Roswell Ex-CIA Member Speaks Out

Yesterday, the 8th of July was the 65th year anniversary of the Roswell incident. Huffington Post has this article where it features CIA’s Chase Brandon (35 year veteran) and he discusses how he found a box of Roswell documents:

“It was a vaulted area and not everybody could get in it,” Brandon told The Huffington Post. “One day, I was looking around in there and reading some of the titles that were mostly hand-scribbled summations of what was in the boxes. And there was one box that really caught my eye. It had one word on it: Roswell.

“I took the box down, lifted the lid up, rummaged around inside it, put the box back on the shelf and said, ‘My god, it really happened!'”

“Some written material and some photographs, and that’s all I will ever say to anybody about the contents of that box,” he said. “But it absolutely, for me, was the single validating moment that everything I had believed, and knew that so many other people believed had happened, truly was what occurred,”


That’s about all the article refers to, the rest is regarding Stanton Friedman and his ties with Roswell.


Chase Brandon is promoting his new book, The Cryptos Conspiracy, which is a sci-fi type story.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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