Ready Player One: Illuminati Symbolism Analysis

Hi, my name is Isaac Weishaupt and you’re on your home for decoding conspiracy theories in entertainment! Today we’ll examine the film Ready Player One and learn more about the esoteric symbolism and hidden meanings buried in the film. Was this a warning about the Illuminati Luciferian agenda for a transhuman future?…

Plot spoilers ahead.



Ready Player One: A Big Picture

The film is based off the book of the same name; although the film takes place in 2045 while the book is in 2044. Both are about a young man named Wade Watts as he ventures into a virtual reality realm called the “OASIS.”

The contention lies between Wade and a group of “freedom fighters” against the corporation called “Innovative Online Industries” (IOI) that are all competing to find the hidden “Easter Eggs” that will provide full ownership of this ubiquitous software world as well as its original architect’s fortunes (James Halliday).

There is much more to the story but that is all that is needed to understand the connections I’ll be making in the next sections.


The Singularity

Ray Kurzweil is a futurist that has been on the forefront of technological advancements for years. In his books he’s laid out a timeline that indicates how the technology will map out in the future (based on Moore’s Law).

His predictions have been famously accurate and the reason why people find this to be fascinating is because we as humans predict future events on a linear scale; meanwhile technology progresses at an exponential scale. Translated; this means that our lifestyles will change at a pace much faster than we can imagine.

Kurzweil and other futurists predict a tipping point in our future called the Singularity. This is the moment when computers will essentially be superior to the human mind. Kurzweil said it will be the moment when we experience a “rupture in the fabric of human history”.

This Singularity is predicted to occur in 2045- the exact timeframe of our story…


What’s in a name?…


The purpose of the names for our characters needs to be considered. As Shakespeare would believe it to be, there is a higher calling behind the names; much like symbolism we see from the “Illuminati.”

First we have our main character who’s avatar name is Parzival. This is a reference to King Arthur and the search for the Holy Grail. A tale by Wolfram von Eschenbach entitled Parzival actually highlights the journey of Parzival as he seeks three different knights (akin to the three keys of Ready Player One). He is ultimately seeking King Arthur on his spiritual quest for the Holy Grail.

This is a curious allegory for our modern day version because both of them force the viewer to question the nature of reality…



Artemis was the Greek goddess and female hunter god equivalent to Diana (Roman) or Isis (Egyptian). She is also the name of the female protagonist of this tale (technically her name in the story is “Art3mis”).

This avatar is part of the long history of goddess worship we find in research of the “Illuminati.”

From the mysterious murder of Princess “Diana” to the Triple Goddess theories of Eyes Wide Shut; we see the lives of our “goddesses” being put high on a pedestal for all to see and this story is no different.


Find the Keys, Get the Eggs

The tale shows us that the characters must find three separate keys before reaching the “Egg.” The Egg symbolizes the inception point or the “Cosmic Egg”- a tradition handed down since the Babylonians that postulates the world being conceived through an egg.

This depiction of an egg is analogous to our tale because the winner will effectively be able to create a new world through the OASIS digital matrix.

Before he can look for the Egg; Parzival seeks three keys, much like the three knights of Wolfram’s Parzival story. All of these pursuits are intended to have the occult practitioner question the nature of reality, which is what happens when he eventually wins and understands a fundamental truth that Halliday could not.


Power in Symbols

The symbolism of the film is quite interesting. Since the movie is still in theaters I’m unable to upload all of the images, but I noticed many of the following symbols in the final room of the OASIS architect named James Halliday.

I saw an inverted cross by a drawing of Bart Simpson which indicates a connection to satanism obviously. The reason we may be seeing this is because Halliday believes the OASIS (and the overall digital matrix idea) is one of satanic influence. He would be correct because the new form of transhuman is satanic in the sense that man becomes a god on his own- turning his back on the creation of the original God.

We can also see the symbolism of the All Seeing Eye- which is the common form of displaying the knowledge of “enlightenment” by the Illuminati version of reality. Opening the pineal gland and allowing the occult teachings through is the ultimate goal.

We see a pentagram on the form of a Rush poster (from the 2112 album). The pentagram represents qualities of magical practice in the sense we have the five elements connected in one symbol. Practitioners of magick utilize this symbol; as do Luciferians due to the tracking of Venus, aka the “bringer of light.”

The pentagram is also evident on the t-shirt worn by Aech’s character towards the end of the film (the real “Aech”- not the avatar).

The postal truck they are driving in has a prominent image of a Devil on the back doors- it is quite clear what this film wants us to think about.

Finally, in the last scene of Halliday- the architect of the OASIS digital matrix, we see the large image of Saturn. This ties into the whole theme of the story which wants the viewer to question the nature of reality. Saturn is known as the introduction of weights and measures and the material world (in the occult version of history).

We’ll revisit this idea and why it’s important in the conclusion…

Ready Player One Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Pentagram (upper left)


Kubrick’s Code

The film is different from the book in that the characters find one of the keys inside the set of The Shining at The Overlook Hotel. This film has had its share of conspiracy theories from the likes of Jay Weidner, Jay Dyer and even myself in the Kubrick’s Code project.

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What’s extra-curious here is that the goddess Artemis was associated with the bear which will have some interesting connections when we consider The Shining. In it, we see creepy imagery that suggests Danny was being sexually abused. Furthermore, we see glimpses of an elitist sex-party (Stuart Ullman claims they are “all the best people”).


The theory relates to the pedo-bear which explains why we see Danny clutching his bear in The Shining


…as well as the teddy bears in the final scene of Eyes Wide Shut where the little girl (also named after a goddess- Helena) gets abducted by the elitist old men (aka the Illuminati):


In the book version of the tale, the main villain (Nolan Sorrento) has an avatar name of IOI-655321, after his employee number. This is not a coincidence with the fact that the dark hero of Kubrick’s A CLOCKWORK ORANGE named Alex shares the same number as a prisoner who gets MKULTRA mind controlled!


Between the book and the film we can see various homages to Stanley Kubrick which leads us to the final point…


Conclusion: The Nature of “Reality”

The tale is entirely about the philosophy of what it is to be human and our experience (existentialism).

The film shows us what it’s like to live in a digital existence through avatars. Some could argue we’re half way there since people craft their public image through Instagram and other social media networks.

The most intriguing element of the film is the ending- when Wade locates the final key which gets him connected with what appears to be James Halliday himself (no longer as the avatar of Anorak). What’s curious here is the floating question that never gets answered of whether or not Halliday was actually still alive or if that was merely another holographic deception. If Halliday is still alive then it appears he may have worked a bit of transhuman eternal solution…

Another idea we get from their final conversation is that Halliday created a big red button that can shut down the OASIS in its entirety. This makes sense because Halliday is trying to convey the point that virtual reality is not really “reality” at all. He attributes his lack of personal relationship development to the fact that technology gives us far too many distractions (as is evident from all the nostalgia references to characters from pop culture throughout the film).

I believe this is the key takeaway from the film.

They show us all these fun characters from the 80s and 90s, invoking a sense of nostalgia; yet the architect of this world is admitting that it’s all a waste of time. Halliday is saying that the digital matrix he created is a false illusion and NOT our true intended purpose.

This is also one of the elements of understanding I’ve come to in my research of the Illuminati (discussed in my book THE DARK PATH). It seems they want a scientific pursuit of a false reality through transhumanism for the sake of eternal life and evolving mankind into something else.

This “something else” is a new entity that man will create- effectively fulfilling their desires to become gods.

Stanley Kubrick was alleged to have insider knowledge of the Illuminati game plan which is why we see elements of alchemy, transhumanism, mind control, and evolution through occult sciences in his series of films. He was trying to get us to understand the nature of reality and the magicians who are controlling it.

It appears that this tale is giving us one more warning…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Even more, in the beginning of the movie the elder man’s avatar make a pose where a arm points to up and the other points to down, like Baphomet.
    And 101 = lol it is associated with lucifer, there is a plenty of in the movie as well.

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  2. There was also the upside down broken cross “peace sign” on the interior of the vans back doors.

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  3. You missed the kundalini serpents and pineal gland in the exit hall in the penultimate scene.
    The hero’s journey…the interplay betewen dualities…male female…dark light…also the 5 team…5 in esoteric ideas (specifically the bible) represents the 5 senses.
    Artemis’ number on her uniform is also 661590 or 66690 or 990 or 9 the number of the cosmos of the universal consciousness of the universal being.
    The male and female kissing at the end was representative of the male and female becoming one balancing the ida and pingala and reaching god head…which they do…they got the god code.
    But they make the right choice as a 5 (the senses) and work together not favouring one sense over another…in balance!

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