Rihanna Embodies Kali Goddess in “Bitch Better Have My Money” Illuminati Video Symbolism

Welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Today we’re taking a look at some of the recurring symbolism found in Rihanna’s latest video Bitch Better Have My Money.

In the video we see various torture and “Hostel”-like implements of murder (it’s allegedly based on an actual beef Rihanna has with her accountant- which she did in fact sue for giving her bad advice that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars).


However, I’m not here to complain about the gore and torture in the video- that is so commonplace it’s not even a “thing” anymore. Instead, I’d like to explore the idea that Rihanna is evoking a goddess of Kali…

Kali goddess of death

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death, and I’ve mentioned her several times here on IlluminatiWatcher.com in the past (see Beyonce and the CERN goddess of destruction).

Beyonce 711 All Seeing Eye


The Illuminati play a part in this because they have occult belief systems, which include this worship of the goddess (in this scenario it happens to be Kali). The belief is that Kali mates with her consort, Shiva, and they bring about death, which is what we see in the video:

Rihanna BBHMM Bloody

You could also consider the overwhelming use of the 666 hand symbol that we’ve seen so many times in the past, which is in fact a Hindu mudra, so it fits nicely with the idea that this is a video about the evocation of Kali:

Rihanna BBHMM 666 hand 1

Rihanna BBHMM 666 hand

Rihanna BBHMM 666 hand 2

Rihanna BBHMM 666 hand knife

Rihanna BBHMM 666 hand knife 2

Do you think it’s merely a coincidence that she is making that sign with her hands throughout the video? I find it odd that many websites have been plugging the video with that same image of her doing the 666 hand in the pool:

Elle Rihanna BBHM 666

Plus; it’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen this from Rihanna:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna FourFiveSeconds 666 hand WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Rihanna AMA Illuminati 666


Even Drake made some alleged statement about this during his concert where he posted up Rihanna against some 666 imagery:

Rihanna Drake 666

It seems that Rihanna is progressing from where she started out with Pon De Replay into this dark, satanic, entity evoking product of the music industry.

Nothing new here.

If you want the full scoop on why this happening- check out my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC (as featured recently on Sirius/XM’s SHADE45 on the “All Out Show’s” ConspiracyTalks).


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-Isaac Weishaupt


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Kali must be repulsed herself by this talentless and overrated hack

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    • I was recently offered her for a track obviously I said no anyway cause of her an the people who who have ripped me off by trickery , so the audacity of actually asking me was weird and if they even had not ripped me off and did evil to me I would not of taken Her for the track cause her voice in reality is rather bad if you ever hear her sing live then you would know
      She has got a little better with vocal training but she is pitchy
      I’m putting the track out with the studio vocalist she dose t gig but I’ll cut my losses cause her vocals are nice

      But this is the industry some bad people and some good we try to navigate the sceane an try to stay alive without signing up to their madness

      There is a no get out clause for these people if you talk with them they are quiet normal but if you create
      their bootlegging your stuff b4 it comes out coming in your house on the sly stealing work , cloning your phone , threating and bribing family on the quiet , an they even recreate your music or art and do little switchups so they can’t be sued an will even buy off lawyers and judges

      It’s hard creating as it is but these people live off us without paying dues their evil so watch your backs creators now I understand why some just give in and sighn up because of how bad these people are
      But that means giving your soul for fame and fortune , power , forget that I have seen and felt enuff from these charlentans to know their empty shells of their former selves
      An they can’t get back to themselves cause there is no get out clause

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    • LOL!
      Well said Christinne!…
      It’s utter rubbish alright, like all Rihanna’s shite.

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  2. Ironic how her fans think she’s got so much power and control in this video when it’s just her handlers letting her have that fantasy for a few minutes.

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    • Whats sadder is not that she “does” such “music”, but the fact that she has “fans”. And that goes for almost everyone like her.

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  3. Besides, its also sad that true actors like Eric Roberts and Mads Mikkelsen have got to appear in shits like this for a few more cents….

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  4. With this piece of crap, she is now best selling artist of the digital age. I dont want to know what shes been and/or she will be thru in order to achieve that

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  5. At the end of the vid, notice how a couple of $ bills are placed on her. One on her belly/stomach, another on her crotch/sex. A metaphor of selling herself for various reasons. Just my point….

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  6. Hey, Isaac, I`ve been reading your blog for some time now and I really like it. It looks very informative to me, but there is one thing I cant get: if Illuminati really exist why do they promote their symbolism and ideas only in American culture? Why for example there are no Illuminati influated videos made by Russian performers?

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    • Hello- thanks for reading my stuff, I appreciate that. “They” do use other countries- I just happen to live in the US so that’s all I follow.

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    • Why do you think we hate Russian? Ever hear Putin’s speech on this and the NWO?

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      • I dont say you hate Russian, it just so happens that I havent seen Illuminati using Russian music to promote their ideas

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  7. Well, she once said she wanted to be the black Madonna. Now, it’ll be extremely hard for people to remember that she (Riri) actually can sing.

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  8. I think you are right that Rihanna is channeling the Kali archetype here, especially a particular aspect of Kali from a purana holy text about Shiva where he married a human avatar of the great goddess named Sati. She argued with her father because he didn’t want her to marry Shiva, and she immolated herself with her own kundalini energy in order to take rebirth from a better father. Shiva was so angry that he manifested two goddess aspects of his own nature, including one of Kali, Bhadrakali whose iconography shows multiple hands armed with every kind of weapon: according to Wikipedia these included a discus, dagger, trident, spear, mace, scimitar, sword, goad, cleaver, shield, and bow and arrow. Remarkably reminiscent of Rihanna’s weapon board. Kali also personifies time and karma, forces which come for everyone. Kali is shown drinking blood because time drains the essence of all created beings. The accountant relates to Shiva, who is often shown with Kali dancing on his dead body, which represents the submission of consciousness, which he represents, to the vital forces she represents. That is why he is Kali’s “b*tch” here. The fact that she dismembers him is interesting, it actually represents karma deconstructing ego conditioning to liberate the soul. The dismemberment of a god also always relates to solar and astronomical symbolism and food god symbols, too- the body parts are constellations that are scattered like a butchered animal or harvested plants, and scattered across the sky, especially relating to the zodiacal constellations that split the body of the sun god in 12 parts and scatter them around the wheel of the year.

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    • Interesting post Fleur. Thanks

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      • Thank you, glad you found it useful. I left something out, meant to say the two hookers the accountant is hanging out with might represent the two goddess avatars he manifests, and I think they also correspond symmetrically to the two henchwomen that help Rihanna with the kidnapping. There is one light and one dark complexioned companion on either side. One of them is wearing an Indian nose chain jewel, incidentally, a sign of a Brahmin woman or bride.

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    • and this is why not everybody enters His Kigdom. please, do not support this molested girl because they have sex with animals, real animals, just for mocking God and the love with which He created us. you do not want your daughter to be a souless whore, please wake up. they are controlled from the money they have to the acts they make. i know a hundred girls who are better looking than she is and do not act like satan’s spawns. this girl denigrates woman all over the world.

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  9. How do these artists even ‘get’ into the Illuminati? This secret society is very confusing and personally I think they pose no threat besides putting bad thoughts into the minds of people. The BBHMM video is a perfect example. I think the Illuminati is just a pawn of Satan, the Illumnati makes these artists do horrible things like blood sacrifice, over sexualizing oneself, and using satanic messages just for the sake of money, fame, and power. It’s commiting the sin of greed at its fullest. But I don’t know everything of course, it’s just my opinion.

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  10. Every one here is fucking retarded.

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    • Yes’!!!!

      Awareness counts, though

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      • No, only Socrates does this. If he makes the paradigm, you will not belabor certainties and hop on people who don’t have their proverbial “ish” locked down!

        It’s a freakin’ inverted jungle out there, a war only for everything you have and what’s left after that, too, mostly your mind. But the fight isn’t war at all. People don’t war on each other, they compete to matter in the fray, and to either have a future for themselves or sell any and everyone else’s future down the drain.

        Insanity of vanity, collectivism, darksided creationism.

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  11. Mary Sue, I still feel for you.

    I’m sorry they pin these and/or some things on you so.

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  12. Sigh, their Kali is a male. A restless seducer.

    They rope people into their madness with mistruths. Such as talking some basic darksider into thinking SHE’S Kali. Then, from there, they worship the image (idolatry) for socio engineering, in praise of difficult woman stuff.

    The hallmark of the polarizing non categorical “good woman” is in making history or being able to.

    They are the tide. They exalt celebrity because they doth protest too much about their power, a.) actually being there’s, b.) not having to have limits.

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    • they also use any and everything Hindu god SHIVA would say and spin it on its head.

      Obama malaise stems from Shiva jealousy, a good amount of the internet chatter.

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  13. According to Hindu mythology Kali is considered as goddess of power, time, change, creation, preservation and destruction.

    God of death is Yama.

    Don’t talk foolishness.

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    • I thought if Shiva and Kali were intimate it brought the destruction of the earth?
      Can you explain?

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    • thank you… well said. please do research properly before mocking Hinduism
      this is our Goddess so please respect

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  15. Hey Isaac,
    Both myself and my friend Jeff are really enjoying your book, Sacrifice – it’s off the charts awesome!!!

    But in reference to Rhianna, there’s obviously a element of fear that she’s attempting to instill in her audience via her videos. That said, we know she has her “alter-ego”, do you think there’s a possibility that there’s reptilian energy (which is the fear energy), rather than a satantic energy that is kind of “running that show? In other words with the rumors about the elites working closely with the ET’s and it being rumored that it may be the reptilians (which are known to instill fear in humans), also that because they’re a We all have seen the shapeshifting eyes. And being that they are said to be a lower 4th dimensional being and that they need to enter our dimension to obtain energy, as implied in the Disney movie MONSTERS INC.), do you think that this could be a possibility with Rhianna and/or other musicians?

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  16. I agree is a over reacting to the symbolism.
    Kali is for to kill the EVIL and the EGO, using the karma, and destruction.

    The Hinduism, and others spirituals symbols was created millenniums ago! So all characteristics of all of them, are saturated with the dramas and knowledges of theirs respectively times.

    people who works with marketing in macro levels, do use symbols for to connect with the collective unconsciousness and to get in easily in ours brains! The brain likes what is already knowed and ours souls feels better doing less effort.

    So lets face it: to be good, nice and right in our stressful world today, can to be hard. So the marketers maliciously feed ours desires, and evils inside because they are committed with the stronger and faster financial and influences results. If we have more good and integral health people in this world, they would do different but for hour is more bad people.

    So, that’s one part of the reasons they do that.
    The others is the evil in the circus of the fame in specific.

    And the more important reasons for the Illuminati to put symbols in everywhere, is control by fear, to manipulate and regiment buy fascination and hungry for power, try to be and shows up stronger; And, no less important, to do black magic and global mass control in it self.
    To see the powers flags of the enemy in everywhere, is a military and governmental trick for to makes people think they cant to fight against them, because they are so obviously powerfully controlling everything. So the messenger is: Look our power and how greats we are! We are everything, in everybody. So, “Accept is better”!

    And this is not a true, thanks the good in God for that!

    Its not the black magic on it what makes this works. This is just the way the devil makes the illuminatis in its selfs to be more and more committed and karmas fuckeds, and try to get and put more and more people karma fuckeds too, trough the mass control works.

    A other important thing is black magic works too! As so white magic ones!!! So the white one you can do it for to protect and improve your self.

    But guess what, How much more we research illuminati, more exposed to them works we become.

    ok, 2 basics universals rules now:

    A) All kind of information has a certainly spiritual and material level of protection at the universe. With black magic, the protection is black too! So fight against something what it is no good, you will handle to much more resistance, in the most of the cases!

    B) Are you prepared for that exposition?

    Because is not the same listening or to see a music video. NO! Its not! When we see a video like this, and I didn’t t because I just enjoy this music from youtube with her singing at her show. pretty cool by do way! Very powerful! But when you stay around that subject, they recognized you

    The second more important thing about it, is how can we defence ours self’s from them?

    Well, About the Media manipulations, we can control ours selfs. About the black magic is more complicated to defence your self from them, but we can do it to closing ours bodies, souls, energy, and the more important one, to close ours minds.

    So how can we do it all? Well, for each reason god makes a road!
    But Hynosis, a real good one, works very well. And have others energetics and esoterics or even religions protocols can do good. But you have to be careful for not to chose a ignorance and not efficiency path.

    About the artits, we can comand ours selfs for just to receive what is good for you.

    Have a difference betweeing to get knowledge, and to wash your own mind with anything. what is very bad treating about the devil.

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