Reality shows and contests exposed as rigged Illuminati manipulations


Infowars had a nice piece on reality shows and all of these “competitions” we see (rigged contests like The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, and The Bachelor). In fact, Freeman was good to point out the satanic symbolism behind The Voice and I noted it in my post about the Kabbalah in the entertainment industry:

The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is ‘vav’, so if we see any two or three letter combinations of ‘V’ we can also conclude this as the mark of the beast as well (along with the three 6’s we are all familiar with):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Kabbalah The Voice

The idolization of the celebrity, reality stars, or virtual Hunger Games is the type of distraction desired in our media-fueled world. Take a look at NYDailyNews‘ expose on The Voice‘s contract:


“The second clause of this document says to contestants, ‘F–k you,’” said a legal expert who was shown the contract by The News. “And if you missed it, the clauses that follow say, ‘F–k you.’”

The contract, obtained by The News, says the NBC show can:

• Change the rules at any time.

• Eliminate contestants at any time, even if they are “winning” with the public.

• Ignore the show’s voting system, which includes sales figures for contestants’ songs on iTunes, in the event of problems.

• Force contestants to undergo medical or psychological testing and, under certain circumstances, release the results on TV.

Check out that last bullet: Force contestants to undergo medical or psychological testing. Sound MK-ULTRA-y, does it not?? No wonder the judges are sitting behind inverted triangular sigils:

The Voice

Also notice this magazine cover that tells us the script on Ceelo:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ceelo 666


Here’s that Infowars video:

 Tonight “Dancing with the Stars” premieres and America is glued to the tube, unaware that all “reality” programming is meticulously manufactured by networks. Mass distraction is big business.
We don’t want to be in a rigged system. We want a system where the individual is empowered and the playing field is level. But when you have a media that prides itself on being fake you get fake contests, rigged elections and psuedo news with teleprompter readers.



DWTS is in the middle of a conspiracy claim that Meryl Davis’ victory was rigged. Here’s RadarOnline:

Just months after Meryl Davis won gold at the Sochi Olympicsamid rumors of a judge-fixing scandal, the ice dancer’s latest victory — on Dancing with the Stars — has come under a cloud of controversy. has learned that even before she and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiywalked away with the mirror ball trophy, fans were complaining of alleged voting errors that were wrongfully padding the pair’s tally. And now that she’s walking away the winner, angry viewers are claiming the show is “rigged!”

The drama began after the first half of the finale show on Monday night, when several fans of Davis’ competitor James Maslow and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, claimed to have evidence that their votes had been redistributed to Davis and Chmerkovskiy. One fan provided with a picture supposedly showing their votes going to the wrong team, and still others complained of having no voting history after logging bids for Murgatroyd and Maslow.

DWTS Rigged

Meryl Davis was accused of being involved in a larger conspiracy of rigging results at Sochi. Here’s DailyMail:

The American and Russian figure skating teams have been accused of conspiring to fix who will receive the sport’s Olympic medals.

According to an anonymous Russian coach, the two countries decided ahead of the Sochi Games just who would be receiving which place on the podium.

Russian judges vowed to support American skaters Charlie White and Meryl Davis to win gold in the  ice dancing competition if the same was done for Russia in the team and pairs event, the coach claimed.

I go further down the rabbit hole on the true purpose of the tell-lie-vision and its methods of brainwashing in my book A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture:

Chapter 3- Illuminati Influences in the Entertainment Industry

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I don’t know. I assume American Idol is in with this, as its the same kind of show. A friend from HS was on it. Hes such a nice boy and I can’t see him doing anything ungodly for fame. Of course, he was eliminated quite quickly so maybe thats why. I always thought shows like that took advantage of being behind a TV screen.

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  2. I’m so glad I don’t waste my time watching this crap on TV !!!

    Is is no more honesty in the world. The mafia left N.Y. and moved into the “BIG HOUSE” !!!

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  3. you give me even more to consider

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