here’s that famous audio clip when the boxer Floyd Mayweather called in to Rude Jude and Lord Sear’s Sirius radio show, The All Out Show and they subsequently get into a heated argument:




You can follow Jude on Twitter @rude_jude


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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