Rihanna introducing model Cara Delevingne to Illuminati-controlled music industry

Rihanna is helping a model burst into the music scene, and this chick has already given us some Illuminati symbolism through her modeling career (see photos below).

From BelfastTelegraph:

The superstar has reportedly taken the model-of-the-moment under her wing, and promised to help her take the first steps into a career as a singer.

The 20-year-old British model, made headlines during the recent Fashion Week shows where she’ walked for the likes of DKNY and partied with stars such as Rita Ora and Harry Styles.

It was recently revealed that following her Fashion Week commitments, Cara plans on heading to Los Angeles, where she will pursue her interests in the music industry.

There are rumours that Cara will be spending three weeks living at Rihanna’s $8 million new mansion.

The 25-year-old Barbadian beauty has even assigned Cara a wing in her mansion which she calls “the palace”.

“She will have her own walk-in wardrobe and RiRi’s said she can stay as long as she wants,” an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

Rihanna and Cara have been friends for two years. The attention-grabbing twosome caused chaos when they hit London partying after Rihanna’s catwalk show of her River Island collection last month. Cara has previously gushed about Rihanna “looking after her”, which she plans to do by introducing Cara to the LA recording industry bigwigs.

“Even though Rihanna will be busy with her tour, she’s going to introduce Cara to some top industry names, including her boyfriend Chris Brown,” a source revealed. “She’s also going to take her to the studio to lay down some tracks.”


Plenty of emphasis on the one-all seeing eye that we see so commonly in Illuminati symbolism. They love to show us that they are constantly watching us through this pervasive symbol that is also on the dollar bill:

cara delevingne illuminati

Here she’s giving us that masonic gesture of slicing one’s throat:


cara delevingne illuminati 2

cara delevingne illuminati 3

And another Illuminati assisted musician Bieber is apparently acquaintances with her also, so that helps:

cara delevingne illuminati4

Beeb’s Moloch tat:



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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