Return of the Giants: A Dark Tale of the Nephilim

An author named Robert T. Brooke just released a book on paperback and digital e-book formats with a pretty cool plot line. It sounds almost like a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code-esque but for the more hardcore ancient alien types. Here’s the description and link:

When a Stanford post-doctoral molecular biologist plummets to his death over Devil’s Slide at Half Moon Bay, Jon Hunt, his surviving roommate, doubts the official suicide story, recalling his roommate’s radical personality changes after returning from a trip to England. Suspecting mind control and things darker, Jon journeys to the Negev, London, Cambridge, and New Forest, England, where he starts to see a terrible pattern. A cabal of scientific Mandarins, backed by a hidden elite, have been using breakthrough recombinant DNA technology to bring back into existence an ancient race of giants known as Nephilim. Jon learns that his deceased roommate provided the critical breakthrough for this to happen. Jon teams up with others from Stanford, Cambridge, and a local underground in New Forest, soon encountering levels of evil for which the present world could in no way prepare them.;jsessionid=1F81E835800BB6E268B1BF7F2165CF31



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I was very lucky to read Return of the Giants recently and found it extremely entertaining, dramatic and wonderfully written. Ever since the first sentence I was hooked, and couldn´t put it down until I finished it! I highly recommend it.

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