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Rihanna performed on American Idol last night (May 23rd, 2012) and it sparked up some more Illuminati symbolism talk. She comes out in a cube-(representing Saturn Worship). I go into further detail on the importance of Saturn and cube symbolism in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube post:

The cube is merely the three dimensional version of the four-sided square, which corresponds to the physical realm and material world; yet another link to the cube being the building block of nature (with ‘nature’ being the material world). We can also logically see that the number four is represented in many forms of our established world. There are the four seasons, the elements (air, fire, earth, and water), signs of the zodiac, cardinal directions, and countless other places.

The Tetractys, or tetrad, is the triangular shape composed of ten points which was a secret, mystical symbol to Pythagoras. It appears in various forms, one of which is arguably the Kabbalah. The ten Sephirots of the Kabbalah correspond to the ten points of the Tetractys. If you take 7 of the 10 points to form a cube, you are left with three dots that represent the ethereal invisible nature of the world, while the 7 of the cube represent the material, three dimensional world.


IlluminatiWatcherDotcom Rihanna American Idol cube saturn

That same cube unfolds to show her inside of a pyramid.


IlluminatiWatcherDotcom Rihanna American Idol Illuminati pyramid moon


You’ll also notice the moon goddess symbolism in the background (and the actual Pyramid of Giza from Egypt).

This VH1 article makes a nice little mockery of “ridiculous” conspiracy theorists and says that Rihanna is now just “giving them what they want.”

It’s not her fault if people automatically associate an Egyptian pyramid with the Illuminati. She may as well puzzle everyone’s brains while rocking out to the beat of her own drums.

That’s some pretty ignorant ‘ish, to pretend as if symbolism has zero effect on us.

Symbols implant themselves into the human subconscious mind. These subliminal images have the potential to effect the outward behavior without the user knowing they’ve even been affected. The subconscious has an effect on the conscious mind. There is a lot of study that goes into marketing for this very reason.  The symbols are important to the Illuminati and they are the only ones who know why. I believe there is a purpose for this subconscious image implanting because you find it everywhere. Perhaps this is a way of forcing a synchronicity type event in our lives. For a practical example, let’s say you’re from another planet and you’ve never heard of Facebook. If you came to our planet today, you’d be bombarded with images of the Facebook logo, news stories, discussions, and so on to the point that in a short amount of time you’d have to investigate and probably join Facebook. It’s the same idea; if a corporation can throw their logo at you from every angle- billboards, radio ads, tell-lie-vision commercials, etc.; then you’re more apt to buy their product. The same principle goes for the Illuminati. If they can bombard us with images of negativity, superficial celebrities, etc. then it’s puts our collective subconscious “pool” of thoughts to focus on these negative, unimportant aspects of life. The more they can keep us from understanding the one collective consciousness, the more they are able to manipulate us through distraction. David Icke suggests that these negative feelings and thoughts are actually sustenance for the shape shifting reptiles, but explaining that would require a much longer post.

Then of course the dancers do that same movement as in the Where Have You Been video where they form an “all seeing” eye.



The performance flashes by imagery similar to the music video, featuring celestial objects, of which all secret societies and most importantly the Illuminati worship. You can also see the Baphomet image that I pointed out in my post about the music video (https://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2132).





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I was sniffing around on Google, and found the VH1 article saying that Rihanna is simply “laughing at conspiracy theorists”… The fact that VH1 bothered to report on the Illuminati symbolism in her performance– especially if it’s so “ridiculous”– really only proves a point. If it was really nothing but a publicity stunt, VH1 wouldn’t be reporting on it, trying emphatically to discredit conspiracy theories, now would it?
    The world keeps getting freakier and freakier. Once it gets to the point where loaded symbols become defended and free-thinkers become offended, we’re basically lost.

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