Rihanna’s Reptilian Shape Shift in “Where Have You Been” Video


Rihanna released a video for Where Have You Been and this video we see various symbols that appear to look like reptilian shape shifting and All Seeing Eyes. Rihanna is one of the most commonly spoke of “Illuminati” owned musicians so this isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

But what is most important here is at the beginning you can see she is supposed to be an alligator type being rising from the water. Perhaps this is a slight nod to reptilian bloodlines? David Icke’s reptilian theories speak of shape shifting reptiles and you can clearly see Rihanna shift into an alligator. Or maybe it’s nothing. If she hadn’t already had so much attention on her for this type of stuff in prior videos then some of this would’ve been more subtle, so it could very well be nothing.


rihanna reptile where have you been

At one point she joins the other dancers in making an All Seeing Eye. There really isn’t a reason to do this if you look at the lyrics, so this makes me think she’s pushing the Illuminati symbolism of the All Seeing Eye:



Here is the step pyramid we see in the video; this is ancient symbolism because cultures all over the world built these before the world was so connected. Shows like Ancient Aliens elaborate on these types of things, pointing out the similarities of pyramids in countries like Egypt, China and South America that all built similar giant pyramids hundreds, if not thousands, years ago:



Also, there is a part at the end where the camera depicts Rihanna with several arms while she performs a dance. This could resemble the Hindu God, Shiva in the form of Nataraja. Nataraja performs a dance to show the destruction of the universe, followed by the creation of a new one. I’m not going to pretend that I understand or know what the Nataraja fully means, but there is definitely a crescent moon on this God, and in the music video there is a crescent moon in the background of the pyramid scene.

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. at 1:55 – 1:57 there’s the all seeing eye

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    • Yes this constant reptilian lizard and Illuminati symbolism is getting to be very serious . I worry that the people being used to promote these things don’t really know what they are doing and is far to organized for simple pop stars to promote. the constant reference to Indian beliefs is actually very dangerous as to invoke energies such as this . The constant reference to multiple limbed beings as we know directly relates to the Indian Parthenon, because of this and the lizard reptilian references I would suggest only one thing that not only Rihanna but many others too are trying to invoke the Naga, gunas asuras etc or they are these beings ? A little known fact is that vampirism has its origins in india . All so Invoking lord Shiva or maa kaali in a negative sense is very dangerous . For one they in their true nature are not evil yes they command the so called demons but I repeat they are not evil . As it has been demonstrated by many of these pop starts in their videos and dance routines. Maa Kali is a mother figure who kills demons and vampires imagine maa kaali as a very angry protective mother and a being not to be trivialised . I pray for the likes of Rihanna etc as I feel they are nothing more than puppets and hope they see the non sensical things they are doing .

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  2. The most obvious symbol is when everyone’s arms link together in formation of a giant eye (leaving Rihanna as the pupil of the eye) and the arms all move at once to simulate blinking of the eye. I couldn’t believe it!! Lol

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  3. also the beginning- she emerges form the water like some sort of water nymph/ goddess and at the end, she has many arms like the Hindu goddess mother Laskmi. she also submerges into the water in the end, surrounded by the men who are like her guards/slaves or whatever. It seemed pretty symbolic…like shes some sort of deity

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  4. There’s a LOT a Illuminati symbols, more than you exposed:
    – The One eye is indeed everywhere
    – The pyramid is in the background when they do a ritual dance in the desert
    – There’s 2 baphomet skull in the red room
    – Her golden mask is full of inverted crosses with $ signs
    – She’s showing her reptilian spine near the end
    I’ll stop here but there’s more.

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  6. RX-I see the skulls you’re referring to, I’m not sure they are Baphomets necessarily. Could be though. When do you get a good shot at the golden mask in the video? I’ve tried to get a good look at it to see the crosses but I don’t see it.

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  7. Hey lets cease arguing about these symbolic things, we know about em, aren’t we?….. We know that these artist are against us, they want to kill us, and I’m pretty sure that they are planning about us with their father devil. Also as we can see that the great tribulation is about to initiate and often people are not aware of this…. So what can we do to make people to be aware??

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  8. I c it there’s signs all over da place mental!!

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