Robin Williams death conspiracy theories


I thought I could get away without having to post something about Robin Williams, but it looks like stuff is surfacing.

First up is a video from Infowars that shows Williams on an episode of Family Guy that originally aired in 2012 called Viewer’s Mail #2. Infowars and other media outlets refer to a ‘suicide attempt’ in the episode but it appears to be an ‘attempt’ by Peter; not Williams. Plot as follows (from Wiki).


While Peter is watching a roast of his favorite comedian, Robin Williams, he feels offended when insult comic Jeff Ross insults Williams. Peter runs outside in the middle of a thunderstorm and accuses God of hating Williams, wishing that everyone was Williams before getting struck by lightning. Upon waking up in the hospital, he discovers he has gained the ability to turn everyone and everything he touches into Williams (similar to the Midas Touch). Peter turns everyone in the city into Robin Williams (while “Rockin’ Robin” is played). At first, this goes well for Peter. But soon, the multiple clones become too much for him, especially after he accidentally turns Lois into one. After a failed suicide attempt (because everything he touches turns into Williams), he orders the drove of clones to venture the world to make others laugh, but chooses five clones to serve as replacements to his family members. The story ends showing that Peter appears insane and has cut both his hands off, a solution that prevents him from bringing any new clones into the world. Stewie was the only one that was not converted, as he mimicked the comedic antics of Williams, and at the end of the scene is shown on the roof stating that Disney will not let them do the Genie from Aladdin.

Here’s the video from Infowars:

In a bizarre coincidence, a Family Guy episode featuring Robin Williams which included a failed suicide attempt aired minutes before the announcement of the actor’s death.

It’s interesting to ponder whether such synchronicities are meaningful and emerge from the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung postulated, or whether they are just random coincidences.



Here’s DailyMail with more on that oddity:

The BBC broadcast an episode of Family Guy about Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt just minutes before it was revealed that the actor had been found hanged.

An extraordinary coincidence saw the ‘Viewer Mail #2’ episode shown on BBC Three between 11.25pm and 11.45pm on Monday – with the death announced by Reuters news agency at 11.56pm.

A sketch in the episode called ‘Fatman and Robin’ sees Peter Griffin, the father in the US comedy, gain the power to turn everyone in his fictional city of Quahog into Williams by touching them.


Robin Williams Illuminati Family Guy.

Here’s a statement of what Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane had to say about it:

Williams was Peter Griffin’s favourite comedian in the cartoon, and voice actor and creator Seth MacFarlane paid tribute to him today, saying: “The world just got a lot less funny. Robin Williams is a tragic loss.”

People were also pointing links to a forum where someone brought up the idea that Williams might be dying soon (this was a few days before his death; unless the website is doctored up with fake dates) on

Are people bracing themselves for the fact that Robin Williams will die soon?

Discussion in ‘The Vestibule’ started by DigInTheCrates, Friday at 9:40 AM.


There’s also a silly forum at GLP with the standard conspiracies around any celeb death (e.g. numerology, phases of the moon, Illuminati sacrifice, etc.) but nothing that seemed rational.

The only thought I had on the tragedy was the fact that he plays the dad of a son who commits suicide by auto erotic asphyxiation in World’s Greatest Dad but that really doesn’t jive much with anything. There is a fine line between finding legit conspiracy theories or even predictive programming in television (like the Boston marathon bombings or even Paul Walker’s death on Family Guy). However, this one seems a bit straw-graspy, even though the Family Guy episode timing is extremely strange…

Commenter fleurdamour provided the most insane clue to any kind of support for an actual Illuminati sacrifice. This person pointed out some links from the book The Golden Bough in which it discusses the traditions of the ancient Babylonians and how their kings would resign at the end of their annual tenure, but only allowing themselves to be sacrificed for the people’s sake. Another version of events claims that there was an annual festival called Sacaea in which the prisoners and slaves reversed roles with the king and elites. At the festival’s conclusion, the prisoner who sat in the throne of the king (and got to enjoy ALL of his goodies…) would be put to death. How would he be sacrificed one might ask?… Read on…

A prisoner condemned to death was dressed in the king’s robes, seated on the king’s throne, allowed to issue whatever commands he pleased, to eat, drink, and enjoy himself, and to lie with the king’s concubines. But at the end of the five days he was stripped of his royal robes, scourged, and hanged or impaled.

This obviously begs the question as to whether Robin Williams’ death had any ritualistic intentions behind it since he cut his wrists before he was ‘hanged.’ Could Williams have been obsessed with the solar king character? He wouldn’t have been the first; MANY religions of our ancient past were obsessed with sun deities. Or perhaps someone set this up in order to satisfy some sick ritual? He was on the Mark Moran Podcast and talked about how there was only one brief moment where he said “fuck life” but he joked it off as if suicide wasn’t really an option he had in mind. Maybe he was joking or perhaps that’s the typical response for someone with severe depression, but either way it seems like he wasn’t really contemplating it.



It doesn’t help matters any that the same Golden Bough reference talks about how the king would also re-validate his position in the throne by grasping at the idol of Marduk; the bull calf of the sun god:

 At Babylon, within historical times, the tenure of the kingly office was in practice lifelong, yet in theory it would seem to have been merely annual. For every year at the festival of Zagmuk the king had to renew his power by seizing the hands of the image of Marduk in his great temple of Esagil at Babylon.

I’m constantly droning on about the Illuminati symbolism of Moloch, and the sun so this is just another support for that.


Dave Navarro horns of Moloch


PLUS, the festival in mention is described exactly as the Roman festival of Saturnalia that I describe in Illuminati symbolism in Christmas-Saturnalia holiday traditions:

The Saturnalia festival featured human sacrifices and ran from December 17th-23rd. There would be gladiator battles and the deaths would be considered more sacrifices to the deity Saturn. There were also concepts of role reversal; with masters feeding their slaves (still practiced today at work Christmas parties when the bosses feed the workers).

The Romans also participated in a festival called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, or “Birthday of the Unconquered Sun” on December 25th. Sol Invictus was a Roman god of the sun, which could be yet another retelling of Nimrod and Semiramis. The depictions of Sol Invictus appear to mirror that of the Statue of Liberty, who was designed after the Roman goddess Libertas:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Liberty Semiramis Sol Invictus


ForestGod and fleurdamour pointed out in the comments below some strange gematria and anagrams with all of this:

To file under ‘weird synchronicity’ that page about the solar king in the Golden Bough references a man named John Parkinson, and it just came out that Robin Williams had Parkinson’s disease.

And to file under ‘weird gematria and Rabinnical wordplay’ if you make an anagram of ‘Robin Williams’ you get ‘I warm billions.’ What does that, if not the Sun?

Mr Williams was 63 – gematria that and you get 9, a number associated w the solar god. In the Hovamol from the Nordic Edda, Odin hung from the Tree of Life for ‘nine days and nights’ in a solar sacrificial ritual.

If Mr Williams’ children should happen to read this, I want to say that i don’t mean any offense. Im actually quite sad about his death and don’t mean to sensationalize it. I just would like to understand what happened.

I know all of this seems distasteful (and it kind of is; I’m just as sad about Robin Williams’ passing as anyone), but why is it being predictively programmed on television and film? The Channel 4 News “accidentally” played a clip of Williams from Good Morning Vietnam that prominently had him saying “get a rope and hang me” during a report on his passing; yet they said it was an accident. Add that with the Family Guy stuff and it starts to seem a bit weird. Toss in all of this solar-king-Illuminati sacrifice madness and it starts to gain even more traction.


RIP Robin Williams July 21st, 1951- August 11th, 2014

robin williams laugh factory memorial





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Wow…

    Just read that, before he hung himself, he tried to cut his wrists.
    Brian cuts of his hands in the show? How did he try to commit suicide? I haven’t seen the show.

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    • Mr. Williams left rehab and immediately after allegedly tried twice to kill himself, according to the dreadful TMZ and other news sources.

      Allegedly, he tried first “to cut his wrists with a pocketknife.” When that only gave him “acute, superficial cuts,” he took a belt, hung presumably the buckle “between a closet door and the doorframe,” and hanged himself sitting in a chair.

      Of course, he was home alone. These kinds of scenarios–drug overdoses, asphyxiations, suicides, etc.– happen too often in Hollywood, and bears closer scrutiny.

      Yes, people die all the time of self-murder, but why does the celebrity story always have the same elements and no one has access to police, family, friends, except TMZ?

      Also in the photo of Mr. Williams at the last rehab in Minnesota, he looks drugged…


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  2. I’m sure his death was Illuminati related. These episodes shown etc. just don’t happen for coincidence. Seth MacFarlane is also more than likely associated with the Illuminati.

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  3. I find the revelations that “he was in debt” interesting. He had enough money put away for his children in Trusts … could he not have taken money from those if he really was in such dire straits? (The set-up of the Trusts was done so in a way that the children would receive their money in thirds, at differnt ages). In the same vein, the stories about him “having to take on roles he didn’t want to do” because he was so much in debt … hmmm; more likely because the Illuminati said he HAD to keep doing these roles.

    I also don’t buy the story that the home he was living in was inherited from his mother in the early 2000s. A number of real estate sites have pictures showing it being available for purchase in recent years – it would seem more likely that he bought it in recent times.

    There is too much focus on his “being in debt” for my liking.

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    • His attorney stated that Williams wasn’t making the “crazy” money he had been previously BUT….”his coffers were full” and that the stories about him being broke were viscous lies.

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  4. I just had a profound realization. Mr. Williams’ death has the hallmarks of a sacrifice of the sacred solar king or god – bloodletting and hanging. His wrist was cut and then he was hanged. The solar king archetype is very deep, the practice was apparently extrememly widespread in the ancient world and connected to the mysteries of the return of the sun after it ‘dies’ in winter and is reborn after the solstice. A disordered psyche, like one suffering from depression, can be swamped by powerful unconscious archetypes. I’m not sure if that is what happened to Mr. Williams, or if it could have been done to him.

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    • PS – To file under ‘weird synchronicity’ that page about the solar king in the Golden Bough references a man named John Parkinson, and it just came out that Robin Williams had Parkinson’s disease.

      And to file under ‘weird gematria and Rabinnical wordplay’ if you make an anagram of ‘Robin Williams’ you get ‘I warm billions.’ What does that, if not the Sun?

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    • fleurdamour- you’re a genius. I just updated it, what a great catch, I’m glad you’re willing to dig in the ‘weeds’ of the more scholarly stuff!

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      • My friend ForestGod discovered the anagrams so I want to credit him that part. I just realized, too, that Mr Williams was 63 – gematria that and you get 9, a number associated w the solar god. In the Hovamol from the Nordic Edda, Odin hung from the Tree of Life for ‘nine days and nights’ in a solar sacrificial ritual.

        If Mr Williams’ children should happen to read this, I want to say that i don’t mean any offense. Im actually quite sad about his death and don’t mean to sensationalize it. I just would like to understand what happened.

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        • I’ll update the post with the anagram and gematria- those are good too. And I’m with you on this one; I barely wanted to post it but the comparisons and supposed symbolism are very strange.

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  5. I agree with Mark Dice’s view of this and other celebrity death theories… Why does every celebrity death have to have a secret force behind their death? Why are they so special and different that when they die it’s not “just because” but because someone secretly murdered them because they wanted out of the Illuminati? Why couldn’t Robin’s death be that of a man who was simply depressed and gave up? And the family guy thing is just a coincidence? These types of theories make the Illuminati seem like a sham and nothing to worry about.

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    • what were these videos of? interesting that they’re no longer available

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  6. Hi IW,

    I found this article from The Guardian which seems to have been uploaded back in 2010. What struck the most is the image presented with this article – it shows Mr. Williams doing the Illuminati Vow of Silence.

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t upload the image here, but you can check out the link below (I also saved the pic in case it is removed by TG admin)..


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  7. Or his card was drawn. Some of these people are virtually immortal until their card gets played. Celebrity deaths = cash cow, in the very least for tabloids.

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  8. Human sacrifice burnt offering as he was cremated the next day.Also he was home alone when the incident happened on a supermoon.Chris Dormer,Paul Walker,9/11 victims and Waco were all burnt offerings.Wake up and smell the dead bodies.

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  9. Went to that forum, the user who posted it has Luol Deng, Chicago Bulls player, as his profile pic. Interestingly it features the all seeing eye

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  10. I think there is certainly a lot more to meet the eye behind William’s death. Someone mentioned it may all be a coincidences, but I don’t think coincidences happen that often anyways! Way too many famous people are dying and people we know as well! The world is getting stranger all the time! Google the Mandela Effect, I never paid any attention to it at all, but the movie Forest Gump was my wake-up call. That was a movie I remember very well and watched many times. I had read some things on it and then the other day decided to watch it on my old dvd I dug up from years ago! And it blew me away! Right in the first scene, he looks at the woman at the bus stop and quotes the famous line anyone familiar with FG would know. Only he states, “My mother always said that life WAS like a box of chocolates…..” I know that he had said “Life IS….” yrs ago! This was on my older dvd and I just kept thinking when I first heard of this, that they were simply changing things in newer copies and editions. That dvd has been in my house for years! And even the Bible! Look up Isaiah 11:6….the story of the lamb and the ….. fill in the blank here and then read it in your current bible. that is not the way I remembered it growing as a child in Sunday School! And I was looking through my mother’s older Bible-KJV. Also, apparently Matthew 6:9-14, The Lord’s Prayer has apparently been altered as well??? If these were new movies and bibles I could see it, but a dvd right in my home for years and a Bible my mother kept in her room for many years! What is going on????

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  11. The Celebrity Whackers theory says a lot of celebrities have deaths meant to look like suicides, such as David Carradine, whose arms were tied behind his back when he died, making an actual suicide unlikely.

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  12. An autopsy showed that Robin Williams was suffering from “Lewy Body Dementia,” which he had kept secret. In short, he was rapidly deteriorating both mentally and pnysically and would have had to quit performing and suffer an indignant and painful death. This led to his suicide.

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