Richard Hoagland on Coast To Coast Talks John Carter Conspiracy

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Famous conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland will be on C2C AM tonight discussing Mars, John Carter, and a new twist on his theories. I’ll post it if I can find a stream of it on youtube.


“Richard C. Hoagland spins an extraordinary 3-hour tale that will intertwine details of a destroyed Russian probe that was headed to Phobos, a new US Mars rover on its way to the Red Planet, long-suppressed evidence for ancient life on Mars, and the new film “John Carter [of Mars].”



Wrap up of what Hoagland discussed from Coast to Coast AM:

Richard C. Hoagland presented his contention that the success of the new movie John Carter [of Mars] is being deliberately sabotaged by a “cabal” that is against the public learning the truth about Mars’ ancient civilization and technology. Based on a 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, the movie’s depiction of Barsoom (Mars) correlates with NASA’s data on the actual ancient ruins of Mars, he said, adding that Burroughs placed the capitol city in the same geographic location as Cydonia.


Hoagland, who is planning a new book to be titled The Heritage of Mars: Remembering Forever, believes that Mars’ civilization suffered from a huge cosmic war that brought about its end. Elements of a secret, suppressed technology that could be used for either regeneration or destruction are shown or alluded to in John Carter, he noted.

He also talked about issues concerning America’s current space program, and reacted to Robert Zubrin’s editorial which is critical of the Obama administration’s lack of funding for Mars exploration. The new rover, Curiosity, which is due to land on Mars in around 4 months, may return atmospheric data supporting the presence of microbes, as well as photos of artifacts, Hoagland suggested. Though the White House is cancelling robotic missions to Mars, it’s possible they may yet push for manned missions to the Red Planet, especially if Russia and/or China start planning to do so, he commented.


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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