Rihanna’s Cross Tattoo Symbolism, Easter, and the Effects on Humanity #2

UPDATE: I’m re-posting this since it talks about Easter. To be festive an all. This was originally posted on March 17th, 2012:

Okay, I think I’ve figured out the obsession of this tilted cross idea for Rihanna’s tattoo. Bear with me, you’ll have to read through some stuff, or you can skip straight to the bottom paragraph and see what you think.


I’ll start by focusing on a good read by Gary Osborn in regards to a book written by David Ovason- The Book of the Eclipse.


The article (and bits of the book I’d imagine) cover the phenomenon of eclipses and how it effects us here on Earth. He explains the reason for the importance of the Spring and Autumn equinox is because of the state of equilibrium that everything is in. For example, there are equal hours of light and darkness these two days, there is moderate temperatures, and the ecliptic plane of the sun unite with the equatorial plane of earth. It’s kind of confusing, here’s an image from the site:

Figure 5: The 23.5-degree difference between the Ecliptic Plane and Earth’s Equatorial Plane
resulting from the Earth’s tilted Axis. Note that the Zodiac Constellation Belt is aligned with the
Ecliptic Plane (in red) but from our perspective on earth the zodiac constellations on this belt will appear
to be moving across the sky tilted at 23.5º. Also note the Equinoxes are where the ecliptic and equatorial planes intersect twice a year. The Summer and Winter Solstices mark the extreme opposite ends of the yearly cycle
and therefore the opposites. Diagram by Gary Osborn. (Also see Cycle Diagrams Figure 2: Annual Cycle).

The spring equinox symbolizes the victory of light over dark (good over evil) and Christianity bases its Easter celebration of the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ on the first full moon after the spring equinox.


The reading goes on to discuss the mathematics and cosmology behind the phases of the moon and the relationship with the Earth and the Sun. To sum it up, there needs to be a variety of factors in place in order for an eclipse to occur. What makes this article interesting is the questions it poses of the possibility of the Earth, Sun and Moon once existing on the same plane before the Earth became tilted on its axis. There have been myths and legends of past times that suggest the Earth could’ve been straight vertical-no axis tilt. The reading suggests that this tilt in the axis resulted in the Fall of Man, division in man’s conscious and thereby trapping us in cycles of repeating reality. This is a theme commonly referred to by ancient alien theorists, David Icke, and others in various forms. The ancient cultures all have a Fall of Man tale, and different theorists attribute this to different causes. Icke says that the reptilians (and somewhat equivalently the ancient alien theorists say the Annunaki reptilians) are the “serpent” in this Fall of Man tale portrayed in the Bible. Icke’s malevolent reptilian view suggests that the reptilian/alien/Annunaki separated our human race from this one conscious where we all understood each other and were empathetic and understanding that we are all drops in one ocean. Our energy field is one giant potential and our actions effect everything within it. This idea is common to quantum physics and new agers like Deepak Chopra, so it’s not so far fetched.


Gary Osborn proceeds to say that the cross could be analogous to the Ecliptic plane seen in the picture above. The crossbar is the horizontal plane, the spine of the cross being the vertical plane. The symbolism is that humanity used to be correct when the Earth was aligned to this perfectly perpendicular plane, before the Earth was tilted on its axis. This concurs with Icke’s infamous Moon Matrix theory, where the Moon is conjectured to be a spaceship with these evil reptilians inhabiting the inside where their control station hijacks the truth vibrations of our universe and therefore locking us into a five sense “reality” where we are completely out of touch with our one-consciousness world. Sound familiar to what I said at the end of the last paragraph? The reptilians could’ve pulled up with their Moon “spaceship” and the gravity could’ve pulled the Earth from it’s perfectly vertical tilt when things were proper and right.

The article then goes more in depth on the principles behind the separation of the left brain and right brain. Summed up, there is this idea that there is a conspiracy that our world is conditioning us to be ‘left-brained’ thinkers by reinforcing and building up left-brain thoughts. Left-brainers focus on repetition and non-abstract ideas. This is reinforced by our education system and capitalism where we focus on getting a good education, then a good job (where we will repeat on a daily basis of getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep, repeat) in order to buy goods and services. Right-brainers would focus more on abstract ideas and the one-consciousness stuff (read more about this in my David Icke Left Brain Thoughts post).

All of this basically to explain that the slanted cross is a mockery of Christianity, simply because it reinforces the idea that these nefarious forces have titled the Earth on its axis and this is symbolized by the tilted cross. The upright/normal cross is the overcoming of the evil forces and the pursuit of a vertical axis with the one conscious connection and harmonious nature of a left and right brain-as worshipped in ancient Egyptian cultures.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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